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TL;DR Lore: The Vastaya

LeagueofLegends4 - TL;DR Lore: The Vastaya

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With Sett very much a thing I wanted to make a lore TL;DR for the vastaya; the fantastical animal boys and girls that make up the third most represented race in the roster of champions, right behind humans and yordles. I've done two TL;DR's prior to this one which I'll link at the bottom for the Void and Shurima respectively, so if you wanna, take a gander for them too!

The Vastayashai’rei

  • To understand the vastaya we need to look at their progenitors: the Vastayashai’rei.
  • Around 10,000 years ago a race of titans from beyond the sky, presumably hailing from the celestial realm, descended upon Ionia. They threatened the balance of Ionia in the process, and some mortals chose to fight to protect it.
  • With knowledge from their ancestors these mortals drew forth power from the Spirit Realm in to themselves. This granted them near immortality, potent shapeshifting powers and the ability to use the natural world as a weapon.
  • They would be known as the Vastayashai’rei, and they fought these titanic beings and won.
  • They were hailed as heroes, but the Vastayashai’rei didn’t hold themselves above their mortal brethren, choosing to live among them. They then bred back in to the mortal population which produced a new race: the vastaya.
  • At least some of the Vastayashai’rei lived in the sacred grove of Omikayalan; the place where the God-Willow grew until it was cut down by Ivern somewhere around 9,000 years ago.
  • Eventually the borders between the various realms and Runeterra began to grow stable again, restoring Ionia’s balance in the process, however this also meant the borders were much thinner than they were before, and as a consequence the Vastayashai’rei were left with greatly diminished powers.
  • The ultimate fate of the various Vastayashai’rei is unknown, but it can be assumed that they ultimately died out from old age after some point.
  • It’s likely that most of the Vastayashai’rei were humans. There might’ve been non-humans among them since they were described as ‘mortals’ rather than just humans, but this isn’t clearly laid out and we know next to nothing about them otherwise.

The Vastaya

  • After the Vastayashai’rei’s powers waned the vastaya expanded across Ionia and Runeterra as a whole, finding new places to live and thrive.
  • The vastaya organized themselves in to tribes, naming them after various members of the Vastayashai’rei. Each tribe then changed itself over time, based on their environment, the hero they had chosen, and other aspects of their culture.
  • The vastaya require natural magic to thrive, so while they can travel widely across Runeterra, they only settled in specific areas where wild magic existed in abundance. This wild magic is also necessary for them to breed.
  • They are a chimeric people. They have only some of the shapeshifting magic of their forebears.
  • As beings attuned to the Spirit Realm, the vastaya age slower than other mortal races.
  • The vastaya’s magic is highly varied, and is fairly transient and spiritual in form. Rengar’s stealth, Ahri and Rakan’s charms and Xayah’s weaponized feathers are examples of this.
  • The vastaya have a limited degree of shapeshifting abilities, which is responsible for how they currently look. How long it takes to do this shapeshifting and how long they can hold it varies depending on the individual and how close to their ancient heritage they are.
  • The above shapeshifting also affects their normal form, as it’s a combination of their own nature and how they think about themselves. This is why Xayah’s appearance is much more covered up while Rakan goes around as a shirtless peacock; one is guarded while the other is bombastic.
  • Vastaya exist on every continent of the known world, but are most commonly found in Ionia. There are tribes in the Freljord, Ixtal, Shurima, on Mount Targon and on various islands. There are currently no known tribes living in territory controlled by Demacia or Noxus, nor any currently known tribes on the Serpent Isles or the Shadow Isles.
  • No new vastaya have been born in several mortal lifetimes. This is bad for the vastaya in the long run, and it mostly comes down to humans screwing with the natural flow of magic in the world. Given this, the current roster of vastaya are likely at minimum a century or two old.
  • The exception to the above are half vastaya, that being those born with human and vastayan blood. This makes half vastaya far more mortal than normal vastaya, as only a quarter of their heritage can be traced back to the Vastayashai’rei.

