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tl;dr’s of ALL of League of Legends’ skin-based alternate universes (there’s many more than you probably think!)

LeagueofLegends6 - tl;dr's of ALL of League of Legends' skin-based alternate universes (there's many more than you probably think!)

I see a lot of on/off interest in this sub of League's alternate universes, mostly prominent ones like Star Guardian, PROJECT, and Odyssey, but I'm not entirely sure that everyone's aware that there's a toooooon of expansive lore for these sorts of things in the form of in-client bios and occasionally some supplementary side-stories or promotional blurbs for when they hit the stores.
Category:Alternate Universe - tl;dr's of ALL of League of Legends' skin-based alternate universes (there's many more than you probably think!)

The League of Legends wiki compiles them all, but they aren't heavily advertised, and it turns out that most (I'm thinking at least 70%) of all skins in the game are tied to an alternate timeline/universe, of which there are dozens with varying amounts of content each.

So just for entertainment and because I'm a big fan of League's AUs, I'm gonna give a tldr of all of them within a few sentences (I'll inevitably leave a lot of cool stuff out because there's just so much to get through, so if any catch your interest,
Category:Alternate Universe - tl;dr's of ALL of League of Legends' skin-based alternate universes (there's many more than you probably think!)

I highly recommend you check the wiki out for more detail):

As of Feb. 2019:

  • Academy (All "Academy" skins, Professor Ryze, and Headmaster Fiora): Basically a high school AU, and the quartet are a bunch of troublemakers in Valoran High. Adapted into a cute and officially-endorsed fancomic called "
    academy adventures 3 - tl;dr's of ALL of League of Legends' skin-based alternate universes (there's many more than you probably think!)

    Academy Adventures", currently up to 3 series.
  • Arcade (All "Arcade" and "Battle Boss" skins, including Final Boss Veigar): A bunch of gaming champions were sucked into the Arcade World, where the fourth-wall code-ripping Final Boss Veigar and his army of rogue video game bosses intends to take over. Joined by a bunch of other native video game characters, our heroes are out to stop him.

  • Arclight (All "Arclight" and "Justicar" skins): Arclight Vel'Koz is a divine and just god of light, and once every 1000 years, he chooses a warrior he deems worthy to serve as one of his immortal agents of Arclight to defend the world against darkness.

  • Arctic Ops (All "Arctic Ops/Warfare" skins, as well as any "Northern Front/Storm" skins): Basically takes place in an arctic modern military setting, where the champions are soldiers working for High Command.

  • Battlecast (All "Battlecast" skins, "Resistance" skins, and Creator Viktor): A crapsack future where Viktor became an evil transhuman robot overlord who leads an army of killer robots and roboticizes everyone to be under his control, but there's a small resistance participated by Illaoi and Caitlyn to fight him.

  • Blood Moon (All "Blood Moon" skins): Based on the Ionian Blood Moon event (every year, it goes red and legends say that demons unleash on the world), the line is comprised of evil masked demons and the cultists who summon them (led by Blood Moon Twisted Fate).

  • Burning Tides (pretty much every pirate skin, including "Dark Waters" skins): Based on Bilgewater. While a few skins are based on canonical appearances at some points in time (Captain Gangplank/Miss Fortune, Cutthroat Graves, and Cutpurse TF), the rest are based on if they decided to become pirates.

  • Cops and Robbers: Split into four subdivisions: Main C&R (every Officer-based skin, Pickpocket Twitch and Safecracker Eve) with a funny blurb series of Trundle and Voli trying to catch Twitch and Eve, as well as a Riot-endorsed fancomic "Punches and Plants" that stars Vi and Zyra as buddy cops that's up to 2 series, Crime City (every "Mafia", "Gangster", or similar-looking skin) which is a three-way gang war between Miss Fortune, Graves, and Twitch, Riot (all "Riot" skins) and Secret Agent (both "Secret Agent" skins), sadly neither of which have substantial lore.

  • Culinary Masters (all chef-themed skins, as well as Pizza Delivery Sivir and Birdio): Most of it is framed around an Iron Chef/Masterchef-style cooking competition TV show, while Sivir and Galio are in a rivalry as to who's the better employee for their respective company (respectively a pizza delivery girl and a regional store manager wearing a silly costume)

  • Dragon World (all "Dragonslayer", "Dragon Trainer" and "Dragon Knight/Master/Sorceress" skins): Takes place ages after dragons run amok and have already consumed the world in flames. Champions are either evildoers who serve the dragons, slayers who fight them, and trainers who try and befriend them.

