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This is the End All History/Play Guide to Mordekaiser, written by the Original Mordekaiser main. Maximum Effort Post.

LeagueofLegends9 - This is the End All History/Play Guide to Mordekaiser, written by the Original Mordekaiser main. Maximum Effort Post.

I am writing this guide for a couple of important reasons.


  1. I don't want Mordekaiser to be reworked. I believe Mordekaiser needs some changes, but he doesn't need to be reset. It's my hope that the opinion of someone whose sank so much time into this Champ might be heard not only by this awesome community, but also by the Rioters who're in charge of the rework.

  2. Morde's greatest problem, worse than even his many bugs, is the fact that the majority of the playerbase doesn't even know what Mordekaiser does. I cannot count the hundreds of times I've seen teammates and enemies alike mock me for picking Morde with the words, "What's a Mordekaiser?" I believe that by informing the community of just what Mordekaiser can do, many if not most will come to realize how awesome this Champion is and support me in my goal to reach Riot Games about this Champion.


Let's start from the beginning.

Mordekaiser was released Feb 24, 2010, around the same time I started playing League. He is the 43rd Champion to be released and the last to be released without a Champion spotlight. Mordekaiser is 1 of only 13 champions out of the current 142 that does not have an official Champion Splotlight. (This has not been updated since reworked Nunu does have a spotlight) Many years ago I petitioned for a spotlight to be made and got this response from Phreak


It's been over 8 years at this point and to be honest I gave up on waiting for this spotlight a year ago

So even back in 2010, when League was a lot newer and when Riot had a lot less Champions to maintain, Mordekaiser was still treated like an unloved stepchild. This relationship between Mordekaiser and Riot didn't even improve after the rework in 2015. In fact Mordekaiser is one of the few champions to be reworked and still not get a spotlight.

You guys are probably wondering why this lack of a spotlight matters right? Think about that list of 13 spotlightless champions I linked above. Every single one of them has crowdcontrol and or escapes and or gap close and or engage. Mordekaiser has none of those things. Compare Champions to books. Every champion has a really interesting cover with all sorts of enticing reasons to open the book up and learn more, but Morde's book cover is bland and considered to be outdated by pretty much everyone that sees the book.

Because of this, Morde's "book" stays forgotten atop the shelf, gathering dust as the community forgets he exists until some pitiful one trick posts about him. The fact that Morde doesn't have a spotlight means that no one has a way to learn about what he does, save for trying him out and losing a bunch of games learning about his weaknesses and strengths. It's a serious issue. It's the reason why most people say he's a bad champion.

So let's dispel the misconceptions surrounding Mordekaiser, let's make him fun to play by showing and explaining exactly how this champion works. Prepare yourselves, desolation…is coming.

III. Skills

Morde's passive is called Iron Man: Mordekaiser shields himself by dealing damage to the enemy champions, the enemy creeps and or Jungle Monsters/Epics bosses. Morde's max shield scales from his max HP , thus tank Morde isn't entirely bad, and securing ghosts with his R increases his durability considerably.

Q – Ace of Spades: Morde's Mace, according to his Lore, is a legendary weapon called Nightfall. The fact that this spell scales off both AP and AD makes Morde's build pathing extremely flexible and fun to theorycraft.

EASTEREGG #2: The old Duskblade item's passive was also called *Nightfall*, so I built it on Mordekaiser nonstop because memes.

EASTEREGG #3: Morde's prerework Q was really fun. If the enemy was clumped, Q splashed. If the enemy was alone, it dealt massive bonus DMG. Now the largely unknown bit was that if you had a Morde ghost, like say an Ashe pet, the pet would continuously attack while proccing Morde's Q (as long as you channeled it and didn't autoattack with Morde), this was broken AF.

W – Harvester of Sorrow

This is the 2nd strongest part of Morde's kit, and it’s what makes Mordekaiser viable. Unfortunately it’s also the longest skill description of any Champion in the game, meaning most of you guys clicked that link above, saw the wall of text and

Forgetting the situational speed boost and situational bonus exp, the most important part of Morde’s W is the healing. If Morde casts W on an ally, (the circle) all they need to do is int. Literally walk up to the enemy champs, or walk to Jungle camps, get 1-2 enemy units inside the circle and BOOM, 250-750 HP heal. This is applicable in nearly every game. It’s not that I want you to int per say, more that I want you to NOT FLASH WHEN ZED ULTS YOU IF I CAST W ON YA. This

It’s incredible. Notice that this heal even works against Malzahar pets later in the clip.