The Tribes

Part 1: Champion Tribes

  • These tribes are those represented in game by champions.
  • The Marai are a tribe of aquatic vastaya living in the seas west of Mount Targon. They have forms reminiscent of fish and dolphins, and are represented in game by Nami.
  • The Kiilash are a tribe of jungle dwelling vastaya living in the eastern jungles of Shurima. Their name is derived from the Vastayashai’rei known as Kiila. They resemble big cats and are represented in game by Rengar.
  • The Shimon are a tribe of tree dwelling vastaya from Ionia. They resemble primates and have a strong connection with the earth. They are represented in game by Wukong.
  • The Lhotlan are a tribe of terrestrial vastaya from Ionia. Their name is derived from the Vastayashai’rei known as Khotl. They resemble a combination of foxes and gryphons and are represented in game by Xayah and Rakan.
  • The Oovi-kat are a tribe of island dwelling vastaya from the far east. They resemble chameleons with some flower-like appendages and have an almost completely undiluted bloodline compared to the other vastayan tribes. They are represented in game by Neeko.
  • There are two as of yet unidentified vastayan tribes that Ahri and Sett’s mother originate from. Ahri’s tribe of course take after foxes and presumably having multiple-tails is a part of their physiology. Given Sett’s themeing around wolverines his mother’s tribe is likely similar; with various wolverine esque physiology.

Part 2: NPC Tribes

  • These tribes are not represented by champions. In some cases these tribes have been shown in the form of npcs. Others have no character representation but have been mentioned.
  • The Khonlui are a tribe of terrestrial vastaya described as “rhino bears”. It is unknown where they live. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • The Chyra are a tribe of aerial vastaya described as “the silent chorus”. Their name is derived from the Vastayashai’rei known as Chyr. It is unknown where they live or what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • The Skard are a tribe of vastaya indigenous to the Freljord. It is unknown what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • The Sodjoko are a tribe of terrestrial vastaya native to Ionia. It is unknown where they live or what they look like. Two named characters of the Sodjoko tribe exist: Akunir and Coll, who appear in “The Puboe Prison Break” and “Nothing Rhymes with Tubebow”.
  • The Makara are a tribe of aquatic vastaya describes as carnivorous and “ever smiling”. It is unknown where they live or what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • The Strig are a tribe of aerial vastaya described as reptilian butterflies. It is unknown where they live or what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • The Juloah are a tribe of terrestrial vastaya native to Ionia. They have similarities to the Lhotlan, but are furrier and have horns. One named character exists of the Juloah tribe: Jurelv, who died during the paired stories “The Puboe Prison Break” and “Nothing Rhymes with Tubebow”.
  • The Cathal are a tribe of vastaya native to Ionia. They were apparently defeated by Kusho, Shen’s father, some time in the past. It is unknown where they live or what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • The Ottrani are a tribe of terrestrial vastaya. It is unknown where they live or what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • The Ophelis are a tribe of terrestrial vastaya. It is unknown where they live or what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • The Besheb are a tribe of aerial vastaya. It is unknown where they live or what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • The Raylu are a tribe of aquatic vastaya. It is unknown where they live or what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore.
  • There is a currently unnamed vastayan tribe in the jungles of Ixtal. They look like humanoid lizards. One named character exists of this tribe: Kuulcan, who appears in the story “Human Blood”.
  • A currently unnamed vastayan tribe exists on Mount Targon. It is unknown what they look like. Currently they’re unrepresented in the lore, but Soraka knows of them and interacts with them regularly.


