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Translation)Korean Community’s most upvoted Valediction for Uzi : The Way Uzi Fought for Part 1

LeagueofLegends7 - Translation)Korean Community's most upvoted Valediction for Uzi : The Way Uzi Fought for Part 1

annotation) Due to Reddit's 20 images restriction, I had no choice but to divide whole text into multiple posts.

the reason I'm not using imgur link or any other substitution is I just wanted to show you guys how I /or Korean fans read this text and what we felt it as a whole same form.

I just hope that my lack of English skills make this text distorted. and I also hope you guys feel the same emotions I felt when I was read this as the Korean language.

This Text was originally wasn't divided, so I really recommend to read the whole article from a stretch when it's done.

Great Thanks to 신불해 in
PGR21 - Translation)Korean Community's most upvoted Valediction for Uzi : The Way Uzi Fought for Part 1

PGR21.com who wrote this text which is very touching for me and also allowed me to translate it and post it here.

Original Text Link – https://pgr21.com/free2/68627

In the old time of LOL scene, the most well-known Chinese teams in Korea were team WE, and IG.

As Korean claimed that they are the best region of League of Legends when they defeated 2013 Chineses All-star Team which made of coalition of team IG and WE, the Most Popular Chinese Players in Korea was Team WE's WeiXiao, Misaya and IG's PDD.

I Can't wait to see Royal team ADC Uzi at the Quarterfinal

Seems that he's Extreme ADC who only known by geeks. Even that WeiXiao can not compare to him. Royal Club team has been called Uzi's One man team, but they just SMASHED OMG 3:0 at the Last Game! -_-;; This Worlds is So FUN LOLOLOL

Royal Club take place in the Semi-Final. 'Eyes On AD Carry Uzi!'


Roster GodLike Lucky Wh1t3zZ Uzi Tabe Ley(reserve) Beating against Highly Recognised team WE and IG, the Star Horn Royal Club is a New Professional Team founded last spring, was clearly out of sight when they failed to claim they're Playoff and end up 5th at the 2013 LPL spring season. But they started to gain momentum ended up 2nd place in summer season. -- 

But at the Ahead of 2013 Worlds, Rumors been told that there is a New Monster in China

'The Extreme ADC who only known by geeks'

Who is so Powerful that even WeiXiao, who has been told to be World Best Player, Can't even comparable to him.

Uzi's team, 'Royal Club' was clearly the underdog team with no international reputation, ranking only 5th in the Chinese League. But they managed to go Worlds by bulid up their forms as giving a Team's first considerations to Uzi.


Then why do you think that other team's players did not performed they're 100%?

Tabe: Hmm Well, I don't know. Just let me tell you about Our team, Our aggresive Orders mostly comes out from Uzi, but the problem was Uzi was too busy playing Minecraft. He wasn't fully dedicating for our team Scrimming because he was watching new trailers of GTA V. although Korean Coaches asked him a favor but he couldn't make use of Scrims. But when he plays up stage, He Orders Greatly.

S: Then What is a main reason that EU or NA players didn't performed 100% at practice? Is it they don't take very much on Scrim? or hiding tactics? is this a cause of how they ended up could not going into higher Stage of the tournamant?

Tabe: I don't know about other players of diffrent regions, and our team practices really hard for sure. But only Uzi trolls on scrim. I don't even know why. Maybe he thinks he's so good and confident. He does practice half-heartedly, but He is most Passionate player when we play Actual Match.


The Rising Star Uzi's age was only 16.

Ungrow-up, Immature child who doesn't know how big the world is, became an Ace with only one overflowing talent.

Never could find Professionalism and his attitude was a mess.

Facing up 'Worlds', he plays Minecraft even when he's scrims, watching GTA V Vods, roughly pick on scrims and didn't practiced seriously.

Such an insubordinate kid, but also had a very powerful talent.

Uzi : At the Season 3 Worlds

I was expected that SKT was a very strong team.

But what I wasn't expected was

how much strong That Mid Laner could be.



With his sheer talent, he made up himself and his teammates to the Worlds Final Stage,

But he defeated by SKT, stood in Runner-up.

For the first time, 'Arrogant Tyrant Kid' realized all the matters of life weren't so easy.

cki3xq2bwb351 - Translation)Korean Community's most upvoted Valediction for Uzi : The Way Uzi Fought for Part 1


Allthough he gained second place at Worlds '13, but Uzi was still a insolent and arrogant kid.

Meanwhile the Royal's 2014 spring season was a mess.

Original Members of Last 'Worlds' Tabe and Wh1t3zZ retired.

Top laner Godlike went abroad to NA.

And even Uzi, changed his position to Mid which was completely out of the blue.

Uzi Playing Mid Lane Syndra

Main Rosters of Last year was all gone execpt for Uzi, and only ace that left for the team changed his position. everyone expected this will not go well and it really wasn't a good result in 2014 spring season.


'Insec' Choi in Seok, 'Zero' Yoon Kyung Sup' Joins SHR team!

With complete failure of spring split, Royal Club Felt they're crisis.