EASTEREGG #4 : “Mordekaiser is the master of Medicine”

EASTEREGG #5: “Mordekaiser is actually Soraka”

E – Siphon of Destruction

Often called useless and knocked as Morde’s worst spell, it is actually the only spell in Morde’s kit that allows him to have a lvl 1 presence at all. Morde is low mobility, and has no CC or escapes or gap close to make up for it. Because of this, the safest lvl 1 spell to level is E, for harassing, shield generation, damage mitigation and a way to last hit without putting yourself at the lane opponent’s mercy.

R – Children of the Grave

Morde’s Ultimate is the longest lasting ult in the game. At lvl 6 you can control your pet for 45 seconds. That’s longer than the person you killed will stay dead for. At lvl 11 it lasts for a full minute and at lvl 16 you get the ghost for 75 seconds. Players often complain if an ally is gone for even a minute. 4v5’s are unfun afterall. If we apply this logic to Mordekaiser, and the huge advantage you get with having essentially an extra teammate for over a minute, then I really don’t understand why he isn’t the most played, most banned champion. (I am however grateful)

With Morde ghost you can do many things:

a) Take a tower

b) Chase an

(microing isn’t easy, this play is advanced, but it’s doable.)

c) Solo Rift Herald by microing your ghost to tank the rift as you enjoy Eye procs from behind the Rift, making sure to W your ghost everytime it’s up to keep the pet healed.

d) Win a 6v4 Teamfight. Being Mordekaiser will always mean that you’re weak as hell to being focused down, especially if the enemy brings CC to the fight, but with a ghost, the odds are in your favour to come out on top in any teamfight. (Especially if you got a powerful autoattacking ghost)

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e) Secure Dragon with far less risk.



(*This was why I picked up Mordekaiser in the first place, because before season 1, a lot of players didn’t respect the game enough to stick it out to GG. *)

And that is just the normal stuff you can do with the normal ghosts. What’s a common theme for ghosts? UNFINISHED BUSINESS! Many of the Ghosts Morde obtains also come with their old passives intact!


The same applies for the following Champion passives:

Janna <+Movement speed>



Ashe < Autoattacks SLOW>







Hecarim < Atk can be increased if combo’d with Morde W magnet speed>




Kha < Gets bonus DMG for 1v1 fights>














And this…is just the first half of Morde’s ultimate.

Don’t forget that Dragonforce grants your team the Dragon ghost for the same duration if you DMG it within 10 seconds of your team killing it.

Dragon Ghost can be used 3 major ways.

Using the Dragon to Shield the Rift Herald as you push for the win at 13-20 minutes.

Mordekaiser’s Ultimate makes for some really neat, and pretty damn cheesy plays, all you need are the balls to try them.

IV. Builds

Aside from Mana and pure atk speed, just about everything works well on Morde, but knowing what builds favor what playstyles is very helpful to you in game.


a. Gundam Morde – This is my favourite Mordekaiser build becasue it flies in the face of what Riot intends for Morde. Morde's #1 problem is his lack of mobility. I cannot describe for you the frustration that comes with trying to move with the team and all of them running away with their parkor bullshit and faster movement while you struggle in your wheelchair to outrun the enemy team that just a few seconds ago, you and your entire team were in position to fight. Gundam Morde isn't durable. So don't get caught. Don't play this Morde versus a teamcomp that can shut you down with their CC. Play this versus low hard CC comps. This Morde build can also have a lichbane thrown in there to open up the possibility of running split push Morde all game. Just ward up.

b. Iron Giant Morde – The Iron Giant employs a secret build passed down from Morde main to Morde main. Frozen Hueart procs Liandry passive. This is your go to, the enemy team has WAY too much CC and that adc is scary build. Morde's Q and R both have AD scaling, so the Guardian Angel is really strong on him. This Morde build will survive a lot of focus and all you need to do is walk into teamfights and make sure you get your ult off on wheover your team focuses. This Morde build has a lot of DMG because you just survive so damn long as opposed to the other Morde builds where you burst and try to get away. This is your sustained DMG build.

