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TL;DR Lore: Timeline of Runeterra

LeagueofLegends2 - TL;DR Lore: Timeline of Runeterra

Hey everyone!

I wanted to try and give you all a overview of the history of Runeterra in a timeline of sorts, so this is my attempt! Tight on words here so just some stuff before we start:

This is framed using the Noxian timeline from Realms of Runeterra. As such events will be dated as either being BN (Before Noxus) or AN (After Noxus). The current year in lore is 996. Some events aren’t discussed here due to a lack of information about when they happened. If it’s not here, that’s likely why.

Anyway, let’s get started!

Pre-Timeline: Pre-Runeterra

  • The Void doesn’t exist.
  • The Celestial Realm comes to be. Aurelion Sol and similar celestial entities are born with it, and go on to shape the Celestial Realm, creating stars and other cosmic wonders.
  • The Watchers become aware of their own sentience and of reality itself, and set about erasing reality. This might be later, as it’s currently unknown if the birth of the Celestial Realm or the creation of Runeterra is what caused it.
  • Bard, Soraka and the Aspects come in to existence at varying, unknown points in time.

Pre-Timeline: Runeterra

  • An unknown group of celestial entities use the World Runes to create the realm of Runeterra. Runeterra is left incomplete, though how, and why, is unknown.
  • Runeterra exists as two realms: the Material Realm and Spirit Realm. The Material Realm is the physical part of Runeterra, composed of elemental magic and the physical world, while the Spirit Realm is its spiritual counterpart, containing the souls of every one, every thing, every place and every feeling. These two realms mirror each other and affect each other.
  • Runeterra’s geography shifts with time, leading to the creation of new landmasses.
  • The God-Willow comes to be in a place called Omikayalan, located in Ionia.
  • Kindred comes to be.
  • The Freljordian demi-gods, among them Ornn, Anivia, Valhir (aka the Volibear), the Iron Boar, the Clever Lynx, the Seal Sister and a currently unidentified two-headed raven, come in to being and shape the ancient Freljord, which was then known as Vorrijaard, before the rise of mortals.
  • Among the mythical feats of the Freljordian demi-gods:
  • It is said that Ornn wrestled the land in to submission.
  • The Volibear cleaved the five fjords of Vorrijaard in to being with a single swipe of his claws, and killed the magma wyrm Rhond, it’s body creating the Wyrmback Mountains and the first river of the Freljord.
  • Ornn created a house for himself, which Anivia accidentally burned down. With the help of the Seal Sister Ornn created his second home: Hearth-home, out of a volcano.
  • The above are mythical events. Whether they actually did, or happened in slightly different ways, is unknown, but both the Freljord’s people and the demi-gods believe they did regardless.
  • Maokai is born along with the Blessed Isles as they are formed from a volcanic eruption at sea. He uses the magical waters beneath the isles to fill them with life.
  • Various sentient species develop cultures and societies across the world, including humans, yordles, trolls, minotaurs, brackern and yeti.
  • Fiddlesticks is summoned in to the Material Realm for the first time by an unknown mage.
  • The mystical, formless essence that would eventually become Evelynn is born.
  • Soraka comes to Runeterra, giving up her celestial immortality for a material form.

10,000 Years Ago (9,000 BN): The Vastayashai’rei

  • A race of titans from beyond the sky (presumably the Celestial Realm) attack Ionia, negatively affecting the balance between the Material and Spirit Realms.
  • Several mortals use knowledge from their ancestors to tap in to the Spirit Realm and draw its power in to themselves, becoming the Vastayashai’rei.
  • They beat back the titanic entities and save Ionia.
  • They return to living among their mortal kin, and breed back in to the mortal population. This creates the vastaya.
  • The Vastayashai’rei’s power eventually dwindles as the balance of the realms is restored, and the vastaya expand across Runeterra in various tribes named after individual Vastayashai’rei. The timeframe for this is unknown.

