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So the Void is a crazy place, full of horrible things that don’t actually exist and…well that’s kind of all that’s in it since it’s technically not real. In an attempt to make sense of how things can exist in a place that doesn’t exist, I have compiled as much of the Void lore as I can in to one place, so that you can more easily know more about what it is, how it operates and what the story behind it is, as well as what’s up with our Void champions.

The Void

  • The Void is a plane of nothingness that “existed” before the universe; a pristine place of absolutely sod all.
  • The Void is described as being both outside and below Runeterra, so terms like “The Outside” and “The Abyss” are often used by the few Runeterrans who know of the Void in any real capacity; ancient Shurimans believed it to be an underworld of sorts, and the beings from it demons and devils.
  • When a person interacts with the Void directly they tend to be unravelled by it, being completely erased. This generally comes with an unravelling of one’s perception, cognition and memories as it progresses. Check out “Where Icathia Once Stood” for an example of this.
  • The Void twists even the land in to contorted shapes, and consumes all kinds of matter, though it is sustained primarily through magic or organic matter. In the absence of either the Void’s material in Runeterra goes dormant.
  • The Void is mostly unknown to modern Runeterrans unless you’re living in areas where the Voidborn frequent, ergo southern Shurima, and even then only through stories and legends. While Voidborn have been seen beyond Shurima, knowledge of them in those places is presumably much more limited.

The Watchers

  • Entities drifted in this expanse of nothing, completely unaware that they were there or were even sapient.
  • When the universe came in to existence, it’s contrast against the nothingness caused these entities to suddenly become aware, and they immediately set about finding the means to erase the universe, as it was antithetical to them. They hoped to return to the peace of nothing once they had succeeded.
  • These entities would become known as the Watchers, as they watched the universe develop. They began poking in, trying to touch the minds of the mortals peering back at them.
  • One such mortal was Lissandra, who walked in dreams after losing her sight and made contact with the Watchers. She made a bargain with them, in exchange for bringing them in to Runeterra they would grant her and her sisters near immortality.
  • Lissandra would later plead with them for more time, but in the Void time doesn’t exist, so it fell on deaf ears. The Watchers erupted in to Runeterra as promised.
  • Upon doing so they found themselves afflicted by the laws of reality; time, gravity, cold, heat, etc, and so they became vulnerable. Lissandra used an immense magical ritual to seal these Watchers in a barrier of True Ice, imprisoning them. These few were named the Frozen Watchers from then on.
  • The Watchers still in the Void knew they had been betrayed, but none of the specifics, so they decided to take a different approach in invading Runeterra.

The Voidborn

  • The Watchers pushed their influence in again, but this time warped matter with their power, creating entities known as the Voidborn.
  • The Voidborn were built with an instinct to consume everything, and their matter bodies would harden in the light, becoming impossibly hard. Their threat would persist on Runeterra forever more.
  • The first large scale invasion of Voidborn we know of was when the Shurimans were constructing a prot-type Sundisc in the city of Nerimazeth. Pantheon called upon Aurelion Sol to destroy it, which he did so, though it’s notable that this was the first time Aurelion Sol had come to recognise some kind of presence within the Void itself.
  • Some Voidborn would survive their encounters with Runeterran life, and grow ancient, knowledgeable, and “learn to be alive” as Swain puts it, gaining greater autonomy and purpose beyond simply consuming.
  • The Voidborn can be created from the Void whenever, but aren’t themselves from the Void. It’s currently unclear if they can even enter the Void since they are beings of matter.
  • The Voidborn typically have a heart which is the only vulnerable part of their body. It glows with purplish, pinkish light.
  • Most Voidborn live underground, and given what Malphite says in “Roots of a Poisoned Tree”, and what Nunu’s mother Layka says in “Frozen Hearts”, they might be using the cavernous tunnels left behind by the felled God-Willow’s roots to travel across all of Runeterra, making the Voidborn a global threat.
  • Thus far, beyond southern Shurima, we’ve seen Voidborn pop up in the seas west of Targon, preying upon the Marai vastaya tribe, at the outskirts of Demacia where Taric lost his troops to Voidborn, and potentially in Ionia where Diana sealed a Void Rift.
  • All of the Voidborn champions currently have names originating in ancient Shuriman.

The Fall of Icathia

  • Icathia was a nation ruled by a lineage of Mage Kings, the last being Axamuk, who were conquered by the Shuriman Empire. Their cultural was summarily banned and sequestered which of course upset the Icathians immensely.
  • Using an ancient weapon discovered by their thaumaturges, they planned a rebellion which quickly led to their doom when the weapon unleashed the Void upon all involved, killing Icathians and Shurimans alike. The weapon’s origin is unknown, but the Icathians knew it would bring the Void.
  • The Ascended Host fought a long battle against the Void, with legendary figures like Nasus, Aatrox, Horok and a bunch of others, leading the fight in different ways. Eventually the largest rifts were sealed, and the war was won.
  • Despite this, Voidborn remained a presence in Icathia.
  • Icathia was stricken from Shurima’s maps and condemned from history.
  • The Ascended would be forever disturbed and traumatized by what they experienced, and was one of the contributing factors in the Great Darkin War to follow centuries later.


