League of Legends

This Year Doesn’t Feel Real

LeagueofLegends13 - This Year Doesn't Feel Real

Skt doesn't make it to worlds

Korea doesn't make semifinals

C9 goes from last place NALCS to semifinals in worlds

EU makes it to semis and finals

Goldenglue performs well

Caps goes to G2 with Perkz as ADC

Le Baguette Leaves FNC

Bang and Wolf Leave SKT

Madlife retires

People don't complain about world's balance

I like Kpop for the first time

Tyler1 goes from Permaban to sitting on the caster desk

EULCS changes their name to LEC

Jensen goes to TL

Triforce Jax does 612 damage the whole game

Mages OP in botlane

Clown fiestas with 5 bruiser meta

Faker gets benched and plays Taric Mid


If told myself this 1 year ago, I would say bullshit. This year has been a wild fu*king ride.

Anything else I missed?


Alex Ich retires

Lolking shuts down 🙁

Ikku quits League to become a crypto trader inb4 crash

Doublelift's situation with parents

Congress democrat huge League of Legends fan

Urgot and Aatrox becomes contested picks

Heimerdinger 100% worlds win rate and permaban vs G2

I get confused about my identity when I look at Sneaky's Pizza Delivery Sivir

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