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Trivia about Crowd Control

LeagueofLegends5 - Trivia about Crowd Control
  • There are 143 champions that have CC on total of 150 champions, the others 7 are: Ezreal, Katarina, Lucian, Master Yi, Sivir, Nidalee and Kai'Sa.
  • There are total of 406 CCs in the game.
    • 218 hard CCs and 188 soft CCs.
    • The most hard CC form is Airborne with 101 CCs, which includes: 7 Knock aside, 35 Knock back, 40 Knock up and 19 Pull. Second place is Stun with 64. The least hard CC (if you don't count Fear, none champion has fear) is Stasis and Suspension: 1; Sleep: 2; Charm and Taunt: 3; Flee: 5.
    • The most soft CC is Slow (obviously) with 157 CCs. The least soft CC is Blind, Polymorph: 1; Disarm: 2; Disrupt, Cripple, Nearsight and Ground: 3.
  • There are 129 direction-targeted CCs, 65 ground-targeted CCs, 41 unit-targeted CCs and 66 auto-targeted CCs.
  • There are 84 single target CCs and 211 multiple target CCs.
  • There are 129 CCs that can be blocked (Windwall) and 171 CCs that can't be blocked.
  • The longest range CC belong to Ashe (global) and the opposite, shortest belong to Riven (W – 2,5 Teemo) if you don't count those activates CCs through auto attack.
  • Nasus has the longest duration CC with 5 seconds slow and shortest is Aatrox with 0.25 seconds knock up.
  • Mordekaiser is kinda weird (and buggy), his R counted as a suppression but you can freely move (inside the circle) and act, so… CC or not?
  • Same to Mordekaiser, Camille's R can prevent any kind of movement that goes outside the boundaries like Sion, Kled or Yone but this isn't counted as a CC since you can't cleanse it.
  • Bard is the champion that has weirdest CC interactions, his Q can stun Sivir through the spellshield, his E which is not a CC can prevent any kind of action while moving through it (both allies and enemies) and his R is the only CC that can affect allies, turrets and epic monsters.

Top 3 weird shit

  • Beside champions that create terrains, Bard, Kalista and Tahm Kench are the 3 only champions can CC allies.
  • Ornn is the only champion can increase CC duration.
  • None champion has Fear (on champion), only Flee.
  • Irelia used to have pure Disarm (no hard CC include).
  • LeBlanc and Talon are the 2 assassins that have Silence removed since it's fucking OP.
  • Sona's stun makes the enemies dance.
  • Nautilus, Poppy and Urgot have the most CC with 5 distinctive CCs.
  • Tryndamere's R and Smite still can be used while CC-ed.
  • Malphite is the only tank that has no hard CC in the basic abilities.
  • Most Marksmen and Assassins lack of hard CC, balancing reason, high damage so low crowd control. If they do have hard CC, it usually is skillshot, long cooldown or it's their ultimate.
  • And the opposite, Tank and Support have the most CC.
  • Taunt is the only CC that hard its user.
  • Galio and Shaco's Slow can go lower than 110 MS.
  • Suspension is the only Airborne that can be removed with Cleanse.
  • Sleep is the only CC that can be removed by enemies.
  • Lee Sin has Root.


The way I count is different, for example Zoe has only 1 CC which is Sleep, but Sleep also gradually slow down the enemy so Zoe also has Slow.

I can't think of any useless facts so if you guys have anything else just add it.

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