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To Be An Old Player In LCK [Faker, Khan, Rascal]

LeagueofLegends8 - To Be An Old Player In LCK [Faker, Khan, Rascal]

After the issue of Faker being benched, Rascal’s and Khan’s interview regarding old players in LCK, H-Dragon and NoFe’s comments about Faker and Deft, an interesting article was published in Korea.

With LCK’s franchising, a lot of old players have retired in the last few months. The article writes that a number of retired pros revealed that the atmosphere around them was “chilly/cold”. Even if their form was fine mostly, just making one mistake made them live under the assumption that these players are not able to play in a good form anymore because of their “old” age. People surrounding these old players would tell them “We hope you can become a bridge for the new generation to take over the old one”, and with these words would limit these veteran players’ possibilities just based on their age. Under such scrutinizing gaze these players had to accept retirement.

Rascal has recently said in an interview “After the end of 2020 season I saw retirement of many veteran players. But it seemed that the old players retired with a cold reception. This year I would like to perform well in order to change the existing perception about old players. That’s why I am aiming to do even better.”

After the match against T1, Khan said in an interview that he was happy with his performance that day, because it seemed that he showed that old players are still able to perform well. He was also happy with Faker’s performance and said he believes both of their performances showed that “old” players are still good.

On a recent twitch stream between NoFe, H-Dragon, and Wink, NoFe and H-Dragon made comments regarding Deft and Faker respectively, which brought a lot of criticism. NoFe’s comment about Deft said that if Deft didn’t do well this season then it’s time to retire.


H-Dragon regarding Faker said : If I was close to Faker there is an advice that I would like to give him. I am sure Faker would be embarrassed if he became the starting member even though his skills are not enough. As a senior he should help Clozer to become his “heir”. I would tell Faker to give an interview and tell his fans that he is doing his best right now, but even if he isn’t able to become a starting member, his fans should still cheer for T1.

The veteran players of LCK and the treatment they get from the league itself and the fans is being brought under discussion. Many are asking why should the veteran players help the new players when they are competing with each other (for starting position, for a match point, for a title), why should it be the veteran players’ responsibility to raise the new generation to “inherit” their positions and popularity. Faker’s fans are asking, why should Faker help raise the “post-Faker”, the “2nd Faker”, the “Faker’s heir”.

Is a superstar made or born?

The “old” pros of LCK are always under high scrutiny. They are perceived as having a lesser mechanical skills compared to the new players, every mistake they make is tied to their age, they are expected to help and raise the rookies, but they are also expected to be the “brains” of the teams, expected to always make clutch plays, and are always expected to come to rescue for the new players.

Is age really a big factor that influences the skill of the pros, or is it just a frame? Should the old players be only seen as bridges for the new players and not as players who could bring great results themselves?

Edit: A comment from a fan

“There is no rookie in the world who is worth to raise by sacrificing Faker’s time”

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