  • Eclipse (Eclipse Leona, as well as all Coven, Elderwood, Death Blossom, and other high fantasy/fae skins): A chivalric romance fantasy where Leona's was blessed with esoteric knight powers and swears to protect nature, there's a grand forest of elderwood spirits who've become reclusive as humanity gets darker, and a Coven who wants to summon the return of their ancient dead gods of darkness.

  • Event Horizon (all “Cosmic ___" and "Dark Star" skins): Beings corrupted by The Singularity and serve for cosmic destruction in name of the Dark Star, and entities of sublime love and starlight who serve to protect the cosmos against them.

  • Fables (any skins based on folklore or real-world mythology): Not exactly a fully cohesive universe with single driving story, but most of the lore blurbs are pretty cute and funny.

  • Guardians of the Sands (all "Guardians of the Sands" skins, Risen Fiddlesticks, and Sand Wraith Pyke): Once upon a time, some impatient child emperor of Shurima tried to summon Fiddlesticks for power. He proceeded to destroy the kingdom. Guardians of the Sands are spirits summoned to protect the Shuriman tombs.

  • Harrowing: Split into three categories: Trick-o-Treat (most goofy or lighthearted Halloween skins) is just has a bunch of champs running around having fun for the season, Death Sworn (All "Death Sworn", "Reaper", or "Underworld" skins) is based around the titular cult who worship Death and want to subjugate the living, and Zombies Vs. Slayers (all "Zombie" and both "Slayer" skins) which takes place during a rad zombie apocalypse, with Jinx and Pantheon having zombie-killing adventures.

  • Headhunter *(all "Headhunter" skins): All the champs are basically alien predators who seek to hunt for sport like Predator. Derr.

  • Heartbreakers (all "Heartseeker/breaker/piercer" and "Sweetheart" skins): Champions are from a world of love led by Ashe, "the Queen of Hearts", and seek to give everyone the gift of romance. Their weapons channel love and inflict physical pain, because love hurts.

  • Hextech (all "Hextech" skins): Based on an alternate Piltover/Zaun where hextech is far more commonplace and advanced, with everyone being specialists in or made of the stuff.

  • High Noon Gothic (all "High Noon" and vaguely cowboy, desert, and western-themed skins): Takes place in a fantastical western setting, mostly around the town of Progress (ruled by Sheriff Caitlyn). Most prominent story surrounds Lucian, who lost half his soul in a deal with Thresh, and now seeks to hunt him down and end him for good.

  • Immortal Journey (all wuxia-themed : Takes place in an ancient Chinese-inspired epic fantasy world. Yi and Fiora are searching for an immortality-granting jade sword protected by Janna, and Lee Sin and Jax have become One Punch Man.

  • Infernal (every single fire-based skin): An apocalyptic setting where thanks to some pyromancers trying to summon the Ashen Lord (Aurelion Sol) of cinders and death, he's now ravaging the world with his army of Infernals. All that opposes him is the Shadowfire Temple, joined by Foxfire Ahri and Shadowfire Kindred.

  • K/DA (all K/DA skins): After taking some time off as a cutesy Popstar, Ahri re-emerged after five-year break, reinventing herself as an ICON, and being joined by a bunch of other artist friends formed K/DA, off to take the world by storm through music wooooo. Supposedly in the same universe as Pentakill and DJ Sona, or at least certain versions of them.

  • Lunar Revel: Has two categories, the main Lunar Revel Line (all "Lunar ___", "Firecracker", or really any Chinese New Year-inspired skins) which is a bunch of champs doing Lunar New Year things, and Warring Kingdoms (all "Warring Kingdoms" and "Dragonblade" skins), which features champions locked in Dynasty Warriors-esque imperial fantasy war.

  • Mecha (all "Mecha" skins and Giant Enemy Crabgot): Takes place in a Pacific Rim-style future where Bandle City scientists have created giant mecha to combat destructive kaiju (so far only represented by crab Urgot, would like more soon, I'm asking nicely riot pls)

  • Odyssey (all "Odyssey" skins): It's a Guardians of the Galaxy/Borderlands-style wacky space opera! Ordinal Kayn of the Demaxian Empire has gone mad and is trying to open the "Ora Gate" to gain ultimate power, and it's up to a ragtag bunch of idiots in The Morning Star to stop him. Connected to the Event Horizon universe as Rhaast's masters are explicitly of the Dark Star.

  • Omega Squad (all "Omega Squad" skins): A Vietnam War-style squadron of saboteurs, Dark Ops specialists, and other small soldiers…or at least it was until all except Teemo died, and now he's alone and shell-shocked to hell.