  • Vel’Koz is the most ancient Voidborn we know of right now, dating from some time after the War of the Three Sisters, but still millennia before Icathia’s doom.
  • Vel’Koz is also bloody huge; his eyeball is bigger than an adult human.
  • Vel’Koz’s name roughly translates to “To understand by unmaking” in ancient Shuriman, and the cultures of ancient Shurima knew him as a demon that stole wise-men’s dreams.
  • Vel’Koz wants to gather knowledge, and does so by disintegrating what he wishes to learn about, unravelling it and consuming the information it once held. Vel’Koz can choose to inflict pain or not with his powers.
  • Vel’Koz can travel just about anywhere in Runeterra uninhibited, has explored even the deepest parts of the oceans in his pursuit of knowledge, has watched civilizations fall, and has scryed the movement of the stars, which is scary cuz that’s how celestials try to talk to mortals.
  • He feeds the information he gathers back to the Watchers via Void Rifts he creates, keeping them in the know about Runeterra.


  • Rek’Sai is a Voidborn living in the Shurima Desert, though her exact origins are unknown.
  • A rough translation for her name in ancient Shuriman isn’t known, though chances are it’s something along the lines of “The Scourge of the Desert”.
  • Rek’Sai is, like Vel’Koz, absolutely bloody huge, being bigger than a house.
  • Rek’Sai survived the fall of the Shurima and the Great Darkin War, and became a major threat to Shurima’s scattered people’s with no Ascended to fight her. Beforehand it was likely the Ascended kept her in check.
  • She presides primarily over Sai Kahleek; a desert in south eastern Shurima, bordering on Icathia. Travellers either have to be trained specially to traverse the desert or go hundreds of miles out of their way to avoid it.
  • Rek’Sai has a brood of organisms called the Xer’Sai that originate from her. She is effectively their queen, and the Xer’Sai are not considered Voidborn because they come from her, not the Void.
  • As an aside the name Xer’Sai likely translates to “Little Devils of the Desert” or something close to it. This name has a lot of negative connotations because of Xerath…well…you know why.
  • Rek’Sai doesn’t talk or communicate traditionally, but she is highly intelligent.
  • Rek’Sai’s overall motivation isn’t known, but she definitely has a plan in mind considering…


  • Kai’Sa, originally called Kaisa, is a human woman born in southern Shurima, who’s had a harrowing life.
  • At the age of ten her village had crazy cultists coming around with animals for sacrifice. Kai’Sa freed the goats they had, which then fled in a nearby ravine. This awoke the dormant Void nearby, which then consumed the village.
  • Kaisa survived this, and struggles in the caverns alone as her fellow Shurimans were devoured.
  • Eventually she was found by a Voidborn about her size, which she managed to kill by stabbing it in the heart, the logical way of dealing with any problem. In the scuffle it’s flesh melded with her own, and she was then able to use it to protect herself against other Voidborn.
  • As she continued to survive for years underground the flesh grew with her, taking over more of her skin until it became a second skin. She learned to harness the powers it still held, and her resolve grew.
  • She decided that she would fight the Void’s threats herself to protect what lay above, killing hundreds of Voidborn in the process. She’s now wholly committed to this goal, and stays underground to achieve this, only going above ground very briefly.
  • Kai’Sa is sustained primarily by the suit, as it consumes Voidborn she kills and transfers the energy back to her. She still prefers real food, particularly peaches, a favourite of hers, but it’s mostly inaccessible where she is now.
  • Kai’Sa has never been to the real Void. Where she lives and fights is the cavernous underground of southern Shurima.
  • Most people consider her to be of the Void as most folks don’t know the Void’s intricacies. As such she has basically no one who doesn’t think she’s a monster.


  • Kassadin was an offcast; a child abandoned by their family due to being unable to care for them. He often served as bait for dangerous beasts while travelling across the Great Sai, but eventually became more of a guide.
  • As he gained better work foreigners slurred the term “Kas sai a dyn”, which means “Whom does the desert know?” in to Kassadin, which he took on as his name. He served as a guide and treasure hunter for others, until he found the love of his life at a dig in Zirima; a woman of the desert tribes.
  • They settled in the rocky south of Shurima and had a little girl. He travelled far for his work, including to Piltover, but always returned. One day he returned to his village destroyed, and family missing.
  • Kassadin was destroyed, and spent years drowning his grief in Zirima before he heard of a prophet. They spoke of the Void, and Kassadin remembered the old tales of Icathia. Realizing that if the Void had been called forth once again, then it was likely the reason his village had been destroyed, along with countless others.
  • Kassadin swore revenge against the prophet and the Void itself, and set out to gather tools to help him with that. He called in every favour, found weapons and equipment from Valoran, Zaun, Ionia and who knows where else.
  • He last stole the Nether-Blade of Horok, a relic he still wields, once wielded by the legendary Ascended warrior Horok, who killed a thousand deceivers in the days of the Shuriman Empire, and had spent ages in the caverns beneath Shurima to find the means to fight the Void. The blade’s magic would kill him, but Kassadin was past caring.
  • He’s now ventured back to Icathia, ten years after he lost everything, intent to either get revenge or die trying.
  • The Nether Blade itself isn’t a void weapon, but an exceptionally dangerous magical artifact. It’s been described as being able to make cuts that bleed more and more and would require amputating a limb to remove. It’s naaaaaasty.
  • One artifact he wields is presumably the Void Stone of his passive ability in game, which protects him in the cavernous depths but is also potentially gonna kill him.


