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Tips for lower rankings who are trying to climb.

LeagueofLegends12 - Tips for lower rankings who are trying to climb.

Currently climbing on my Smurf and in Gold 3 right now (Diamond 2 Jungle main) and overall just seeing a lot of common issues/mistakes that lower rankings make that don't have much to do with mechanical skill or champion knowledge but just overall game knowledge and sense.

  1. Stop using
    u - Tips for lower rankings who are trying to climb.
    op.gg/u.gg or whatever site you prefer as the League of Legends Bible. Albeit very informative, its incredibly misleading to lower ranking players and can put you on uncomfortable champions or roles that you're not very good at simply because you saw a high winrate/pick percentage/tier 1. A perfect example of this would be a champion like Lee Sin. High pick rate and a tier 1 jungler, but a lot of that is based off of Diamond+ players. I have yet to see a player below plat EFFECTIVELY play Lee Sin to all of his strengths, with good mechanics and knowing how to utilize all of the abilities in his kit. I'm not saying their aren't any, but that's besides the point. Play with what you're comfortable with and what you know.
  2. Stop banning champions you see pros/streamers ban. This one doesn't make sense to me at all. Ban a champion you just know you don't know how to beat in your lane or you genuinely don't want to deal with. You banning Tahm Kench doesn't effect your lane (Unless you really don't want to deal with it.) when you're still getting stomped out by those Gold 4 Yasuos and you screaming "Yasuo so OP omfg!"
  3. The game is more about who dies less rather than who gets more kills. I know this sounds a little confusing but hear me out. You might say worth if you get 1 kill in return for a death but the overall picture is you still contributed to the enemy teams gold value. You now need to assess who will be stronger. If its your team, great, if its not, you fed. A 1 for 1 is great and all but if you're giving out assists, shut downs or even worse feeding the enemy hyper carry with them you aren't helping your team at all.
  4. Not every dragon is worth it, not every dragon is worth it and not every dragon is worth it. Contesting a Mountain Dragon isn't worth much if your team can't siege because you're behind. I can't stress this enough how many times I'd see my teams jungler spam pinging a mountain or cloud drake 25 minutes in the game when we're clearly behind. I understand the concept of simply denying the enemy any extra resources , but they might as well have gotten the mountain when they kill 3 of us and siege a tower without it.
  5. Close out games as fast as possible. If you're ahead by a massive margin there's no reason to keep a game going past 25 minutes. Just about every player understands how scaling works so sometimes games can be immediately lost if it goes past a certain time threshold. Remember that game you were stomping but wanted to turn it into a blood bath for another 20 minutes? Well cool its 40 minutes now, now try and end it when they have a Vayne and Kayle.
  6. Chill the hell out. Playing overly aggressive can be incredibly rewarding but is also very risky. If you're in a lane where you know you can beat them 1v1 but there's still a chance they can beat you if you miss an ability, cancel an auto or misstep, you're better off not going for it until you're in a position where its near guaranteed. Refer to tip 3.
  7. Last but not least, stop putting wards right outside of your lane. I see this primarily in the mid lane and top. For mid putting your wards in the side bushes is great but junglers can still go unseen if they go around it. That little bush right past it is wonderful spot for pinks and will deter junglers if they decide to go straight through river. For top lane your tri bush, blast cone, deep river and behind red bush are great wards to see a jungler coming in from a further distance.


I know this is a wall of text so I apologize for that but I hope this could help at least a few players who make some of these mistakes. Granted I know my observations are a bit skewed due to me being a higher ranking but I used to make some of the same mistakes as well and noticed a lot of changes when I fixed them.

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