Nami and the Marai

  • When Nami was young, she was told of the Tidecallers; heroes for the Marai. These intrepid individuals would venture down in to a great dark cavern below for the Marai’s safety.
  • A long time ago, Voidborn emerged from a rift near the Marai’s homeland and attacked them. Though the Marai fought back, they were being overwhelmed.
  • A surface dweller, specifically the Aspect of the Moon, provided help in the form of a moonstone; an artifact brimming with celestial magic that would deter the Voidborn from attacking the Marai. In exchange the Aspect needed an abyssal pearl from the depths where the Voidborn dwelled to protect her own people.
  • After the moonstone was delivered the first Tidecaller claimed the pearl and the deal was completed. This exchange has carried on for generations as the moonstone’s light was not permanent, and Nami took the lessons her mother told her of it to heart.
  • As Nami grew older, the moonstone’s power began to dim. She immediately went to sign up for the role of Tidecaller, but due to her headstrong nature the elders of the Marai chose another instead; a lad named Rasho.
  • Rasho went to retrieve the pearl, Tidecaller’s staff in hand, but didn’t return. Weeks passed. Nami took the initiative and went after him, facing Voidborn along the way, until she eventually found the Void rift, and nearly went in to it, being enthralled by the perfection of nothingness within. Only a scrape on a nearby rock managed to get her back to reality.
  • Rasho had lost his mind to the Void, and was becoming twisted himself by it. He urged Nami to join him in oblivion, and with no choice she took up the Tidecaller’s staff and killed him with it.
  • She went to retrieve the pearl and did so, fending off a score of Voidborn on the way out. When she returned she was exhausted but successful, and her people cheered her on, adorning her in the Tidecaller’s armaments, while she took solace in that, though she had faced tremendous, unknowable forces, she’d prevailed handily.
  • She arrived at the shores of Mount Targon, only to find no Aspect. After a run in with humans she found out that the current Aspect, Diana, had fled Targon for distant shores, and so now Nami is on the hunt for Diana, with her people’s fate on the line.
  • Nami’s water magic originates from the Tidecaller’s Staff, not herself. It’s unclear as to what specific magical powers Nami has.

Rengar and the Kiilash

  • The Kiilash tribe venerate the honour and glory of the hunt, and though Rengar was born as son of their chieftain Ponjaf, he was the runt of the litter; small and worthless as a hunter. Ponjaf didn’t even feed Rengar.
  • Rengar eventually ran away from home, surviving on grubs and plants for a while until a human hunter named Markon found him. Markon pitied the vastaya, though he also figured him as unworthy quarry for a hunter like him, and Rengar followed him for months.
  • Rengar learned much from observing Markon, but Markon didn’t like Rengar at all, and threw him in a ravine, where Rengar had to make his first kill to survive. From then on Rengar pushed himself relentlessly with the aim of rejoining his tribe and be respected among them.
  • After some years he returned to the Kiilash, displaying his numerous trophies, but Ponjaf scoffed at him, and proclaimed he’d only regain his place in the tribe if he came back with the head of the legendary Kha’Zix.
  • Rengar was too eager, and in this he was nearly killed by Kha’Zix, losing an eye in the process. He returned and admitted defeat, being beratted by Ponjaf, but Rengar realized his father’s own trophies were old; he hadn’t made a hunt for himself in ages, and had sent Rengar after Kha’Zix because he was weak and afraid.
  • Rengar proclaimed Ponjaf a coward and made a resounding speech about how he had struggled and survived in the face of death while his tribe were strong and lived comfortable lives. He was as much his scars as he was himself, and he ruthlessly killed Ponjaf before his entire tribe.
  • The Kiilash went to proclaim him as their new chieftain, but Rengar turned them away. He didn’t need their acceptance; he only needed his own satisfaction. He abandoned his tribe, and set off to satisfy himself, with killing Kha’Zix being high on the priority list.