10,000-9,000 Years Ago

  • Willump, Lissandra and Ivern are born.
  • Gnar comes to live among the yeti.
  • Avarosa, Serylda and Lissandra contend with the Void, Celestial Realm and Spirit Realm respectively as their denizens try to claim Runeterra. Supposedly, the Three Sisters manage to coerce Ornn in to creating the Howling Abyss, and the vast bridge that crosses it. From this Ornn created his own hammer, named Hammer.
  • The newly made nations of mankind throw off the demi-gods. Volibear and the Iron Boar don’t like it and want to destroy them, while Anivia wants to help them. Volibear rallies his wildest and most ferocious of followers, the Ursine, and goes to Ornn to ask for weapons and armour. Ornn refuses, disliking their savagery, and the two fight. The battle winds up destroying the civilization around Hearth-home, collapsing the volcano and killing just about everyone there..
  • Ornn disappears from the material world for eons, while Volibear curses his name, casts off his old armour and wages war against the Three Sisters. He personally strikes down and blinds Lissandra.
  • Lissandra, after having walked in their dreams, makes a pact with the Watchers of the Void to gain a currenty unspecified power to beat back the other realm’s forces. They’re successful. In exchange the three sisters must prepare Runeterra for the Watcher’s coming.
  • They create an empire of iceborn and begin spreading across the world.
  • The three sisters at some point seek out the wisdom of the yeti we know as Willump for unknown reasons.
  • Ivern the Cruel ventures to Ionia to find a power that can defeat them, and arrives at Omikayalan after being guided there by the local Ionians he was attacking. While his crew contends with the Vastayashai’rei, Ivern cuts down the God-Willow. As it dies it's magic infusses and transforms him in to the half tree, half man we know him as now.
  • Ivern spends 100 years in Omikayalan watching the passage of nature and reflecting on his own cruelty. Nature forgives him and sends him out to grow as a person, and later to help humanity grow.

9,000 Years Ago (8,000 BN): War of the Three Sisters

  • The unity of the three sisters fracture and a civil war erupts across the Iceborn empire.
  • The Watchers begin crossing in to Runeterra during the climactic battle at the Howling Abyss. Lissandra sacrifices her people, sisters, and the magic of the yeti to seal the Watchers in a bed of True Ice, where they have remained since.

9,000-7,000 Years Ago

  • The Watchers who didn’t get the chance to try crossing over in to Runeterra are horrified at what happened, and though they're unaware of the specifics, they're very aware of the fact they’ve been betrayed.
  • They realize they can’t just enter Runeterra freely, and create a new plan: create Voidborn to enter Runeterra for them.
  • Vel’Koz is created, and sets out doing what Voidborn do; consuming everything living or magical in its way, eventually growing to become terrifyingly intelligent and powerful. He takes the task of feeding information about the world back to the Watchers, to keep them informed.
  • Lissandra sets out to changing the Freljord’s history to cover up what she did, erasing the stories and myths of the old gods, and establishing a new religion to further weaken them. This religion is called The Faith of the Three.
  • The Volibear resists Lissandra's plot and refuses to be forgotten, though most of the Freljord’s gods aren’t so lucky.
  • Gnar is trapped in the bed of True Ice along with the Watchers, and remains there for eons.
  • The yeti become savage beasts without their magic, ending their civilization.
  • Willump is the only yeti to keep his magic, so he guards what little remains of the yeti’s ancient power from then on. People try to claim it from him, resulting in him transforming in to a brutish monster like his kin. He would endure like this for millennia.

7,000 Years Ago (6,000 BN): The Western Diaspora

  • Mortals from the far east (Beyond the map of the known world) expand across the south of the known world, establishing new civilizations. Among them are Ixtal, Buhru, Helia, Kalduga, Kahleek, Icathia, Faraj and the Ascetics of Targon. Most of these nations are on the southern continent, which they call “Shurima”.

7,000-6,000 Years Ago

  • The Helians encounter Maokai, and promise to preserve nature as they build their civilization. Maokai gives them his blessing and they follow through, building a scholarly society that would endure for thousands of years.
  • Janna is born by the prayers and hopes of sailors among the new peoples of Shurima.
  • The city of Oshra Va’Zaun is built. Janna is particularly revered here.
  • Vel’Koz becomes known to the people of Shurima as a demon from the underworld that steals the dreams of wise men. In this time knowledge of the Void is limited, so Vel'Koz's true nature is unknown to them.
  • The mortal civilizations of the diaspora become aware of the brackern, but the brackern are distrustful.
  • At some point the brackern decide to nope out of mortal conflicts and hibernate, figuring they’ll outlive the mortals constant warring. The timeframe for this is unknown, but as we currently don’t know of any ancient Shuriman Empire history concerning the brackern, it’s likely it was before or during the early days of the Shuriman Empire.
  • Aurelion Sol is tricked by the Aspects in to coming to Runeterra fully, and their mortal aides from Targon gift him both his name and a crown of stars. The crown allows the Aspects to steal knowledge of Runeterra’s sun from him, as well as keeping him away from Runeterra while forcing him to do their bidding.
  • Some of the mortal civilizations have the idea to unify as a singular force: The Shuriman Empire. The religious peoples of Targon are given guidance by the Aspects to this end, while Ixtal serves as one of its principal founders.
  • With the help of Targon they begin constructing a prototype of an artifact known as the Sun Disc above the city of Nerimazeth.
  • The story “Twin Dawns” happens.
  • While the prototype Sun Disc is being built Pantheon, with a human female host, calls Aurelion Sol to Runeterra to deal with an incursion of Voidborn. He does, obliterating the rift creating them and Pantheon’s mortal host. In retribution the Aspects kill a star in the Celestial Realm.