  • Omen of the Dark (any skins that look gothic horror or Dark Souls/Bloodborne-inspired): Takes place in a world where the once-great Blade Queen Lissandra made a deal with Cursed Revenant Nocturne, which turned her entire kingdom into an undead nightmare hellscape. Interestingly enough, this universe is fictional to the Eclipse universe!

  • Pentakill (all "Pentakill" skins): BORN OF SHADOW. FORGED IN FLAME. METAL AS HELL.

  • Pool Party (all "Pool Party" skins): A bunch of champions hitting the pool or beach for summer fun times. No real cohesive storyline beyond that, but the skin bios are really funny.

  • Prehistoric Hunters (all "Prehistoric" and "Beast Hunter" skins): Think Monster Hunter, but with League champions. Who's up for some dinosaur-hunting?

  • PROJECT (all "Project" and "Program" skins): A futuristic cyberpunk dystopia AU, where PROJECT is a military megacorp attempting transhumanism with several cyborg champions. Ashe defected from it and is starting a resistance freeing others called G/NETIC. The same universe also contains Program, where Lissandra has become this evil AI plotting on taking control of all robots in the world.

  • Pulsefire (all "Pulsefire" and "Praetorian" skins): A futuristic Piltover where time travel is common, with various guardians attempting to protect the time stream from becoming paradox'd to hell, otherwise the Praetorians (these horrific killer robots alien to every single timeline) emerge from rips in spacetime and assimilate everything.

  • Snowdown Showdown: Split into four categories: Snowdown Showdown (most generally festive Christmas-themed skins) which features miscellaneous holiday stories of various champs (my favorite is Santa Draven), Snow Day (all "Snow Day" skins) which are about the same but a lot cozier, Winter Sports (all 2010 Olympic skins) are again the same but their bios are surprisingly hilarious, and Winter Wonder (all "Winter Wonder" and other miscellaneous ice-themed skins) which is about the magical Winterland ruled by the Poro King, opposed by the wicked "Ice King" Twitch who wants to usurp it with his icy curse.

  • Soccer Cup (every soccer-themed skin): Basically a bunch of FIFA-inspired skins playing soccer. No real cohesive story, but their skin blurbs are worth checking out for a few laughs.

  • 🌟Star Guardians 🌟 (all "Star Guardian" and "Pajama Guardian" skins): Just a bunch of girls summoned into teams of 5 by the First Star to defend the world from the Void. Currently, the shy but hopeful Lux and her team is trying to get along with Ahri's somewhat jaded veteran team.

  • Steel Valkyries (both "Dreadnova" skins, Gun Goddess MF and Bullet Angel Kai'Sa): Takes place in an intergalactic dystopia setting scarred by war, where a bunch of various criminals, bounty hunters, and mercenaries have taken flight in exo-suits loaded with weapons to fight their enemies in the vastness of space.

  • Super Galaxy (all "Super Galaxy" skins): A shounen-inspired universe (which I'm not entirely convinced ISN'T gonna be part of that future AU event Riot teased a short while ago) where Super Galaxy is an academy of hot-blooded mecha pilots, fighting to take on the alien Spider Queen Elise.

  • Toy Box (all toy-based skins): Basically Toy Story adventures, with all the champions being toys owned by Dino Gnar or Grungy Nunu.

  • Rift Quest (all skins with silly fantasy surnames like "Braum Lionheart" or "Karthus Lightsbane"): where a bunch of champions are playing Dungeons and Dragons-style TTRPGs. Is part of a Riot-endorsed fancomic, "Crystal Quest", currently at 2 seasons. Also, you should also check out the promotional blurbs with the champs in their gaming sessions,
    they're both

  • Road Warrior (all "Vandal" skins and anything that looks Mad Max-inspired): Zaun discovered nuclear fission and accidentally turned the world into a nuclear wasteland. Vladimir and his band of Vandals are causing trouble, Road Warrior Miss Fortune's here to problem-solve.

  • Vs./Order vs. Chaos (both Order and Chaos skins): Takes place in an eternal war between beings of order and chaos, shockingly. Riven and Yasuo represent the primordial aspects of each, Garen and Darius are the final mortal descendants of the two.

  • Wardens and Marauders (all "Warden" and "Marauder" skins): A what-if scenario based on the Rune War in League's canon, depicting what if the ancient Protectorate and the Magelord Empire didn't fall, but were merely reduced, and continued to fight in the present day?

  • Worldbreaker (all "Worldbreaker" skins and Sun Goddess Karma): A line based around Sun Goddess Karma's fall, and subsequently the summoning of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse the Worldbreakers of out to break the world.

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