Wukong and the Shimon

  • The Shimon live among the trees and believe life is an “evolutionary climb to wisdom”, where upon death they become stone and return to the soil to climb again. Kong however wasn’t a your typical Shimon.
  • For years and years Kong pranked his fellow Shimon and they let it slide, until he insisted a dragon was going to burn down their home. Kong laughed as they fled, and, realizing they had been duped, they banished Kong.
  • Kong was ambivalent but resolved that he would find people with a better sense of humor. He lived as a trickster and named himself “The Monkey King”. He challenged people to duels and games, and claimed be was undefeated, until he came across a Noxian headsman in Zhyun. Kong escaped with his life, and didn’t reappear from the wilds until Noxus had left Ionia.
  • Kong saw first hand the aftermath of the Noxian invasion of Ionia, and set out to find the village of Wuju and its warriors, but Wuju was destroyed, and only a single man. Kong challenged him to a duel, and the man bested in a single blow before going back to meditating.
  • Kong didn’t let this stop him and kept going back to the man day after day. He tried numerous tactics to best the man, but to no avail, no matter how good his jokes were or how devious his tactics. Eventually Kong knelt before the man and asked him to teach the vastaya of his ways. He wanted to be the greatest warrior, but also…something more.
  • The man introduced himself as Yi, recognizing that now, after showing his humility, Kong was ready to learn. The two respected each other, though Yi didn’t talk about his past or why he wouldn’t leave Wuju. Kong proposed a bet; they would spar, and if Kong won, Yi would reveal his history. If Yi won, Kong wouldn’t speak for a year.
  • Kong led Yi to a field of smokepoppies and used them and a straw decoy to finally best Yi. Yi revealed his past, how he and his disciples had went to defend Ionia, and Noxus had ruined Wuju in response. Yi felt personally responsible, and Kong had a revelation; he wanted to protect his tribe. Though the Shimon had cast him out, he still cared for them, and had set him on the path to enlightenment in the first place.
  • Yi felt proud and renewed in his sense of purpose, gifting Kong a magical staff made by Doran, and the “Wu” honorific, reserved for only the brightest students of Wuju.
  • Now named Wukong, he and Master Yi ventured out to fight against the growing sentiments of hatred and injustice across Ionia, and help their homeland heal after the long war they had faced. They’ve kept to this goal ever since.

Xayah, Rakan and the Lhotlan

  • The Lhotlan tribe inhabit the Ionian highlands. They’re a proud people who practice music and battle dances, and young Xayah adored it when her father sang to her about the old heroes of their people.
  • Humanity had long encroached on the Lhotlan’s lands, disrupting Ionia’s natural magic for their own ends, putting the Lhotlan, and indeed all vastaya at risk. Xayah wouldn’t stand idle and ventured out to reason with the humans, only to find that they more often than not had little good to give her. Some tried to mug her for her magical feathers, while others called authorities against her, forcing her to defend herself.
  • Dismayed, she returned home, and found her tribe had vanished. A nearby temple was tainted by shadow magic; an innately corrupting force, and it was disrupting the temple’s connection to the spirit realm. Xayah destroyed the temple and things went back to normal, but her tribe was still missing.
  • Xayah then set out to keep the vastaya as a whole safe by her own methods, killing those who sought to disrupt the magic of Ionia. She became known as the Violent Raven and lived alone, focused only on her goals of saving her people.
  • Eventually, in the town of Vlonqo she met another Lhotlan named Rakan. He had the adoration of a large human crowd, and though Xayah brushed him off she couldn’t help but find herself drawn to him.
  • After leaving the village she was ambushed, and though she was anticipating and also glad to have a fight, Rakan arrived and helped her take them down. Rakan showed that he wasn’t just a callous buffoon and in fact was pretty good in a fight.
  • Rakan continued on with Xayah, and though she was initially distant from him, the two eventually grew close, and eventually pledged themselves to one another. Rakan also pledged himself to Xayah’s cause, as while his good nature had lightened her mood, her determination had inspired him. The two have continued on their rebellion ever since, fighting the Order of Shadow numerous times to save numerous tribes and countless vastayan lives.