6,000 Years Ago (5,000 BN): Founding of Shurima

  • The Shuriman Empire is officially founded
  • The Nerimazeth Sun Disc fails for unknown reasons. The new City of Shurima has a new Sun Disc built above it, which stands there after and the city becomes the new capital. The consequences of the original Sun Disc failing are unknown.
  • The Sun Disc allows mortals to be transformed in to mighty god-warriors known as the Ascended, who take after cultural ideas about the celestial concepts the Ascended are infused with.
  • The Ascended are organized in to the Ascended Host; an army that then goes out securing the Empire’s dominance.

6,000-3,500 Years Ago

  • Rammus and Amumu enter the culture and history of Shurima, though their actual history is unknown.
  • Setaka becomes the leader of the Ascended Host.
  • Aatrox is born and later becomes an Ascended.
  • Icathia is conquered despite Mage-King Axamuk’s appeals for peace. Axamuk is killed and his Kohari order all commit honorable suicide
  • Worship of beings that aren't approved by the Empire is forbidden and suppressed. Janna falls victim to this, but Oshra Va’Zaun keeps worshipping her in secret.
  • Saijax is born. His father was alive when Icathia was conquered, and told him of what happened.
  • Nasus and Renekton are likely born somewhere between 3,850 and 3,830 years ago.
  • Renekton earns the title of “Gatekeeper of Shurima” after his legendary defense of the city of Zuretta.
  • Nasus and Renekton become Ascended around 3,800 years ago.
  • Nasus and Renekton get in to a spat during their conquest of Nashramae when Renekton led warriors to mercilessly slaughter the city’s defenders. Renekton reflects, and is ashamed because of his actions.
  • Nasus discovers the Tomb of the Emperors beneath the City of Shurima.
  • Zilean is born.
  • Varus is born.
  • An earthquake occurs in the Icathian province of Saabera, revealing some currently unknown thing that has ties to the Void. The Icathians plot to use this as a weapon to claim their independence.

3,500 Years Ago (2,500 BN): Rebellion of Icathia

  • The Icathians crown a new Mage King and openly rebel against the Shuriman Empire.
  • The story “Where Icathia Once Stood” happens.
  • Against an army of 10,000 soldiers and 9 Ascended the Icathians unleash the Void, unwittingly dooming their entire civilization.
  • Setaka and numerous other Ascended die.
  • Zilean saves some Icathians by displacing his tower in time, but in the process traps them all in stasis, which he is still trying to fix.
  • Saijax goes to commit suicide, but finds an elemental brazier that is resistant to the Void. He is inspired by it and leaves with it.
  • Rek’Sai is created.
  • Ixtal draws the jungles around them using elemental magic to keep the Void at bay. They begin growing more distant from the rest of the empire, eventually leaving it entirely. As far as Ixtal was concerned from that point on, the rest of the world had been consumed by the Void.
  • Varus chooses duty over family and protects a temple, though this leads to his home being eradicated by the Void. Varus would later be chosen to become an Ascended, though when is unknown.
  • Aatrox, Nasus and Renekton fight against the Voidborn incursion alongside the rest of the Ascended Host
  • Ne’Zuk of Ixtal, with the aid of numerous other Ixtali Ascended and momentous slave labour creates the Monolith; a titanic flying city of elemental stone to fight the Void.
  • The Monolith is eventually brought down, opening up a huge crater that exposes the underground caverns, and by extension the Void, to the surface. Ne’Zuk is the only survivor. Most of the Monolith is lost in the Void, but some shards are broken off and land away from it. All but one of these shards are eaten away by the Void. This final, untouched shard becomes Malphite some centuries later.
  • The Ascended Horok delves in to the cavernous underground beneath Icathia to discover how to beat it. He takes this information back to the rest of the Ascended Host.
  • The Ascended scoured Icathia’s lands, starving out the Void and sealing its greatest rifts. The Void was ultimately defeated.
  • Those Voidborn that survived fell in to a dormant state, awaiting new organic matter to come by to reawaken them.
  • The Ascended were all deeply traumatized by the conflict. They weren't "corrupted" by it; their trauma was all rooted in them still having mortal minds, and thus suffering from the same problems as mortal do, when faced with the reality of what they fought and what they had to do to stop it.