It is used to be familiar that Korean Players brought to LPL nowadays, but back then it was not.

So SHR became Pioneers. With bringing in 'Insec' and 'Zero' two Korean Merceneries and also Coaches. Unlike RNG nowadays as known as purely chinese player's team, SHR in the past was a first and most active team to brought Korean Players.

Royal Club 'Uzi' Jian Zi-Hao Proclaims his absence at Worlds..Why?

But changing every roster and team conception at Summer season would have been a challange for them. Furthermore, Uzi was being a tyrant who behave on his own.

hence, team ran into conflicts and this came to blown very extreme way.

In one regular season match, Uzi wanted to play Vanye. But his Team called upon Lucian as considering Team Composition, Insec Picked Lucian.

But Uzi, who was very discontented about this situation, Picked Vanye even under Luican was Picked First. eventually Insec played Jungle Lucian in the Professional Match.

after this incident, Uzi 'declaired his absence at Worlds' and left the team.

Literally he 'left' the team. he just vanished from teamhouse and lost all contact.

And this was a month before Worlds. after many twists and turns Uzi came back to his team just before 3days to departure.

of course Royal Club went aborad without proper scrims for international tournament.

former Royal Club's Junglar Insec talked about this moment. "I was thinking This Worlds is so screwed. helding in Korea is only bright side, so let's just be eliminated early and rest."


Like any other team who couldn't practiced properly, Royal smashed down over 6000 gold deficit in very first day at 'Worlds'.


But then, they chased after the opponent with their powerful teamfight ability, dragged the game over 50 minutes and turned around their gold over 10k, sweeped all enemy at the last teamfight at the baron pit.

after this strange victory, Royal grew up their form.

especially their teamfight was very powerful.

Insec's memoir of Worlds 2014 -Insec's youtube channel-

'There was no strategy on Royal Club.

They just played and when they felt stuffy, they just went baron without keep in mind the vision controls, marking enemy junglars and so.

at the time 3rd game in semifinals with OMG

Nicely done at early game but screwed up all with 10k deficit

we just keep skirmished by enemy Twisted Fate and Nidalee to likely lose this game, and Uzi just said Let's go on 5v5 in mid.

So we just dived on mid

and then won.

we took baron and right next moment we trolled and all dead.

so we fought at mid again and this time, we honestly did so good.

we tried to end the game and we trolled.

our inhibitors been fall and i thought this game was over.

then another teamfight at the bottom and we won.

at that time, Royal Club apprasied as a good at teamfighting.

but i'm just gonna say it was not good at teamfight, they just didn't know how to skirmish so just rushed in.

but honestly Uzi put very decent damage and it worked.

our top was rubbish.

Royal Club, the team where players left the house and return, couldn't even communicate each other and don't know how to skrimish. Couldn't get the vision control, naturally makes other side junglar easy to intervene and it was hopless. just play the game and their opponent made 10k gold deficit.

being robbed by skirmish that he never knew, young and pissed off Uzi always "Fuxx Let's go Mid" on his lips, then they went for broke to the mid and won.

they took the baron within it, being dissarrayed until few players cutted down, after that they just "Let's go Mid!" again, and won.

No consideration of Team comps, skirmish, nothing.

Insec's super carry and Uzi's massive amount of damage dealing.

that's what pulled up this mad team to the Worlds final in 2014.


Royal Club made their way to the Finals Like a commedy 'shonnen manga' .

But their opponents were being mentioned even nowadays one of the 'Greatest Team in the History of League of Legends', and the team could perform the best skirmish at the moment in the world that Royal would never even try.

It was 'Samsung White'.

Uzi just smiled like he just accepted everything of this situation that clearly he couldn't handle himself.

And so, 2014 Worlds was over, Uzi stood his 2nd place for two consecutive years.


 Two consecutive Finals Uzi, "I want to thank all my teammates" Uzi gave his 2 times worlds finalists credits to his fellow teammates. Royal Club, the team affiliated with Uzi, made their way to the two consecutive advance to the finals after the fierce full 5 games against OMG in the Semifinals held in Seoul Olymipic Stadium. In the Post Game interview, Uzi expressed his feelings about his advancing to the finals. "I have so many people to pay my gratitude, and especially my teammates who helped me winning the game. Thank you all my teammates that making me 2 time World Championship Finalist." And he also mentioned about Insec, who had been a dissonance rumor in the communities. "Insec is a player who has an ability to carry the game. I had my belief on him that whatever the champion he plays, he could carry it." he said, reaffinming his trust in Insec. Uzi expressed his thankfulness until the end of the interview. "Making Through this Worlds, I realized once again that LOL is a Team game and every team members must play well to win. I once again great thanks to my teammates to making me advaning Worlds Finals again." Royal Club's Supporter 'Zero' Yoon Kyung Sup also softly expressed his confindence at this Post-match interview. "How can I beat Mata? but even if I lose to him, I think Uzi is better than imp." 

Anno) I'll brb on part 2. I'll post a link when it's done.

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