Ahri the Tribeless

  • Ahri was abandoned in the northern mountains of Ionia as a child, and raised by a pack of icefoxes who took her in. The only momento Ahri had of her heritage was a pair of matching gemstones.
  • Ahri had no one to teach her how to use her tribes innate magic, and so she had to learn through hunting, drawing magic from her surroundings to heighten her reflexes, create spheres of destructive power, and soothe the minds of animals even as she killed them.
  • She was eventually drawn to a hunter who commited to the “waste not, want not”, lifestyle, and when he eventually died via an arrow. As he did so Ahri instinctively devoured his essence, and saw flashes of his past. She found she could manipulate his memories and senses just like any prey, and gave him a peaceful death as she drank in his life, feeling euphoric and empowered like never before.
  • Ahri now had a taste for human, and hunted them, charming and devouring their memories, savouring the feeling of their memories even as they filled her with the sadness of anger those memories were forged from. She eventually came to know that the people she hunted had come to know her as a fox-demon of sorts, and steadily grew to sympathize with those she killed.
  • She felt guilty for all she had done, and tried to restrain herself; indulging in only a few memories from her prey; never enough to kill. She hungered either way, and eventually killed an entire village as it grew uncontrollable.
  • She retreated from the world for several years, and eventually found love with a human man. Eventually though even love couldn’t keep her hunger at bay, and she devoured his memories as well, killing him. Heartbroken she ventured to the Garden of Forgetting, a place filled with memory-eating flowers in the hopes of forgetting her pain forever, but she realized midway through that the emptiness of forgetting would hurt even more, and she fled the garden even as its flowers tried to restrain her.
  • She has since returned to life among Ionia proper with a new goal; to find out who she is and where she comes from. With the matching gemstones as her only clue, she’s got a long road ahead of her.

Neeko and the Oovi-kat

  • The Oovi-kat vastaya hail from an island far to the east. Their heritage to the Vastayashai’rei is closer than perhaps any other living tribe, and their culture involved the blending of their spiritual essence-their sho’ma, to communicate with emotions, sensations and memories.
  • Neeko enjoyed a comfortable life among her tribe, enjoying games and tricks, and having an unrivaled curiosity, but it would not last.
  • A magical cataclysm of unknown origin swept across their island home, and while her home was swallowed in the ethereal gulf between realms, Neeko was able to escape thanks to the quick thinking of the elders, and took the form of a bird to flee.
  • She eventually plummeted in to the sea, but managed to find refuge on a human vessel bound for Harleport.
  • Neeko tried to call back to her home using her sho’ma, but found only sad echoes and the images of enormous dead trees.
  • Eventually the ship made landfall, and Neeko was entranced by the display of culture and variance in the settlement. She had an unfortunate encounter with another vastaya named Krete, as while she tried to use traditional Oovi-kat methods of communication, this wasn’t exactly a common method of chatting among humans or vastaya of the area, and she had to flee as his thoughts grew dark.
  • Neeko struggled to adjust to life among people and ventured out in to the jungles. Taking the form of a big cat she went with a group of cougars, and was understandably shocked when their leader turned in to a human – Nidalee.
  • Though there was some hostility to start with, Nidalee accepted Neeko in to her group. They stayed together and grew close, with Neeko developing an unrequited love for Nidalee.
  • Neeko could feel the call of mortal society, as well as her elders calling her in dreams, as the images of dead trees continued to appear. The trees needed to bloom, and Neeko asked if Nidalee would join her, but she refused.
  • The two parted ways, and Neeko, hurt but resolute, continued on her own, and now aims to recreate the Oovi-kat tribe, but with all kinds of people from all over the place. Human, yordles, vastaya, doesn’t matter to Neeko, she’s just looking for like minded folk to join her.
  • Due to her tribe's close heritage to the Vastayashai'rei, Neeko's shapeshifting abilities are exceedingly potent. She can change in to just about anything, though for how long depends on what it is she's changing in to. Shapeshifting in to Malphite for instance would be something she'd be able to hold for maybe 2 seconds.