3,500-3,000 Years Ago

  • Nasus buries Setaka in a tomb with the Chalicar and doesn’t reveal its location to anyone.
  • Azir and Xerath are born.
  • Xerath is claimed as a slave by Renekton’s warhost at Nerimazeth along with his parents.
  • Azir and Xerath meet, strike up a friendship, and Azir gives Xerath his name. Azir then takes Xerath as his personal slave and promises he will free Xerath in the future.
  • Renekton directly trains Azir throughout his life, teaching him martial skills, battle tactics and many of the skills he would need for commanding armies.
  • The royal family is attacked on a trip around the Empire. The Emperor is protected by Renekton, while Xerath and Azir fend off those attacking them, but all of Azir’s brothers die. Azir was 15 at the time.
  • Azir’s father hates Azir, and tries to have new heirs. If such a thing was to happen Azir’s life would be forfeit, so Xerath uses dark magic to make Azir’s mother miscarry multiple times. Eventually Xerath straight up murders Azir's mother and father, leaving Azir the chance to become Emperor.
  • Xerath is resentful over Azir having seemingly forgotten his promise and decides to claim his own freedom by stealing Ascension for himself. He convinces Azir to undergo the ritual and causes a distraction so Nasus and Renekton are absent for the event.
  • In reality Azir was trying to figure out how best to do things, as slavery had been a halmark of their empire for so long it might cost him his life if he missteped. He agrees with Xerath's plans because he believes, by becoming one of the Ascended, none would question his abolishment of slavery, and he'd lead Shurima in to a new golden age.

3,000 Years Ago (2,000 BN): The Fall of Shurima

  • The story “Unbound” happens.
  • Xerath steals the Ascension of Azir, killing Azir, destroying the City of Shurima, breaking the Sun Disc and killing everyone in the city.
  • Nasus and Renekton fight Xerath but can’t beat him. They trap him in a magic sarcophagus and Renekton drags him in to the Tomb of the Emperors, where Nasus seals them away.
  • The Shuriman Empire crumbles as the Ascended Host can’t keep it together.
  • Somehow, Azir’s bloodline survives, and continues on despite what happens. How specifically this happened is unknown.

3,000-1,550 Years Ago

  • With no guiding purpose and still traumatized by the war with the Void, the Ascended start warring amongst themselves.
  • They expand well beyond Shurima to conquer other lands and mortal peoples, expanding this war beyond the known war. They become known as the Darkin.
  • The Darkin began dabbling in long forbidden techniques of flesh shaping and blood magic, allowing them to reshape themselves as even more deadly beings.
  • Aatrox, Rhaast and Varus all become Darkin.
  • Nasus, grieving about what he had to do with Renekton, grows depressed and goes in to self imposed exile.
  • Horok is betrayed by another Ascended named Ne’Zuk and killed. He is buried with his Nether Blade, but his other gauntlet is claimed by Ne’Zuk.
  • Ne'Zuk is presumed to have died at some point during this time.
  • The city of Oshra Va’Zaun is protected by Janna from the Darkin. Yes she did indeed do this. You’re not reading it wrong. Janna is infact stupid powerful in universe.
  • Ixtal remains protected by the jungles and their elemental magic, and so survives the Great Darkin War.
  • Vladimir is offered to the Darkin by his kingly father as a hostage to secure his throne. His Darkin master lets him learn blood magic. He earned a favoured spot in the Darkin’s warhost and was a tyrant.
  • Nasus kills the Darkin Moneerah when they try to get in to Nashramae’s old ruined library. This is one of the only known times Nasus was active during the entire Darkin War.

1,550 Years Ago (550 BN): The End of the Great Darkin War

  • The Aspects are forced to intervene, and begin planning to take down the Darkin.
  • The story “Twilight of the Gods” happens
  • The Aspect of Twilight, within the host Myisha, works with a Darkin named Ta’anari to reclaim the Chalicar. Twilight then uses Ta’anari and the Chalicar in experiments that lead to Targon’s solution: sealing some of the Darkin in their own weapons, and leading mortals to reclaim Runeterra.
  • Aatrox, Rhaast, Varus, an unnamed female Darkin and at least one other Darkin are imprisoned, and wielded against the others. Varus is wielded by a flame-haired Warrior Queen.
  • Pantheon leads the mortal armies and the Darkin are defeated.
  • The Darkin weapons are unable to be destroyed as a result of how they were made, so they are instead sealed away across Runeterra.
  • Vladimir kills his master and goes on his own path, believing he can become a god.

1,550-1,400 Years Ago

  • Mortals start getting back on their feet again, founding new nations and tribes.
  • Veigar joins a group of mortal sorcerers delving in to knowledge of the Celestial Realm.

1,400 Years Ago (400 BN): Mordekaiser’s Return

  • Sahn Uzal contacts a group of sorcerers, and is restored as a revenant. Under his Ochnun name Mordekaiser he then begins creating an empire of undeath, which endures for 300 years.

