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[Translation] Analysis on Mid Season Cup Strategy Differences between LPL and LCK, and what is going on with IG

LeagueofLegends5 - [Translation] Analysis on Mid Season Cup Strategy Differences between LPL and LCK, and what is going on with IG

Recently I found this

, I thought it might be useful to translate to the English audience, due to LPL general audience seemingly having a very different (and somewhat deeper) understanding of the game. The following is not my views, just the view of the video maker.

Anyways, the dude starts out with a disclaimer: he is just a self-made media, he could be wrong, but try to focus on his thought process, and decide for yourself if he is right.

  • LPL LCK difference in MSC was due to different solutions to the "exam problem" of the version change from 10.7 to 10.10.

  • During LPL Spring Playoffs, the best ADCs were Varus, then Kalista, then MF and Aphelios. Due to rend being nerfed in 10.8, Kalista falls out of the top tier by MSC.

  • He starts talking about "poke trend". Poke trend is the unified response by the LCK and LPL to the new dragon soul season. The thought process earlier in the season was that controlling the dragon requires fighting, so teamfight oriented champs like mf, rumble, ornn, azir. But as understanding of the season continued, teams started using poke champs like Varus, Ezreal, Kalista to get lane priority in bot to setup for dragons.

  • Baron nerf combined with other changes to season 10 meant easier to get advantages, harder to close out game. Therefore, team have more incentive to pick poke champs because it is harder to defend a siege while being poked down. To close out games, the dragon is now crucial, while the baron, not so much. So poke champs are double incentivized because they a. allow dragon control and b. make defending harder, so closing out games easier, especially with baron.

  • Poke used to have a problem, which is, its hard to take baron due to lower DPS on ADC. However, with this season, this problem has become irrelevant, as baron is irrelevant, and only dragon soul matters. Baron is nice to have however.

  • So by 10.10 (MSC patch), everyone is picking poke, resulting in Varus with 108% Pick ban, with Ezreal Aphelios taking the next spots. This is common understanding between LPL and LCK.

  • Difference between LCK and LPL toplane understanding. Case study: Jayce. Jayce in LPL was in the gutter during Spring, both unpopular and had low win rate. However, LCK Jayce was had 62% win rate, high ban rates and 25 games played.

  • LPL and LCK have different toplane understanding due to different playstyle, LCK is known for steady macro style, nearly makes you fall asleep, emphasizes highest reward for lowest risk. LCK combines getting advantages from BP through counters or easy safe matchups + getting advantages from jungle vision, finding situations where you outnumber opponents, in order to maximize advantage for toplane.

  • Example: T1 vs FPX, Jayce vs Vlad. Jayce counters Vlad early, but in the end, he didn't really even get that much of an advantage, and was unable to hold back the scaling of the Vlad. However, what comes after shows difference between LCK and LPL; T1 makes Jayce split push, investing tons of vision to ensure his safety. This ensures Jayce can continue in a 1v1 situation where the champ excels. Due to vision advantage, Jayce can both oppress opponent in lane in split push, while also getting to the fight faster than you, not to mention using vision advantage to surprise you to solo kill you, etc. This is LCK's understanding of toplane, and what led to SSG's Season 7 championship.

  • With theShy being in LPL, caused LPL to have a different understanding of toplane, which is: if you did well in lane, you must team fight, if you did comparatively worse in lane, it is even more important that you teamfight. If you get counter lane in LPL, the jungle and other lanes will come to help you to maximize counter advantage in laning phase, with aggressive tower dives etc.

  • To summarize, LPL has laning phase and teamfight phase (5v5 ARAM), while LCK has laning phase, then look to extend laning phase into midgame. Therefore, LCK laners do not hurry to oppress opponent, as what is important is that its relatively easier for you to farm up compared to your opponent. Metaphorically, LPL is a straight fist to the face, while LCK is death from a thousand cuts.

  • The difference in style can be seen from BP (ban pick), T1 chooses to ban Irelia vs FPX, yet neither Khan nor Doinb play very much Irelia. Other LCK teams did a similar ban. LCK doesn't look for absolute counters in toplane, just looking for easy to play, easy to farm up and scale picks. This comes with the issue that its harder to transfer a lead into victory. Therefore, as long as LPL teams don't mess up too much in laning phase, once midgame comes around, it becomes much easier to just blow open the LCK macro. Furthermore, the vision investment in assuring the split push laner safety means less vision for main teamfight, which means lack of vision leading to the team getting caught out. LCK risk averse style means they are also too hesitant, while this worked in the past due to laner skill difference, nowadays with LPL and LCK laners going toe to toe, the flaws are starting to show.

  • He starts talking about individual teams. JDG as the Spring champions found it hard to find other teams for inspiration, so they continued their Spring playoff's understanding and playstyle. But the patch changes caused their mf ornn combo to suddenly be out of place. It was still kinda ok for them, but too many problems with execution led to their MSC failure.

  • JDG's issue with jungle was that Kanavi likes Marksmen junglers or mage junglers, when Graves and Kindred are gone, he can only look for mage junglers. And FPX took advantage of Kanavi's tendency to gank early, farm midgame, so they invaded him often midgame to make him irrelevant. This was a result of learning from their earlier mistakes in Spring where Tian was trying to gank while Kanavi was farming, and if Tian failed to catch people, Kanavi could then have more impact than him in teamfights. So FPX, after learning from mistakes vs JDG in Spring, rekt them through abusing Kanavi's weaknesses. Not to mention mf being weaker meant JDG's favored pick of mf couldn't defend Kanavi's jungle anymore. In summary, FPX figured out Kanavi->figured out JDG and beat them.

