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(Translated) Dragon Gate Team Top laner 2188’s Facebook post on the team’s match fixing

LeagueofLegends13 - (Translated) Dragon Gate Team Top laner 2188's Facebook post on the team's match fixing

Match fixing is one of the worst thing that can happen in sports. And I kinda wanted more people to understand what happened so I tried to translate 2188's Facebook post into English.

Feel free to correct me with the translations as English isn't my first language.

Original post: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2332484170183679&id=100002663564611

Translated post:

I’m going to stop pretending that I know nothing about the alleged match fixing.

On March 26, the team decided not to include Soul (the Chinese AD player) in the game against Alpha Esports, on March 27. I was very displeased, but the management team said there was an accident in Soul's family. Soul went on to practice with us normally, and I confronted him on why he is still acting as if nothing happened to his family. He told me that on March 26, the management team asked him to participate in match fixing with JGY for 5,000 RMB (750 USD) a match.

But the offer was declined by Soul, so the management team decided to include the substitute AD player that knew nothing as the starting player. At first I was confused, why would losing against Alpha Esports benefit us? The first answer I thought of was because the management teams of both teams were friends.

But that wasn’t the truth. Soul showed me screenshots that our owner was involved in underground gambling.

I saw the odds and thought, the odds were so low why someone would buy them. After looking the chat conversation between Soul and our owner I understood. Our owner could bet using multiple accounts and earn over hundred thousands with the extremely low odds. The highest he could earn with one game would be enough to purchase a LMS slot.

After the game against Alpha Esports, I asked the Head Coach (YOGA) directly if he was involved in alleged match fixing. He told me he wasn’t.

I was under huge pressure, but I decided to stay with the team, and hope to gather more evidence. Since photo evidences would not be enough. Also Soul and I decided to play our best each game before the promotion tournament.

Later on, after a practice match, Soul and I invited our owner for dinner. I asked Soul to talk to our owner about the alleged match fixings while I sat next to him and recorded the conversation. Prior to this dinner I prayed that all of this was just misunderstandings and none of this was real.


One hour into the dinner, I was shattered. I had no idea how many matches JGY (the Chinese Jungler) was involved. If he received 5,000 RMB for one match, he would already have gotten a huge amount of money.

I don’t know how much money JGY got. I thought that every player would had have misplays. I thought every player would have felt nervous and underperform. I thought the super aggressive playstyle was JGY’s unique playstyle. I was wrong. I could not believe that you were involved in alleged match fixing. But you were lucky, you didn’t receive a permanent ban.

I would really like to thank Soul for all of this. He risked his own personal safety to expose all of this. He refused the 5,000 RMB. He was the undercover in this case. He put himself in danger to gather more evidence, to record conversations. He’s the real hero.

As for our owner, Hu Wei-Jie. During the last 4 months, you said that you wanted to create a dream team. You always said that you wanted to be famous in the League scene. Now you have it, everyone in the League community knows what you’ve done. I hope that you will stay away from any future team. I don’t know if you would hire someone else to be an owner as your puppet in the future, and continue with your gambling schemes.

After knowing all of this, from March 27 to April 17, it was horrible. It felt like hell. It was the worse days that I experienced. I’m glad that it’s over.

Li Xin-Yu (manager), you were always nice to us. You took us to a lot of places to have fun, took us to good restaurants. You told us that the last team you worked in was horrible and you enjoyed chatting with us. To be honest, I respected you. At the beginning of the split when we were performing badly, plus I had some personal relationship problems during that time, you were always there to cheer us up. I am really grateful for what you have done to me.

After the first scrim, JGY refused to communicate with the team, his attitude was horrible and extremely hard to work with but our owner said that he would improve. After our final scrim on April 16, he was still the same JGY.

I would like to thank Dragon Gate Team for giving me this experience. I learnt a lot from this case.

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