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[Translated] Lawmaker Ha Responds to Riot Korea’s “Interim Findings”

LeagueofLegends3 - [Translated] Lawmaker Ha Responds to Riot Korea's "Interim Findings"

As most people know, Riot Korea released their interim report on the "Griffin Incident", where they tried to explain some tentative conclusions they have made.

  • Riot Korea's Interim Findings on the "Griffin Incident"

Former head coach CvMax was critical of Riot Korea's report, and streamed his reaction, along with Kanavi.

  • CvMax's Reaction Stream

Earlier today, National Assembly lawmaker Tae-kyeong Ha of the BareunMirae Party was also deeply critical of Riot's report, and has uploaded a Facebook post that lists his criticisms. (He has also uploaded copies to DCinside's League of Legend Gallery and Griffin Gallery, and was rapidly showered with crude praise.)

The translation is as follows (some parts are edited for better readability and indicated as . All style edits are from the translator)

I will not remain a Spectator in Riot Games' Biased Investigations!

Riot Games released their interim report on the "Kanavi Incident" yesterday. Essentially, it's just favoritism. I have already issued a warning a few days back that Riot is an interested party and will never produce clear results. I think my words have been proved to be correct. Nay, the situation is worser than what I imagined. Riot, you get a yellow card. I will now point out one by one.

First, the FA problem – "Loaned" in Korea, but "Transferred" in China?

Korea has regulations on player loans, but China does not. Therefore, Kanavi's loan in May was conducted in China as a transfer. This process creates a complicated problem. Even if Griffin releases Kanavi on FA status, as JDG's transfer contract remains valid, JDG can argue that Kanavi belongs to them. I inquired several times 'if Griffin releases Kanavi as a free agent, will the transfer contract with JDG also be dissolved', but Riot's report has no mention of how they would handle the contract. If Riot is trying to protect players, they must find the solution to this issue.

Second, is Kanavi a Chinese citizen?

Riot explained that 'according to Chinese law, Kanavi is not a minor, which means the contract had no issues". This is not true. Kanavi is not a Chinese citizen and is not judged under Chinese law. This is an international contract, and a Korean negotiating an international contract is subject to Korean law. Under Korean law, Kanavi is still a minor. The contract he signed without his parents' consent is obviously void. On what grounds did Riot turn Kanavi Chinese?

Third, was Kanavi's loan process properly conducted?


Riot explained that they 'evaluated and approved the Griffin-JDG loan agreement contract'. That means they found no issue with it. However, that isn't what happened. Kanavi's parents signed the loan agreement contract in July. However, Kanavi had already been on loan since May, before anything was signed. A player had been loaned, but no contract existed. Does this make sense at all? Riot knew about this, but glossed over it without mentioning anything. Suspicions can even be raised about possible illegal agreements between Riot and pro League teams. This means that they're on the same side. When I requested documentation about this, they refused to give them to me. If there really was nothing wrong with the process, why wouldn't they give me the related documents?

Fourth, why does the investigating party not submit a investigation request?

Regarding Griffin's extortion, Riot replied that they would 'issue punishments if they receive results from a criminal investigation institution'. That Kanavi, who initially was against even a 3-year contract, ultimately signed a 5-year one is a fact Riot knows. Can this be explained by any other way except the existence of threats? Why was there no investigation request when so much circumstantial evidence of extortion exists? Common sense dictates that police investigation should be requested when allegations of extortion appear during the initial investigation, but Riot is digging their heels in. I don't think Riot is trying to set things right.

Because this is just an interim report, I will only issue a warning. But if I find anything that does not concur with my investigation results in the final report, you should watch out. The young people are watching. If Riot does not conduct their investigation properly, be aware that they too, can be the subject of investigation.


Meanwhile, CvMax recently streamed, and revealed that he met with Viper, Lehends, Kanavi, Doran, and Jin (Former Griffin pro) and had a long talk with them. He said that he was able to mend ties and correct any misconceptions with the players, and there is no bad blood between them. During today's stream, CvMax revealed that Viper was texting him in October when CvMax was participating in an Afreeca League competition. While playing Talon in soloqueue Chovy called CvMax to razz him about his Talon play, saying "I saw your Talon and it was so disgusting I couldn't stop myself from calling you".

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