c. Autofilled to Support Morde Often times the enemy team has a stacked comp of AOE Magic dmg. From Zyra/Brand/Velkoz Support to Ori/Viktor/Liss/Sol mid to Amumu/Fiddle JG…you get the picture. It's just stupidly easy these days to build a wombo team comp and a lot of people playing support would rather go kill lane than depend on their ADC to be the carry. Because AOE AP comps are so common, Mordekaiser has a chance to shine here if the early game goes OK enough to get the core items built. Locket and Redemption are hands down the best items to buy if your teammates don't have a lot of MR built and are dying to the AOE comps.

Redemption is stellar on Morde because it increases his self and ally heal (Soraka wannabe W remember?)

Rylai's is to give Morde some utility for his teammates. (Plus Redemption procs both Liandries, Ludens and Rylai's.)

This build is essentially about keeping your teamamtes alive and getting the correct targets ulted with your R.

d. Murderkaizer This Morde build has the most burst DMG and the greatest carry potential. It also has the greatest potential to land flat on its face if you don't position correctly in fights. It has stupidly low mobility so hourglass + GA is a must. The rest is just big DMG with a little utility and sustain thrown in. If games are going really well early, make your first buy a mejai and stopwatch and dive bot lane with the Holy Diver play mentioned above.

V. Where to Play Morde?

Mordekaiser is super flexible. He is also super inflexible. The only thing that matters every game is what team comp your team picked and if they understand how important Dragon control is with a Mordekaiser on your team.

Picking Graves JG with a Morde on your team? Dumb. Morde can heal your team and can turn the game into a 6v4. Your priority as Jungler is to pick an engage jungler, especially if your support is also going DMG. (this is very typical) Your goal every fight should be to help Mordekaiser secure his Ghost.

The thing to remember about Mordekaiser is that he represents a totally different Meta, and getting teammates to play around that is difficult. It's like being a Thresh OTP and no one ever grabs the damn lantern.

Here are a few examples of the stupid snowballing power Morde has if his teammates play along.

Mordekaiser is ALL about objective control and teamamtes understanding how to use his ALLY heal. With this in mind, he is viable is ALL positions.

But to be fair, some roles are better than others.

Support Morde– Totally viable if your ADC plays smart and waits for your Jungler to engage. If the enemy support is a melee champion, this match up is a LOT easier. (More opportunities to heal them)

Mid Morde – Probabaly the biggest 50/50 lane for Morde. Agaisnt mana champions, Morde juist needs to outsustain the enemy. Your Jungler leave Raptors up for you to Max W and do multiple drive by heals on helps a lot. Being ganked is this lane isn't that big a deal if you keep track of the enemy Jungler and just run to the opposite side you're being ganekd from. THe biggest issue with Mid Morde is that there are SO MANY highly mobile, long range CC chain mid laners, that successfully not dying to them and outsustaining can be very difficult if they are good at anticipating your base movement of 325 to land skillshots. AD Melee Champs like Zed and Yasuo are Mordekaiser food though.Rush a Seekers and profit. Being Mid Morde means a lot of river control, so Dragons should be easier to take.

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JUNGLE MORDE – I once did a Jungle Mordekaiser guide on here a few years ago and I still got https://imgur.com/42o8Hw1)

JG Morde is about being as efficient with your movement as possible. Be wary of the enemy Jungler before your lvl 3 and don't get caught with your pants down. (low HP) Max your W in this role and enjoy nearly infinite sustain. I always start RED side. Jungle Morde requires you to communicate a lot with teammates, so go for those heal drive bys as often as possible to make up for your poor early game. Mid game you have DRG control. Hopefully your team picks some CC for the teamfights.

