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Udyr and Corki should be the next VGU after mundo

LeagueofLegends1 - Udyr and Corki should be the next VGU after mundo

So because of my tomfoolery, i resfreshed my post and now its all gone so my opinions would be quick.

Udyr because: – Nothing to justify. You know, we know, that he is the most requested VGU up to date(dont base on the last VGU poll because he is not there) Even though he recieved a VFX update, that doesnt mean that it will affect the champs team to VGU him in the near future. Plus, im tired of the fan base saying that we need to buy his ultimate skin to play his VGU. – Dorito Feet. The only one left…. may Yi? But lesser now – His archetype can be alot more specially he is the only shaman in league and his lore direction is already established. But maybe his stances is more to the spirits of freljord or the demi-gods(orn,aniv,voli,etc.) than the animals in his current itteration. For lore, i can see they will do the akali approach to his VGU. Maybe a lore progression. – Dont remove his uniqueness as league's only passive ability champ. However, riot can also made a twist. Making him combine his spirit forms like invoker from dota but i doubt it because udyr's champ core is just an easy to use champ. – For visuals, more freljordian.

Corki because: – For gameplay, he is not as interesting at all. Maybe to his loyal playerbase only. He can be a lot more. I think he should receive the volibear kind of update. – Visuals, he doesnt look like a yordle. He looks like an old midget man, no offence. Plus, the lore should also expand the aviator mobiles in Runterra. I think Corki's update will open us that. How the aviator work and job do in piltover. – I think a VGU will boost his popularity, since then, he is the only champ that i can count that appeard in my match. Even skarner was played a lot unliked corki. – Like mundo, he has a lot of old skins plus 2 legendaries. I had a hatred for his skins because i always get them in my loot lol. So its time for his old skins to shine. His bad skins can turned into good.


As to why i excluded shyvanna and noc. Dont tell riot that they got rob. I know that VGUing a champ needs a lot of assertion. For ex. If a champ can deliver much more like why they reworked irelia and akali first or if its old age. But what i can say is that riot should just be frank and rework ugly model and unpopular champs first. They need it since riot has many games, i really doubt that they can focus to LOL PC as they used to so i hope that each model can be updated. They even need VUs. With Riots pacing and slowing of VGUs it will be hard for them to update all and im sad because at this rate we wont get to see a lot of the roaster updated. Plus we will have inconsistencies in other lol games too. 2 ex. is Wild drift and LoR.

I suggest that they would do something like what ML(even though i disliked ML for how they plagerized LoL in the past and it copy paste sh*t) doing right now with their PROJECT NEXT. There should be a team focusing on revamping champs that only needs VU and minor changes(like Ez and Morg) unlike the champ's team on the VGU side.

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