Sett the Halfbreed

  • For the record, Sett isn't actually considered a vastaya by Riot, but I'm putting him here anyway cuz where else am I gonna put him?
  • Sett was born to a vastayan mother and a human father of Ionian and Noxian birth respectively. This was a cultural taboo for both his mother’s tribe, who say it as a huge disgrace and rejected them, and also among Ionian humans, who didn’t give them better reception. To use an example, imagine being a kid born out of wedlock to a white father and black mother before the civil rights movement in America.
  • Only Sett’s father’s reputation as a pitfighter kept them from receiving too much scorn, but when he disappeared, all the humans and vastaya around Sett only had disdain and discrimination to offer him.
  • Sett grew up with a chip on his shoulder because of this, and was quick to get in to fights. His mother made him swear not to go to the Noxian pits his father had fought in, but Sett’s curiosity wouldn’t let him leave it be.
  • He headed down and saw scores of Noxians there for gladiatorial spectacle and pay. When he asked about his dad the truth came out – he’d abandoned his family to go on tour around the world as an arena fighter.
  • Sett, enraged, asked the organized to set a fight up for him. He hoped that by doing so, eventually he’d meet his dad in the arena someday. The organizer agreed, and Sett proved all his doubters wrong as he began winning and winning hard. He became an overnight sensation despite a lack of martial training; relying on his raw might and tenacity.
  • He became the “King of the Pit” for his string of successes, and showered his mother with gifts without telling her of how he got the money to pay for them. Her joy warmed his heart, but he felt he could do better.
  • After protecting his title in front of a record breaking crowd he presented a proposition to the Noxian fightmasters and his cronies, that he should run the pits. They disagreed, but a few minutes in a locked room with Sett’s fists taught them the error in their judgement, and Sett became the pit’s head honcho.
  • He took the job in stride, and with Ionia’s culture changing in the wake of the Noxian invasion, scores of Ionians have come to see his fights. From this Sett has accrued fame, fortune, and his criminal enterprise only grows with each passing day, expanding it in to an underground empire of gambling and vice.
  • This is the good life for Sett, far removed from his old life of poverty and discrimination. He doesn’t intend to go back any time soon, even if it means perpetuating the lie to his mother.
  • As a half-breed of vastaya and human, his innate shapeshifting is perhaps the weakest of any vastaya in the roster. He also ages at a normal human rate, unlike the other vastayan champions.

Ivern the Greenfather

  • Ivern isn’t a vastaya, but his history is tied to theirs. It starts in the Freljord, when he was known as Ivern the Cruel.
  • During this time, Lissandra, Avarosa and Serylda were building an empire for their people – the Iceborn, and battling the Freljord’s spirit gods. This gravely worried Ivern, and so he set out with his reavers to find Ionia; a fabled land across the sea that would provide him with the power needed to defeat the Iceborn and their dark masters. They would never return.
  • Over treacherous seas they eventually made landfall, and immediately attacked the native Ionians. The Ionians agreed to show them to Omikayalan, meaning “The Heart of the World” in ancient vastayan, and the powers within.
  • Ivern and his raiders followed them, only to find that Omikayalan was the dwelling of the Vastayashai’rei, who descended upon them.
  • None of Ivern’s men survived, but Ivern delved far in to the grove and found the God-Willow; a sentient, immensely powerful magical tree. He swung in to it with his axe, instantly killing it.
  • In the process, the God-Willow’s magic seeped in to him, transforming him in to what he looks like now; a half tree half human entity. He was deep rooted their for a century, forced to watch as nature wept and grieved for the dead God-Willow, and feel the pain he had caused with his actions.
  • Ivern wept and regretted his actions, and for this, nature itself forgave him. It gave him tasks, which led to him seeing the beauty in the natural process of life and death, and he set out in to the world to help with the process.
  • He had many such feats, such as when he challenged snakes to use more S words so they could be more confident about their lisps, which ended up making them only use S words from then on.
  • He came to save the life of a stone-golem by creating her a new heart. In thanks and due to the traditions of mineral life, she pledged herself to him, and he named her Daisy after the daisies that started growing on her after that.
  • Since then, Ivern has recieved a new task from nature: “Show”. For all he had learned, he had yet to return to human civilization, and they were in need of guidance about how to grow as a people, and better themselves.
  • This is where Ivern’s current path leads. His ultimate goal is to become the new God-Willow, and for that he needs to help humanity grow, and see the beauty in the world. He knows it’ll be hard, but he remains undeterred from his path.
  • Just as an aside, Ivern is like, super strong narratively. His magical power is basically that of a world tree, and he just casually goes around growing grass and stuff. Ivern's the best.