1,400-1,100 Years Ago

  • Mordekaiser creates his fortress of the Immortal Bastion, where he does a lot of his dark sorcery.
  • Mordekaiser binds Veigar to the Material Realm and tortures him constantly, forcing him to perform profane acts.
  • LeBlanc is a part of Mordekaiser’s inner circle, and plots to betray him.
  • Vladimir terrorizes the coasts of eastern Valoran, demanding sacrifices from the locals like some dark god. LeBlanc approaches him and they forge a pact.

1,100-1,021 Years Ago

  • The united Noxii tribes fight against Mordekaiser and, due to LeBlanc’s betrayal, are able to best him.
  • The Noxii claim the Immortal Bastion for themselves and colonized the surrounding lands.
  • LeBlanc keeps the stuff in the Bastion a secret from the Noxii
  • Veigar flees, though now thoroughly warped and twisted by what happened to him. He begins pursuing his goal of becoming the greatest terror Runeterra had ever seen, though his good nature still shows itself as he often ends up defeating great monsters or horrible tyrants and sorcerers who would be worse to people than Veigar ever could.
  • Mordekaiser is returned to the Spirit Realm, but he has used his powers to keep those he killed from passing on. He begins using their souls to create his new realm of death: Mitna Rachnun.
  • The man who would become the Ruined King, and his wife, are both born.
  • Kalista, Hecarim, Ledros are born in an unnamed kingdom.
  • Yorick is born on the Blessed Isles.
  • Ryze is born to the Noxii tribes.
  • Mihira and Kilam are born.
  • Hecarim becomes the leader of the Iron Order by leaving it’s prior leader to die.
  • Kalista and Ledros become high ranking members of the king’s military.
  • Ledros professes his feelings for Kalista, but she can’t reciprocate.
  • Yorick joins the Brotherhood of Dusk due to his unique ability to commune with the dead, but finds himself scorned because with this ability he is able to prove and disprove certain aspects of their religion. He bears a vial of life giving water sourced from the pools beneath the Isles.
  • The soon-to-be Ruined King’s empire is attacked by assassins, and his wife poisoned. His niece Kalista goes out to find the Blessed Isles and their magic waters to heal her.
  • The queen dies and the king goes mad with grief. His general Hecarim feeds in to this madness so the king will send him out on wars so he can kill people for his own enjoyment.

1,021 Years Ago (25 BN): The Ruination

  • Kalista returns too late, Hecarim convinces her to bring them to the Isles anyway.
  • The Helians tell him they can’t do anything for the queen so the king orders them killed. Hecarim betrays Kalista and Ledros and the king is led by Thresh to the blessed waters of the Isles.
  • The king puts his wife in the waters, which results in the Ruination. The mists surrounding the Isles become the Black Mist, and trap all souls within as unliving beings.
  • Thresh, Kalista, Hecarim, Ledros and the king, now the Ruined King, are raised as spectres of the Black Mist.
  • Maokai draws some of the still pure waters in to himself. The mist twists his body, but his heartwood is kept safe, so he survives.
  • Yorick survives because of the vial of waters from around his neck, but the Mist clings to him.
  • A group of survivors found the Sentinels of Light, spread across the world and pledge to fight the Mist wherever it appears.

1,009 Years Ago (13 BN): The Rune Wars

  • With Helia no longer able to keep knowledge of them secure, information about the World Runes starts spreading across Runeterra.
  • Ryze and his master Tyrus try to appeal for peace and claim the Runes for safe keeping, but war erupts that nearly destroys the world.
  • The entire region where Ryze’s home village of Khom once stood is turned in to a crater by World Rune usage.
  • Tyrus keeps going but eventually can’t resist the Rune’s power, and Ryze has to kill him, secure more World Runes on his own.
  • Ryze starts hiding the World Runes around Runeterra again.
  • The Noxii tribes hide out in the Immortal Bastion to stay safe. The Bastion stands despite the chaos of the wars.
  • Shadow mages create constructs within the Spirit Realm to wage war with. This results in Nocturne, who becomes self aware and kills them in retribution, but is ultimately trapped in his current state and has to use the dreams of mortals to have agency.
  • The collective torment of the Rune Wars causes Evelynn to be truly born as a full on demon.
  • Mihira and Kilam ascend Mount Targon, and Mihira is chosen to become the Aspect of Justice. She is pregnant with twin daughters, Kayle and Morgana, who become naturally magical due to this.
  • Refugees led by Orlon flee mages in to a forest of petrified trees. These trees seemingly nullify, allowing them to turn the tables.
  • Along the way Poppy joins Orlon’s knights and becomes a close friend of his
  • Orlon founds a fledgling nation called Demacia, and accepts refugees from all across Runeterra.
  • The Demacians figure that they can use the bark of the trees from before to make a stone called petricite, with the same properties. They use this to build their structures.
  • Mihira begins merging with the Aspect fully, and Kilam takes Kayle and Morgana to Demacia in fear.
  • LeBlanc disappears from history for a time.
  • A group of sorcerers venture through the jungles of Shurima and are attacked by the flowers within the Garden of Zyr. The magic unleashed destroys the area and irradiates it with magic. Centuries later Zyra would emerge from this land; a result of this magical catastrophe.
  • The Rune Wars end after a period of roughly ten years. The specifics as to why and how are unknown. A vast number of nations are decimated, with the survivors having to rebuild.
  • Kled leaves Bandle City behind to live among the Noxii tribes.

