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[Translation] CVmax responds to Still8’s claim with Kanavi on his stream

LeagueofLegends2 - [Translation] CVmax responds to Still8's claim with Kanavi on his stream

index - [Translation] CVmax responds to Still8's claim with Kanavi on his stream


After recent respond from Still8 and griffin, CvMax responded with organized time frame on his recent stream. I will try to translate some important points.

(While Cvmax is known to be an excellent coach, it is also known FACT that Cvmax is one of the worst speaker you can imagine. People tried to write down what he said, but there still are some points that are unclear. I will not transfer such points to avoid misleading information.)

(During CvMax's stream last night, lots of players watched his stream. Ambition, Blank, Kahn, Wraith… some also claim Chowy was also in the chat)

(Still8 is the main sponsor for Griffin. Still8 earns money by connecting streamers to chinese streaming network. They originated from Kong Doo.)

Time line for Kanavi's contract

9/12 – Kanavi moves to JD as loadn

9/18 – JD talks to Kanavi that they want to purchase him (This conversation is also transfered at the end of this submission)

9/19 – CKN calls Kanavi and threatens that he commited a tampering. Tells him that his career could end, and he'll try to cover this thing up

around 9/23 – CKN calls Kanavi "Wanna go 3yrs? or 5yrs?" Kanavi calls 3 yrs.

around 9/25 – Still8 calls Kanavi "JD wants 4 yrs." Kanavi says it's too long. Rep of Still8 does another theatening, "They won't sign shorter deal. If you don't sign, you'll come back to KR, get paid 850$ monthly as a trainee. What do you say?"

Kanavi had to sign 4 yr deal.

Kanavi arrives CN. As soon as he arrives, JD offers 5 yr deal. Kanavi rejected this more than three times, but eventually he had to sign fearing JD could mistreat him.

10/5 – Kanavi Met JD. JD claimed that they will pay 5,000,000 RMB to griffin as transfer fee. They wanted Kanavi to sign the sheet. Kanavi refused initially as Still8 told him to, but JD told that they already talked to Griffin and signed the deal.

10/6 – Kanavi called Still8 for this. Still8 says they did not agree on this and tells Kanavi to retract the offer sheet. Kanavi sends the retracted offer sheet to Still8.

10/9 – Kanavi tells JD that he want to go back to KR for solo que training. He got 9 day vacation.

10/15 – CvMax drops bomb. Kanavi learns this issue via Ex griffin player Newt.

10/16 – Kanavi calls CvMax. Talks about this issue. CvMax thinks this is wrong. CvMax drops another bomb.

10/17 – After CvMax's stream, Griffin calls Kanavi multiple times. Kanavi was too scared to talk to them. He talked to JD because JD may abuse this situation. Kanavi tells JD that if he becomes FA, he would consider signing JD, but JD did not understand what is actually going on. JD tells Kanavi that they invested lots of money, never lied, payed well for him. But now JD looks like slave trader, and it is unfair for them. JD now does not have ADC and JG, so they cannot afford another suit because they don't have enough time.


10/17 – Riot calls Kanavi and tells him that the 5 yr contract is nullified. (This is important fact because it reveals that recent announcement of Still8/GRF is designed to be misleading. Kanavi is under contract to griffin because transfer is nuliified.)

10/18 – Rep of Still 8, Kang Han Seung, calls Kanavi and urges him to join JD. Rep of Griffin also urges Kanavi to sign 3 yr deal with JD, and if he goes FA, it will be worst possible choice for him and no one will pay you well. Kanavi reponds he would consider if it's only one year.

Comment from CvMax

– Everything started from CKN. Whatever problem JD suffers, it is CKN threatening Kanavi that cause all this problem.

– I'm not a hero, but if I stayed silent, Kanavi will be staying CN 5 yrs with out his happiness.

– Please Catch those criminals

– I'm losing weight

– CvMax asks Kanavi "Do you know how CKN learned about the conversation between you and JD?"
Kanavi responds "No idea"

CvMax also opened the conversation between Kanavi and JD, which is referenced as tampering by CKN (Cho Kyu Nam, rep of griffin)

STFJcoL - [Translation] CVmax responds to Still8's claim with Kanavi on his stream


JD: we want to buy Kanavi out of loan. But griffin's price is too high

JD: If you join us, your pay will be raised. Much more prize too.

JD: We trust you, so we're offering good opportunity to you.

JD: We want to know if you want to stay here.

JD: We want you to only play for us.

Ka: I will try harder. If you pay me more, I'll give you better effort.

JD: We want to buy him for 5 yrs. But griffin's price is too high. Do you agree with the transfer?

Ka: 5 years are too long for me.

JD: Your price is to high

Ka: How high?

JD: 680k $

JD: If you sign this, you'll be our franchise player. you will play here to the end of his career

JD: You will be the star of the LPL. We'll also invest lots of money.

Ka: But I still have two more year with griffin.

JD: Do you plan to play here until he retires?

Ka: (doesn't respond because he does not want to stay CN for long period.)


  1. Still8 and CKN forced Kanavi into sign a 5 yr deal with JD by threatening him that he commited a tampering
  2. Last night, CvMax opened an evidence that Kanavi did not do tampering. He also brought Kanavi to his stream to say things from his perspective.
  3. After riot stepped in to nullify 5 yr deal, Still8 and GRF are still convincing Kanavi to stay in JD. Their motivation looks like transfer fee.
  4. Recent announcement from Still8 and GRF are designed to be misleading. Kanavi is under contract to GRF because Riot nullified the illegal contract, not because he was just loaned to JD.

(After his stream, imp also mentioned on the comment section that this kind of thing also happened to him. He could not open this thing at that time. He also mentioned he left JD for personal reasons)

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