  • Moving on to FPX. FPX took a season to finally work Khan into their team. Last season FPX revolved around Tian, however with S10 jungle nerfs, if Tian ends up walking back to empty camps after being counterjungled, then he's in big trouble.

  • Doinb therefore tries playing carries for stability, but that also mean Tian gets less resources. Therefore, he looked much worse this season due to jungle getting fucked, causing instability in his performance in Spring, as you can't get 100% return rates on every investment on ganks, fights, etc. Once you fail to get return on investment, you're wasted.

  • FPX tried Marksmen jungle, experimented with other new picks, but even throughout MSC, you could see Tian's struggle with new jungle. However, all Tian needs is time, getting Khan into the team was the more exciting thing to see, and FPX trying new things in MSC was also great.

  • Moving onto IG. IG bombing out of MSC means they're no longer a tier 1 team. To understand what is going on with theShy and IG, we need to look back at Spring. On March 11, patch 10.4, theShy brings out Kalista top, causing ludicrous economic difference between toplaners, resulting in IG experimenting with other different marksmen toplaners, such as Vayne. The concept is that such marksmen oppress opponent toplaners from developing and farming up as much, turning the game into a 4v5, thereby increasing teamfight advantage. In order to teamfight, you must stay roughly economically equal. If gold difference is too large, you cannot win teamfights. Therefore, marksmen top was a good solution to winning teamfights…but the meta as we mentioned, has been moving towards poke heavy comps.

  • IG looked so good in Spring due to teamfight playing to IG strengths, and theShy was able to assert pressure in BP, with nobody believing he couldn't play Sett well, and other picks like Rumble and Ornn being up. With 10.5 changes to make toplane more impactful, IG continue to develop their concept of using marksmen to oppress opponent toplaners->4v5 = win teamfight, with a formula emerging which is Quinn for renekton, vayne for mordekaiser.

  • In IG vs JDG, theShy being less than stellar on Sett was exposed, leading to less pressure from him on BP, especially since Leyan also can't play Sett. But this is a major issue, as Sett is a meta champion these few patches, upon failing to make it work, IG gave up and moved towards the LCK's champ of choice, Jayce. However, that doesn't fly in the LPL, so theShy just can't look good on Jayce due to the champ not suiting LPL meta and playstyle. LCK uses Jayce to continually get ahead by extending laning phase, while LPL's laning phase actually ends, which means theShy is on a short timer to lane kingdom his opponent, which rarely can happen.

  • Regular season IG was trying new things and experimenting, but failed in playoffs because they suddenly just ran out of champions, because their investment in practicing picks in the regular season got banned away, picked, or weren't suitable in the meta. This was a major issue as from patch 10.7, everything became super bot focused, while IG is a top-jungle-mid heavy team, so their lack of strong botlane became an issue. While other teams also tried to BP for toplane advantage, they don't depend entirely on toplane advantage, so other teams fared better.

  • IG also failed to keep up in meta understanding. 10.7 patch, Wukong was permaban, but by 10.10, he started to be let through again due to 10.9 nerfs, so Wukong now being let through meant theShy's marksmen now got countered, as Wukong can easily turn the lane over and run over the marksman once he gets any advantage. This is an extra large issue because theShy seems to have gotten mechanically worse as well, lots of weird situations and fights where theShy just randomly dies.

  • The new jungle as well as current jungle pool is a poor fit for Ning as well, combined with Puff+Southwind being unstable/not that good, means Rookie is the only person looking good. Its a big issue because especially in current meta, botlane cannot die, especially not in a 2v2 death with no investment from other lanes/jungle. Rookie is also struggling, as the Neeko he invested in disappeared from the meta, and Rumble etc. as well. So he ends up with Syndra and LB, none of his investments in Spring paid off. A player practicing a pick also requires his team to practice with him to play around that specific champion pick. etc.

  • According to his opinion, Sett not being practiced was a major dealbreaker for MSC, as the natural response to Ornn is Aatrox or Sett, but IG only can play Aatrox, so that gets easily banned away.

  • In summary, multiple factors combined together led to IG imploding the past few months, no idea how they'll go from here or what the outlook is.

  • Moving on to TES, in all the games vs LCK, they didn't lose a single tower on the high ground (the base), exposing LCK over reliance on macro to the point where their offensive ability is too weak. TES look so much better because everyone found their role on the team. TES in Spring relied too heavily on Karsa. Knight loves farming and scaling, but development requires time. Karsa past 15 mins loses presence, and Knight also looks out of place on roams. But MSC, Knight improves his roaming, working with Karsa, was able to build advantages for other lanes, allowing him to develop safely. Mid jungle finding their coordination also improved game rhythm such that TES now has non-stop pressure on the offensive. This means that once Karsa is about to exit his comfort zone in the midgame, TES are already about to get dragon soul, which means the fast paced meta perfectly suits them, makes it feel like TES are unstoppable with the slightest advantage.

  • YYJ and 369 also improved, talks about 369 being able to carry more now, and is just an overall well rounded toplaner.

  • Talks about "solo kill", "gank", "counter gank (I think?)" being high variance, the most fundamental and consistent factor to success is map movement for faster supporting of teammates, leading to situations where you outnumber the opponent. Working as a team means you have tons of failsafes, no need to be dependent on one player to carry.

Translator thoughts:
Kind of already covered what we knew about LCK vs LPL, biggest takeaway seems to be explanation of the rise of TES, fall of IG, and FPX and JDG's struggles in MSC. Also interesting to see differing ban pick concepts between LPL and LCK. As well as a clip of Ning saying that at Worlds, the one who wins is the one who improves the fastest, while G2 coach's opinion from last year seemed to be that the one who deteriorates the least wins. There are some other details that I left out, but the overall ideas and concepts are here.

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