996 Years Ago (Year 0): Founding of Noxus

  • Three years after the end of the Rune Wars, the Noxii tribes pull together as a single people: Noxus. With their nearby lands barren and poor for farming or any kind of natural resources, they begin setting out to claim new territories.

996-704 Years Ago

  • The Battle of Drugne occurs, where a Noxian warhost faces a barbarian horde. Outnumbered and with their leader being useless as military commanders all seems lost, but then Kled and Skaarl enter the fray for the first time. The battle ends in victory for Noxus and both Kled and Skaarl are immortalized within Noxian culture from then on. The two also proceed to join every military campaign ever waged by Noxus.
  • LeBlanc and her organization, the Black Rose, begin working behind the scenes in Noxus, subtly twisting the fledgling nation for their own ends.
  • Kayle and Morgana receive their mother’s sword directly from the heavens and it splits in two. Both twins sprout a pair of wings as a result. The sword's arrival is implied to be a sign of some dire portent within the Celestial Realm, but beyond that nothing else is known.
  • Kayle and Morgana become figures in Demacian society, contrasting but ultimately trusting each other.
  • Kayle’s ally Ronas distrusts Morgana, and tries to take her in to custody. Morgana uses her magic to bind him, which kills him. Kayle, enraged, fights Morgana, and the two lay waste to the Great City of Demacia, resulting in numerous deaths, including their father Kilam.
  • Kayle realizes what she has done and heads for Mount Targon. Her aim is to reach the Celestial Realm to rid herself of her humanity so she can be a completely unbiased judge. Morgana, bitter at what transpired, recedes from society. The two are remembered as mythical figures, with Kayle being synchronized with The Protector while Morgana is known as the Veiled Lady.
  • Orlon dies, and passes on his hammer to Poppy, saying it was never meant for him. Poppy doesn’t realize it’s meant for her, and so vows to go and find the “hero”.

704 Years Ago (292 AN): Demacian Royalty

  • Demacia crowns its first king. This isn’t to say that Demacia didn’t have leaders beforehand, but it’s at this point a true monarchy is established.

647 Years Ago (349 AN): The Noxian Empire

  • After a series of forced annexations and the fall of the Drakkengate, the noble houses of Noxus swear to unify all of Runeterra under the banner of what will become known as the Noxian Empire.
  • A “Grand General” is elected to serve as the primary military leader of Noxus.

224 Years Ago (772 AN): Tragedy of the River Pilt

  • To open a reliable trade route between the east and west of both Valoran and Shurima, Zaun plans to use chemtech to blow a hole in the isthmus connecting the two continents, opening a sea lane.
  • The plan works, but in a freak accident way more of isthmus is destroyed than intended, sinking large parts of Zaun and killing thousands.
  • The people in unison offer their prayers to Janna to save them. Before this worship of her had waned significantly, diminishing her, but with this surge of belief she returns, empowered, and saves thousands.
  • The date of this event, while a tragedy for Zaun, would later become a national holiday in Piltover known as Progress Day; the day the Sun Gates opened and riches began flowing in earnest.

209 Years Ago (787 AN): Bilgewater

  • With Piltover’s boom comes a boom in piracy. This leads to many being stranded around the Serpent Isles. The people of Buhru allow them to stay, and Bilgewater is founded.
  • The River King makes his way to Bilgewater after his stay in the Serpentine Delta, earning his current name: Tahm Kench. He will later find his way to Piltover.

Around 200-140 Years Ago (780-720 AN): Ferros and the brackern

  • This is an estimate based on Camille’s estimated age and that of her great great aunt, who was alive during this time.
  • The Ferros Clan in Piltover sets out and eventually discovers the brackern slumbering in the Crystal Scar. They begin attacking them with explosives and ripping out their lifestones.
  • Skarner resists the attack and lashes out, killing dozens of humans in the process. He tries to wake his kin but their shared trauma is too great for any of them to awaken, and those without stones that do wake up quickly die. Skarner sets out to recover the lifestones.
  • The story “Dreamsong” happens, several days/weeks after the attack.
  • These gems become the origin of hextech, though how long after is unknown.

87 Years Ago (899 AN): The Delverhold and Noxus

  • The Delverhold citystate swears its allegiance to the Emperor of Noxus.