Where are they now?

  • Last we saw Nami she’d arrived at Targon’s shores and the natives mistook her for a celestial wanderer and tried to kill her, which ended up with them causing a fire in their own village that Nami had to put out. One of the Rakkor advised her to let the staff guide her due to its connection to the moon. The staff pulled Nami back towards the sea, with the Rakkor advising that Ionia was where she was being pointed. Nami then went on her way across the sea to find Diana.
  • Last we saw Rengar he was killing a particularly malicious razorhide; a four legged, spikey beast of sorts. Rengar attacked the creature after it had dispatched several humans. He spent the time messing with the creature with his roars, causing it to feel fear as it slowly bled out, with Rengar taking one of its teeth as a trophy.
  • Last we saw Wukong he and Yi found some bandits harassing an old man. Though Yi preached restraint, Wukong decided he’d have to be quick about things in this situation, and went straight in to fight the bandits. He had a close shave or two but prevailed, and Yi admitted he had been wrong, but Wukong noted he’d been especially reckless even if his practivity was the right call. The day was won and the two had a good master-student moment together.
  • Last we saw Xayah and Rakan they were breaking vastaya out of a prison in Puboe controlled by the Yanlei, otherwise known as the Order of Shadow. They managed to get out several vastaya and kill many of Zed’s acolytes along the way, but not all were so lucky. After witnessing two of the vastaya they freed – Akunir and Coll, disagree about humans and effectively divorce right in front of them, Xayah and Rakan come together to reassure one another that they’ll always remain together.
  • Last we saw Ahri she was looking for clues to her past in a marketplace. She met a trader who explained she knew the origins of the gemstones she wore; they were sunstones crafted by an individual named Ymelo, who made them using fossilized lizard eggs from the Ghetu Sea. The woman drugged Ahri and tried to cut off one of her tails but Ahri used her charms and memory eating powers to escape, seeing who she figured was Ymelo in the process. With a name and a face she’s now looking for Ymelo as the next big clue about her origins.
  • Last we saw Neeko she was causing mischief around at a place called the Kalduga outpost; a Noxian stronghold in the Shuriman jungles. In her efforts to mimic the people there to get to know them and their Sho-ma she accidentally caused a conflict where several people died. Whoops!
  • Last we saw Sett one of his star fighters, a man named Prahn the Flayer, proceeded to win in a fight vs a Shuriman warrior, and then demands a cut of Sett’s pay for his performance. Sett disagrees, and Prahn challenges him, saying he’s not as good as he used to be. Sett agrees, but on the condition they get paid for it. In front of a crowd, Sett humiliates and then kills Prahn for his insubordination, and then returns to his mum later on, giving her some money and a quick kiss. She notices a scar he received from the fight, but he brushes it off, saying it was from the orphanage he was building that day.
  • Last we saw Ivern he was in a place called the Aulderwood. A group of hunters were tracking a Shagyak for its horns. The wilds are thrown in to chaos by this, and Ivern had to step in. He and Daisy scare off two of the hunters, but one named Risbell doesn’t manage to get away. Ivern began to ask her about her intentions when a snake attacked Risbell, startled by her presence. Her life slipping away, Ivern realized that the shagyak’s death was necessary, as from it he brought the growth of fungus that he fed to Risbell, saving her from the venom. Risbell apologized and Ivern forgave her, letting her go with no incident. Risbell buried the Shagyak’s tusks in a small gave and headed on her way, while Ivern smiled on, confident that the shagyak would’ve been proud.

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The Vastaya: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/race/vastaya/

Sett: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/champion/sett/

Ivern: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_GB/champion/ivern/

TL;DR Void: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/cp54zc/tldr_lore_the_void/

TL;DR Shurima: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/eatlde/tldr_shurima_ascended_darkin_and_more/

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