  • Malzahar spent his younger years as an orphan on the streets of Amakra (Which I think is due east of the Shuriman capital on the map? Maybe?), and was born with the power of foresight.
  • He read fortunes for scraps of food or coin, but as his visions proved notably accurate his reputation grew, and his patrons more wealthy.
  • Despite this, Malzahar couldn’t see his own future, and became not only disillusioned with his work, but also felt empty after realizing how awful people were to each other day in and day out. He abandoned Amakra.
  • He roamed for years on his own, and ordained futures of terrible corruption and evil engulfing the world. He eventually wandered far enough to find Icathia, and willingly opened his mind to find understanding of the world.
  • The Void answered, and it overtook his mind. In it, he had seen an Abyss that would end all strife and suffering, and began his mission to herald the oblivion of Runeterra to that end. He would save the world.
  • Now he continues his work, showcasing his Void-gifted powers of creating rifts and summoning Voidborn at will. He’s been feeding sacrifices to the Void, giving it more fuel to spread. His words have even unwittingly made the fearful and superstitious play in to his hands and make sacrifices in the hope of staving off the inevitable, only to hasten it along.

Cho’Gath, Kog’Maw and Kha’Zix

  • None of these champions have canon lore at the moment so they’ll sadly have to sit here at the bottom. Nothing much to say really, but here’s the brief summary for them:
  • Cho’Gath is a Voidborn who is the ultimate expression of that reality consuming desire the Void has.
  • Kog’Maw is a young Voidborn that while not inherently evil and a tad naive, is still super dangerous and will definitely eat you.
  • Kha’Zix is an adaptive predator who intelligently hunts his prey to become even more adept at slaying the strong. He has a rivalry with Rengar, taking the vastayan’s eye years ago.

Where Are They Now?

  • Vel’Koz’s most recent story appearance is in “A Different Hunger”, set in the independent nation of Tokogol (It’s between Noxus and the Freljord on the map, take a look), where he gathered information from a group of Tokogolian warriors. Rather than simply eradicate them, he lasered through their left eyes to gain insight in to their memories, effectively lobotomizing them. Vel’Koz did so effortlessly, and fed the information back to his masters.
  • Kai’Sa’s most recent story appearance is in “The Girl Who Came Back”, where she instructed a young Shuriman girl named Illi on how to best deal with the Void; starving it out. Her father came to retrieve her, decrying Kai’Sa as a monster and prompting our heroine to disappear, but the girl was unconvinced and took Kai’Sa’s words to heart.
  • Rek’Sai’s most recent story appearance is in “Sai Kahleek”, where a group of castoffs were trekking across the desert of Sai Kahleek. Despite their best efforts Rek’Sai found them, and killed all but the PoV character Jaheje, who then goes on to train other castoffs on how best to traverse Sai Kahleek. Rek’Sai does something interesting in the story, and pulls a ball of dark energy from the boy Shabib. What exactly this thing is isn’t explored further in the story, but she arranges it in to a pattern and then sets it between burrows, indicating it’s either important to the birthing of Xer’Sai or potentially Rek’Sai creating a rift of some kind. Those are just my take though, feel free to read the story and draw your own conclusion.
  • Kassadin’s most recent story appearance is in “Whom Does the Desert Know?” where he directly fights against Voidborn in the cavernous depths below Shurima. Not much happens in the story, but it gives a lot of insight in to Kassadin and a bunch of history about Horok, at least as far as Kassadin could know.
  • Malzahar, Cho’Gath, Kha’Zix and Kog’Maw have no stories and as such we don’t know what they’ve been doing recently.

And that’s it, everything we know about the Void! If there’s anything I missed, feel free to point it out, I’ll amend as needed or we can just discuss the particulars, that’s fine too. If you managed to read through everything then thanks so much for taking the time to read, and if you’ve skipped to the end that’s fair, thanks for at least giving this a passing look!

If there’s anything you should take away from this it’s the following:

  1. The Void is hella weird and cool
  2. We need more Voidborn champions cuz it’s been nearly 5 years since Rek’Sai who’s only our fifth Voidborn and that makes me sad
  3. Read “Where Icathia Once Stood”. In my opinion it’s one of League’s greatest stories and is the perfect story to illustrate the horrors of the Void.

Thanks for your time and I hope you have a great day, week, months and year!

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