24 Years Ago (972 AN): Irelia

  • Irelia is born in to the Xan family in Navori, Ionia.

23 Years Ago (973 AN): Taliyah

  • Taliyah of the Nasaaj is born to the Nasaaj tribe in Shurima.

22 Years Ago (974 AN): Basilich and Noxus

  • The territory of Basilich swears fealty to Noxus. Darius, Draven and their childhood friend Quiletta are conscripted as soldiers.

19 Years Ago (977 AN): Akali

  • Mayym Jhomen Tethi and her partner Tahno, both members of the Kinkou Order have a child: Akali.

19 Years Ago (977 AN): The Golden Demon

  • Master Kusho of the Kinkou Order, alongside Shen and Zed, begin investigating the mysterious golden demon.

19 Years Ago (977 AN): Darius and Quiletta

  • Darius rendezvous with Quiletta and they share an intimate moment. Following this they are both sent to distant parts of the empire as part of their military obligations.

19 Years Ago (977 AN): Lux

  • Lux is born to the Crownguard family.

18 Years Ago (978 AN): Invetia

  • Quiletta gives birth to a girl named Invetia.

16 Years Ago (980 AN): Khada Jhin

  • Master Kusho, Shen and Zed set a trap and finally manage to catch the golden demon that they now know as Jhin. Kusho orders Jhin to be incarcerated in Tuula prison.

15 Years Ago (982 AN): Demacian Heart

  • After an incident involving a magical girl and the unintended deaths of two mageseekers, Sylas is forced in to hiding, but is ultimately incarcerated by the Mageseekers.

12 Years Ago (984 AN): The Invasion of Ionia

  • Noxus begins its invasion of Ionia, scouring the western regions of the Navori province, along with other areas.

12-10 Years Ago (980-984 AN): The Yanlei

  • Zed taps in to the Tears of Shadow, gaining the ability to use shadow magic. For this he is exiled from the Kinkou by Master Kusho. Zed begins making a new order called the Yanlei to fight Noxus.

10 Years Ago (986 AN): Splintering of the Kinkou

  • After the Siege of Thanze, Zed returns to the Kinkou to claim the Tears of Shadow, so the Yanlei can better fight Noxus. He manages to convince Kusho of his plans, and they orchestrate Kusho's faked murder.
  • The Order of Shadows, claims the Temple of Thanjuul and offers some of the Kinkou the chance to join them. Some do, some don’t, many die. The surviving Kinkou flee to Shon-Xan to regroup.
  • Shen becomes the new Eye of Twilight for the Kinkou. Kennen and Mayym are still alive and serving the Kinkou at this time. Akali is nine years old.
  • Kusho goes on to lead the Navori Brotherhood, though the specifics are when are unknown.

10 Years Ago (986 AN): Great Stand of the Placidium

  • Jericho Swain, with the aid of some disenfranchised vastaya who willingly turned to join Noxus, the Placidium of Navori is claimed.
  • Swain holds the citizens hostage to lure other Ionians in to a trap.
  • One of the hostages, Irelia, manages to get free, greivously wounds Swain and saves the Placidium.
  • Swain’s vastayan allies are killed.
  • Swain is disgraced publicly for this defeat, and returns to Noxus, but becomes aware the Black Rose is still around and starts planning.

10 Years Ago (986 AN): The Bow, and the Kunai

  • The story “The Bow and the Kunai” occurs.

9 Years Ago (987 AN): Chemical Weapons in Ionia

  • One Commander Emystan approaches Singed and procures the Mad Chemist's help in creating chem-tech weapons to use against the Ionians.
  • Darius and Quiletta witness the aftermath of a Zaunite alchymist’s chemical weapons being used against Ionia’s defenders.
  • Some months later Darius and Quiletta leave Ionia. Quiletta’s right arm has to be amputated due to chem-poisoning.

12-7 Years Ago (984-989 AN): The Invasion Continues

  • Most events during the Ionian Invasion have no specific dates, so this part will just consolidate them.
  • Wukong goes in to hiding after being attacked by Noxians in Zhyun.
  • Udyr and Lee Sin protect the Shojin Monastery from Noxian invaders. In the process Lee Sin invokes the dragon spirit and his eyes are burned out, but the Noxians are routed.
  • The village of Wuju is obliterated by Noxus after Master Yi and other Wuju disciples joined the war effort. Master Yi is the last survivor of the village of Wuju.
  • Riven witnesses atrocities as Zaunite mercenaries use chemtech against the Ionians, with such an attack leaving her own regiment destroyed as well. She seeks atonement from one Master Souma, but as he tries to break her sword as part of this, a shard of it impales and kills him. She goes awol, eventually coming to live on a farm alongside an old couple named Shava and Asa.
  • Yasuo goes to help the war effort but Elder Souma is killed in his absence. Due to the circumstances of his death, it is assumed that Yasuo killed him, when it was in fact an accident. Yasuo is forced to go on the run and eventually has to kill his brother Yone to save himself.
  • The story “The Bird and the Branch” starts.
  • Taliyah is found by Noxus and quickly conscripted in to the military. She is sent to Ionia but is unwilling to kill, and as such is left to die. She survives and meets Yasuo, who then becomes her teacher.

