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Thoughts from a Dota 2 player that has played nearly 300 games of league in the past month and a half

LeagueofLegends6 - Thoughts from a Dota 2 player that has played nearly 300 games of league in the past month and a half

I have about 4k hours in Dota 2, and that was the game that originally got me into the genre back in 2017. I have a lot to say about that game, but this post is going to be about my thoughts on what I've learned about league in the short time I've been playing it/the things I like about League more. Me and my friends have recently transitioned to league after being consistently disappointed with Dota for months on end. In the short time I've been playing, Riot has released multiple major cinematics, two characters, a dating simulator, an entire extra event (nexus blitz) not even related to the spirit blossom event really, and many extremely detailed skins that I've spent too much money on for having only 300 games. Anyways, heres some great things –

  1. First off, something just generally more fun – Scaling. I love the idea of AD/AP, and abilities scaling off of that instead of a number + percentage of spell amp (which is super rare regardless). I played a game right before I made this post in which I went AP Jax jungle and went lich bane -> nashors and it actually worked, even though hes typically played as an AD carry. The scaling on abilities makes the game a lot more FUN when you start winning, rather then hard carries completely taking over and dictating the game post 25 minutes anything can really come out of left field to surprise you. Building items like deathcap is just so much more FUN then when you get an item powerspike in Dota.
  2. Objectives. Things like the elemental dragons/rift herald make the game a lot more dynamic and add a lot to do whilst you're playing a game of league. Games of Dota generally last longer with less objectives and just general stuff to do around the map.

  3. Jungle. This kind of tacks onto the previous one as well, but having a dedicated jungle role, blue/red buffs, and all the little knicknacks inside the jungle like the blast cones and river fruit, theres just so much more to the jungle rather then the carry hits creeps occasionally in there or a hero takes an occasionally creep from a camp under their whim.

  4. Characters. The characters and lore feels so much more vibrant and interesting compared to Dota, like Bilgewater seems like a place you can actually imagine yourself being in with everything that is going on there. Pyke, Naut, Fizz, etc… Its just so much better then "oh a bear and a armadillo type thing fought in a bar now they're rivals" Although I do love Tusk regardless. This also extends to ingame, there are some basic dota style characters like Lulu that are just point and click, and then characters like Yasuo that someone coming from Dota would not even understand what the fuck is going on the first time they tried playing the character. Skillshots are just not common there.

  5. CINEMATICS. OH MY GOD THE CINEMATICS ARE COMMON AND INSANE. The Awaken and Warriors cinematic got me intensely hyped up for a game I had played 20 matches of, even though I did not know the characters names at that point. The more I went into the lore watching the videos of Noxus, Demacia, Ionia, the Isles (love thresh and lucian btw) the more I quickly fell in love with this world.

  6. BARD. Bard.

Thats all I really have to say on the matter, it looks as if this will be my primary moba for a while now, as it is so fresh and new to me now that I have finally given it a realistic shot.

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