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Translating Dopa’s talk of Afreeca vs Twitch battle in youtube

LeagueofLegends12 - Translating Dopa's talk of Afreeca vs Twitch battle in youtube

Hello league of legend player. Name’s jojo. I like to study famous koreans and realized that not every show is translated for other fans to enjoy. Its only natural for someone to share what they love to others so…my history will tell you I did one for Son heung Min (soccer player) in r/soccer, so you know I’m not trolling without any evidence.

I recently discovered a guy named Dopa, whom I believe is famous in the gaming circle. So I thought I would share. I did this with soccer, so I learned to structure better. Here are some things to read before…

  • I am summarizing/translating as an amateur, so don’t take one sentence and go balls deep into some metaphysical meaning of the universe. Just…read and enjoy
  • I’m not a gamer. I didn’t hear about this game until Sonny did a commercial with a guy named Faker. I discovered the game 2018 when my friends invited me to play a position called “top.” with a character name garen. I played like…5 hours? 10-15 games I think? My LOL IQ knowledge is “you have to hit the guys last before killing to get money.” and…thats about it. I tried youtube to see top view videos of dopa but thats about it. So If i’m using the term wrong, wrong spelling or wrong whatever, I would appreciate it if someone else corrects me.
  • I’ll do what I can to comment back, but like i said I”m not a gamer so…@[email protected] I’ll do what I can to satisfy your curiosity
  • Part 2 will come…which I thought was a more interesting take. I’ll do it next week or something.


  • “LOL is a dirty game. Those who are on the top of the game have all evilness inside of them” (when asked how can someone who look so innocent be so fucking good at games)

  • Opinions are personal and nothing wrong with having a personal opinion that's subjective. But you can’t argue with a point to those who won LOL CUP(?) Because by definition they are #1. That means subjective opinion is nothing in terms of objective viewpoint. They are better than me.

Why did you do Daeri? (Daeri in korean is a system where you drive other’s car to their home, when the owners are too drunk to drive themselves. I think its where you use their account to level up their champion and sell it back? My understanding is its called “elo boosting?”)

  • It took an interesting turn. I mean everyone was doing it. But I was better at the game. So I try to promote myself and tell them how it was to gain more attention. When I entered college, there was a certain “vibe” where it was more respected to pay your own for college (this is kinda rare in korea), so I try to build up my image. I was a normal kid in junior high and high school, and once I started getting attention doing broadcast, it was intoxicating. I knew the more popular I would get, the more money I could make, well it all came crashing down b/c of it.

How did you feel?

  • It wasn’t good. But I try to act like it didn't affect me, but it was chaotic times. I can’t promote that guy’s channel, but there was streamer name Tae XX and the way he said perfectly described my feeling

If you could go back 6-7 years and go pro. Do you think you would be where faker is at? At that level of skills?

  • Its…kinda pointless to talk about it because the difference between solo ranking and team ranking isn’t remotely the same. Optimistically, I like to think I would have done well, pessimistically…. i’m very sensitive to environmental factors, so it might not have turned out well. Whatever alternative reality that might exist, I liked to think I'm happy and satisfied where I am at now.

I heard if you were going pro, the company would make you multiple pairs of same clothes because you only wear one type of clothes

  • That's just an image I made. . One time I was wearing the same cloth for a week, and a viewer asked “is that all clothes you have” so I did wear it out of spite. Reverse psychology type of deal.

Who is the best player in each role. Top, Middle, Jungle Bottom?

  • No comment. Because I haven't played against them I wouldn’t be able to fairly analyze their ability

Then what about chinese server?

Mid…Light(?)is badass. Other position i don't’ know (it seemed like he really doesn't know, not avoiding the question)


Any amateur you see that caught your eyes?Like they aren’t pros, but you see potential in them? It used to be possible 3-4r years ago, but now with academy being build up, any one with potential gets recruited at the very sight of potential, so its hard to notice them anymore

When you run stream, you don’t respond to comments, but stare at your phone? What are you staring at? I’m reading webtoons or just surfing the web

If devil ask you that question again, would you say the same question? Well..if i had to pick between 60% and 40%, isn’t it natural to pick 60?

When was the prime of your skill level? I like to think…I got popular because of faker. When he was at his best at season 3 4 after winning lol cup, I was playing solo ranking and beat him. It was 2013-14, I think I was the best then.

Champion you don't show but have fun playing. Kiyana and Jacks. I play them top and just push top all the way without helping any other lane.

Have you asked them personally to lift the ban in korea? No.

Who do you think is going to win this year? The thing is…I don’t really care much about them. I’m in a very sensitive spot (b/c his mouse broke. Another inside gamer joke? b/c he seems rather honest about it)I’m only focused on myself, so I don’t care how others are doing.


This whole video came up because there is apparently Afreeca vs Twitch lol battle.

I like 3 out of 5 rather than 2 out of 3 because its more "fair." But as a watcher. 2 out of 3 is the best.

Top Lane: juratdit vs Marin : even if he’s retired, marin has a record. The difference is too much. Marin is better by wide margin.

Jungle: Juradat vs Bakhan : Both dropped their tier. I think their playstyle is similar. What people say is that they are aggressive but from what I've seen from their gameplay, they are extremely methodical. They don’t throw any moves without calculation. They might act all rage but inside they are ice cold. As I’ve said, Jungle difference is based on mid battle. I give it to juladit. Thing about similar styles is that one mistake can snowball into winning the game. Thats why lane will be important in the match up.

MID: Kang Min Shik vs Narakail: Considering Jungle, Afreeca have advantage (KMS). Based on champ and tier difference. Jungle difference can be the biggest difference between champ selection of the middle player.

Does emotion play effect lane battle? If you are more emotional at a higher level…you become more colder. That's the difference between an amateur player and high level player.

One Deal Bottom: Gangsilzero vs kwemooji. Tier difference is too huge Grandmaster vs dia. Gangszero is better. Especially in the champion pool.He uses Ashi? Ashi is superpower. The upsides to ashi is too high. He has a skill called manalick(?) Its not good in solo ranking, but its useful in team game b/c they can talk. And in team game… jungler can constantly tell their teammate where the other jungler is. So using that as base, its natural for the other team to ban the character. These guys are high game IQ so they should ban him.

How big is the difference between grandmaster and dia? Big gap lies in the knowledge base but in terms of game play…. about the same especially in hanta. Its the TOP that makes the difference in the match.

Support: hayannoonkil vs destiny: master vs grandmaster. The gap is even bigger than One Deal. Objectively, I think destiny is superior, but the difference on Top is too big. The thing about support is that their skill is variable depending on the situation of the game. But its…hard to tell

In combined..I think afreeca is more advantageous. But afreeca cares about youtube highlights, so they might take more risk in order to make youtube reel for themselves rather than win the game. But twitch is relatively new, so they will be willing to win and focus more and….marin is legend. So the x factor might play huge here.

Thats about it. If you have any question (well I have questions well if someone wants to help), leave a comment i’ll check back tomorrow.


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