7 Years Ago (989 AN): Alistar’s Freedom

  • A servant girl named Ayelia helps Alistar escape his life of slavery in Noxus. Due to the interference of Noxian agents, the two are separated on their way to a barge that would take them to safety. Alistar fends off the attackers, but Ayelia’s fate is unknown.

7 Years Ago (989 AN): Swain’s Coup

  • Still in disgrace, Swain plots an overthrow of Boram Darkwill to take Noxus and restore it to its former glory.
  • They manage to get Urgot, chief headsman of Noxus and a supporter of Darkwill, out of Noxus and incarcerated in Zaun.
  • With the help of Draven and some unspecified support from General Du couteau he is successful, killing Boram and becoming the new ruler of Noxus.
  • Swain throws out the idea of Noxian emperors and installs the Trifarix; a group of three leaders representing the three principles of Noxus. After some work he gets Darius and an unknown individual known as The Faceless to join him.

7 Years Ago (989 AN): The Invasion’s End

  • A full retreat from Ionia is called. The war ends.
  • Irelia claims victory at the Dalu Bay and kills the general who killed her family.

7 Years Ago (989 AN): Shurima’s Rebirth

  • Because of the coup, Cassiopeia’s mum pressures her to find Shurima’s old god-like powers. Cassiopeia had already been searching with the help of Sivir, and they decide to head for the old capital.
  • Cassiopeia betrays Sivir, stabbing her in the back and using the Chalicar to open the Tomb of the Emperors, unwittingly freeing Xerath and a now insane Renekton. For her efforts, Cassiopeia is bitten by the magical tomb guardian, transforming in to her current snake self.
  • Sivir’s blood triggers ancient magic within the city. This resurrects Azir and he takes Sivir’s body to the restored Oasis of the Dawn, saving her life. Azir is granted his long denied Ascension, which he uses to restore the city.
  • Sivir flees the city, Xerath heads for Nerimazeth to set up a base of operations, and Azir pieces together how he died.

8-6 Years Ago (988-990 AN): Warmother

  • The comic series "Ashe: Warmother" happens.

7-6 Years Ago (989-990 AN): Rise of the Ascended

  • Following the restoration of Shurima, the following stories occur:
  • “Ourobouros”
  • “Darkness Renews”
  • “Water”
  • “The Bird and the Branch” ends.

6 Years Ago (990 AN): Bloodline

  • The following stories occur:
  • “Bloodline”
  • “Homecoming” (Taliyah Cinematic)
  • “Echoes in the Stone”
  • “Confessions of a Broken Blade”
  • “Flesh and Stone”

6 Years Ago (990 AN): Senna is Slain

  • Senna and Lucian confront Thresh, resulting in Senna’s death. Lucian only finds out what happened to her soul some time later during “Shadow and Fortune”.

3 Years Ago (990 AN): Garen in the Vanguard

  • Garen is inducted in to the Dauntless Vanguard. Lux, 16 at the time, is at the ceremony with their parents.

996 AN: Now

  • The following stories happen:

  • “Darius: Blood of Noxus”

  • “The Whispering Doodad”

  • “The Principles of Strength”

  • "Sisterhood of War"

  • “LUX and Aftermath”

  • “The Recruit”

  • “Turmoil”

  • “For Demacia”

  • “The Weight of Expectations”

  • “Terror in Demacia”

  • “Voices”

  • “The Shackles of Belief”

  • “Son of Ur”

  • “Child of Zaun, Warriors 2020 – Piltover/Zaun Section”

  • “Warriors 2020 – Shurima Section”

  • “Leaving Weh’le”

  • “ZED, The Man with the Steel Cane, Awaken 2019 (Jhin & Camille section)”

  • “Irelia: The Blade Dancer”

  • “Perennial”

  • “Dark Passage, The Climb, Shadow’s Embrace”

  • “The Voices of the Dead”

  • “Silence for the Damned”

???: The Future

  • Warriors 2020 – Demacia Section
  • Awaken 2019 – Ionia and Noxian Sections
  • Sisterhood of War Parts 2-?

And that should be everything that I can reasonably time-line in here.

I hope you enjoyed! If there’s anything outstanding here that you’re curious about, feel free to ask; it’s likely either something I can try and extrapolate about, or something I forgot because I’m an idiot.

Regardless, I hope you have a great day!

TL;DR: …yeah no. Sorry!

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