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Thoughts from a Sona Main Regarding the State of Sona and New Leaks

LeagueofLegends1 - Thoughts from a Sona Main Regarding the State of Sona and New Leaks

Brief Insert: Am I excited for Samira as a co-Aphelios main? Absolutely! But like, bear with me here, because I'm going to be overly fractious and melodramatic for a moment for Sona.

For one of seemingly the easiest supports in the world, it is rather difficult being a Sona main.

  • From an ADC's viewpoint, Sona is often perceived as a useless support, and people often ask me to switch to literally any other champion. If not, "Disco Inferno" becomes an apt description of the flaming to come to this musician.
  • From the balance team's, Sona is often quickly treated with a barrage of nerfs due to unorthodox Sona roles that have arisen from changes unrelated to Sona, such as the spellthieff buff…no not the new one, the older one…
  • From the lore team, Sona has been in old lore limbo, having only 2 paragraphs of lore and posesses little significance despite massive changes going through both Ionia and Demacia, especially considering she's a Mage during Sylas's rebellion.
  • From your esports viewer, Sona is often perceived as being absolutely dull even though her end game can lead to some resoundingly exciting games, such as Mad Lions's Beaches of Normandy-esque dive past OG's Inner Turrets and the absolutely satisfying Lux R + Sona R burst combo. If Sona's complained about when she's perceptively weak, then she's also bewailed about when she recieves actual relevance in the pro game. There does not seem to be in an in-between.
  • Finally, from your typical LoL player, there is a misconception that she requires absolutely no skill to play. Although I could discuss mechanics such as how Sona is one of the least forgiving champions when it comes positioning errors, I'd like to highlight that in a game where there is a common mentality is to surrender early if the game does not even slightly favor you, it becomes very difficult to deal with this when you are a scaling champion that has to take care of an ADC, one of the most (understandably), frustrating roles.

Everywhere you turn, it feels like you're just specifically hated for choosing Ms. Twintails, and you can do nothing but stay mute because speaking out achieves nothing.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, here's the rub. This post isn't a rant post.

Ever since I started League, my main has always been Sona. I added new champions like Sett and Aphelios to my roster of course, but the Maven of the Strings has always been a favourite of mine. Yet it always seemed like the community against her. As a reminder, it is going to be Sona's 10th anniversary next September, so it was rather demoralizing to see my favourite Etwahl-user to still be in persecution limbo during that time.

But…these last few days have been absolutely amazing for Sona.

  • Sona seems to be getting a lore update real soon, and with the champion after Samira being leaked as being a musical champion and having possible associations with Hatsona Miku, I am very excited to see her have a place in the storyline of Runeterra.
  • Sona actually holds relevance in esports again with the Lux/Sona comp recently invented by Schuhbart and Calmsky, and as a twist, it's actually has counters! The Sona/Lux comp is fun as heck, you have to try it.
  • For once, people are actually discussing Sona again as if she was a champion in this game. She's becoming more popular again, rather than in the niche zone she usually resides in (that 4 quadrant popularity chart Riot loves to utilize as much as a DnD player loves using the Alignment Chart for memes). The non-Darkin-wielding musician is back in the spotlight!
  • Because of this rise in Sona/Lux, I am seeing more and more ADCs actually not flame, let alone encourage, my choice of picking Sona. For a lack of a better word, it feels warm and fuzzy to have your ADCs pat you on the back for that nice heal + damage reduction chord or clutch stun. Of course, nothing feels better when the entire team pings you when you pop-off with Dark Harvest Sona too.
  • SHE'S GETTING A LEGENDARY SKIN FOR GOODNESS SAKES. IT'S BEEN 10 YEARS AND SHE FINALLY GETS THE SKIN SHE DESERVES. I'd like to point out that literally every skin, including DJ Sona, has had no brand new voicelines, so to see our little Enchanting Songstress actually get a Legendary skin, let alone be center-stage on this next skinline, is friggin fantastic. Speaking of which…
  • SHE'S GETTING A VOICELINE UPDATE?! YES PLEASE! This is the one thing I've always wanted! More lore! More context! More interactions! More music references! More noteful songs from Sona ta hear!

After all this time, she really is getting a birthday gift(s!) for her 10th anniversary, and I think I can speak for hundreds of Sona mains we. are. STOKED.

Conclusion (TL;DW to an extent): So I just want to say, thank you so much. Thank you ADCs for dealing with me in your games so that we could scale to incredible amounts of shielding. Thank you for "?" spamming when I one-shot that Aphelios with Dark Harvest Sona. Thank you pro teams for giving her one last try, despite her early game being strenuous to deal with. Thank you Sona mains for not giving up on her and continuing to innovate creative builds like Sona/Lux to keep her alive. Thank you Riot for not forgetting about one of your first new champion and giving her all the love I could ask for, whether it be the skin team, the lore team, or the voice actress herself. And finally thank you Summoner for reading this. Only you can hear me.

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