Drive by heals

ADC Morde – Easily my least favourite role. (if solo queue) The reason for this, again, is only because my teammates have no idea what Mordekaiser needs, or what Mordekaiser does. This creates the issue where instead of the free win Alistair/Blitzcrank/Leona support we could have had, we go for the nearly incompatible Karma + Morde lane where I get poked out lvl 1 and get zoned for a level or two. It's very frustrating. I only reccomend BOT MORDE if you're duod with someone who knows Morde well.

TOP Morde My bread and butter. I have always preferred Mordekaiser as a solo laner and really like Top Lane since most of his match ups are favorable. (Any melee champion has to get close to Mordekaiser to fight him, and Mordekaiser punishes anyone that gets into his melee range) This Morde is fun to play because there are many ways to play this lane. Usually you just try to poke the enemy down before you get ganked. I ALWAYS MAX W in ANY LANE! This makes your 1v2 potential and even your 2v2 (shoutout to good junglers) potential really good! In Top lane you have to decide if you'll be going for Dragon at lvl 6 or if you're going for a kill lane. That's all based on ow familiar you are with the match ups and how willing your Jungler is to work with you. If I'm not feeling champ select, AKA not one of these guys says a word, I never take Teleport, no matter what ELO I am playing in. If they don't care enough about the game they're in to communicate with you as you're explaining Morde's ally heal and how to use it, then just go for the kill lane.

VI. KeyStone Preference

Electrocute is good for matchups that involve a lot of hard trading. (Riven for example)

Dark Harvest has the most potential bot lane since you've got twice the opportunity to trigger the stacks

Phase Rush is not too bad, but pales in comparison to StormRaider's Surge

Aery is the best because you can trigger it multiple times while chasing your ulted target. Every bit of extra DMG helps. Securing the Ghost is extremely important to being good with Morde.

VII Conclusion

So in attempting to cope with constantly being asked what is a mordekaiser? I found I had to come up with my own answer after all this time.

What is his core identity?

To be honest?

Mordekaiser is a super powerful being trapped in a wheelchair.

His base movement speed is 325, the lowest base movement of any melee champion in the game. Despite this, he has some of the most powerful kits in the game in terms of being constantly underestimated. He has incredible potential, but if and only if his teammates work with him

So essentially, if your teammates get behind Morde, and push that wheelchair, Mordekaiser is incredibly powerful.

Aside from Yasuo though, players don't often get behind other players to push at all, and at least in Yasuo's case, he doesn't need teammates to trigger his ult, as he has a knock up himself.

Without a team that care about Dragon control, Mordekaiser will never get Dragon. Dragon is essentially a minor Rift herald that lasts over a minute. If you're Jungler ignores your pings for DRG and responds with, "BUT IT'S JUST CLOUD/WATER DRG!" they are an uninformed Bronzelord. Dragon control is essential.

When you W an ally and ping for them to go ham, they gotta trust you, they gotta draw that CC and burst from the enemy team so you get heal it all and then go in with the carries to take out theirs. Without that trust, you've just wasted your W and no one understands why you didn't go in and you sit there at home watching miserably as ytour teammates send question mark pings in your direction.

You know what to do, but they just don't understand. That's what it's like to play Mordekaiser. You know you've got potential, but a simple lack of understanding prevents you from playing the champion you love to it's fullest potential.

Playing this game according to the meta everyone else understands will never et Mordekaiser realize his fullest potential, becasue he is so radically different from the others.

If you play Mordekaiser correctly, and your teammates are on board, you can literally end half of your games in under 15 minutes. Dive bot with Drg at lvl 6, take first tower and probably 2 kills. Snag Rift Herald with Jungler or Morde Ghost at 11 minutes and save it for next DRG 2 minutes later. Combine Rift + DRG bot lane with all your teammates grouped with you and take inhibtor in under 15 minutes. It's an incredible play and completely changes the objective of the early game.

So Mordekaiser is a General, confined to a wheelchair, but if his teammates rally around his unique abilities and push him, he can excel at this game.

Haters call Morde bad and that's a score imma settle,

Cuz I put the meta in the Master of Metal

/drops the Mace

Thanks for reading, I am very interested in getting feedback and comments for this monster of a post. I wish you well Reddit,

-TheKingofEloHell, the 8 and a half year, 7,000 game, 4 million mastery Mordekaiser main. (Whose never made it past Diamond 4)

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