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Three champions who were buffed in 11.8 are being nerfed on patch 11.9

LeagueofLegends6 - Three champions who were buffed in 11.8 are being nerfed on patch 11.9

I know it's always somewhat silly to talk about what's "acceptable" for a free-to-play-game, and I love League, or I wouldn't be here. But right now, playing against Morgana (jungle), Diana, and/or Vladimir feels like a mockery of the time I've invested getting good at the game.

One thing I follow really closely are champion statistics and win rates, and while I imagine Riot has access to more accurate data than what I'm reading on lolalytics for example, I can't imagine publicly aggregated stats are grossly different to the information Riot has. And reading them, it is VERY hard for me to understand why these champions were tuned in the way that they were.

  • On patch 11.7, Morgana's jungle win rate across all ranks was sitting at 49.10%, which is essentially balanced (theoretically). Not high, but then in a fantasy world of perfect balance, no champion's win rate is "high". And still above countless picks that are meant to be junglers, like Lee Sin, Kayn, Rengar, and more. I know some of these champions are hard to tune, and thus are balanced in their own way even with lower win rates. And I understand Riot really wanting to encourage the ability of more and more champions to capably jungle, but is Morgana really someone that needed improvement in this regard?
  • Vladimir makes even less sense to me. His win rate in 11.7 was 50.07%: not high for mid lane, but very "good" considering a decent play rate. I can't identify what it is about him that made him appear more in need of a buff than the large number of traditional mid laners with lower win rates than him, and I am especially confused by the manner of buff he was given. Vlad is a hyperscaler: he is safe early, but not strong, and a massive threat in the late game. He was balanced by the window opponents had to overcome his early weakness, and by his ease in exploiting them for failing to do so. WHY then, was he given a direct buff to his late game strength?? He now feels nigh-impossible to bring down in late games, a horrific block of stats just like the midgame, 350cs Morgana. It's not any easier for him to get there, just worse for his opponents if he does, and this lack of agency for him or counterplay for his opponents feels so antithetical to "balance" for me.
  • Finally, there's Diana, who unlike Morgana, was actually a really bad jungler in 11.7. Her win rate was 44.81%: pisspoor, and certainly deserving of a buff if it's important to Riot that she be an able jungler. Her win rate mid, however, was 52.75%: incredible, and with over a 5% play rate, trending towards serious unbalance! WHY WAS THE LEVEL 0 BONUS ATTACK SPEED FROM HER PASSIVE DOUBLED!?!?!? How could it not occur to Riot that this change, not even listed in the balance changes in the 11.8 notes (because, clearly, it was just some QOL for her clear speed) wouldn't be healthy for an already potentially too-strong midlaner? Combined with the doubled passive damage to monsters (which may ultimately have been perfectly suitable as a buff to jungle Diana on its own), she shot all the way up to a 53.89% win rate in the jungle on a ~10% playrate. Too high. And while it wouldn't have been unreasonable to me for them to have overstepped in rescuing Diana as a jungler, and to have to walk it back a bit, I can't understand how/why they (accidentally?) also buffed her as a midlaner.

I know Riot probably has their minds on MSI right now, and that, by using win rates from across all ranks, I'm seriously skewing the data towards lower elos (where I live D:). Perhaps if I had the time to analyze the data for each individual rank, these changes wouldn't seem so egregious. Still, though, it's not often that a champion is buffed so hard that it has to be nerfed in the very next patch. That means a serious mistake was made. I'm having so much trouble wrapping my head around how this happened for three champions at once.

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