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UEFA-like Region Ranking – Worlds 2019 (Play-in Phase 2)

LeagueofLegends9 - UEFA-like Region Ranking - Worlds 2019 (Play-in Phase 2)

First stage of the play-in ended. Here's the updated ranking. I will post updates during the tournament, remember to check them sometimes u.u


Please, remember that the ranking goal is to propose an exact, fair and predictable way to assign team spots to regions (if a region has one super-team and other teams sucks, that region probably deserves only one spot), not to determine which region has the best team. The perceived strength of a Region is also an important factor into assigning a spot to them.

Also, the ranking is made for the sake of fun, please don't flame it, but every suggestion is always appreciated

Bolded regions are still in the tournament

LCK21.76/2= 10.8818.4218.68/2= 9.3411.6916.34/2= 8.173.9462.44
LPL13.72/2= 6.8611.3921.28/2= 10.6416.2818.24/2= 9.125.2559.55
EU13.6/2= 6.88.2710.65/2= 5.3312.6519.52/2= 9.764.0646.89
NA7.42/2= 3.717.427.48/2= 3.748.8213.76/2= 6.883.2333.8
LMS10.24/2= 5.123.5713.71/2= 6.863.715.74/2= 2.872.2824.41
VCS5/2= 2.524.4/2= 2.442.0815.62
SEA5/2= 2.520.4/2=
LCL1.8/2= 0.920.635.59
TCL20.4/2= 0.520.444.36
CBLoL0.78/2= 0.390.780.16/2= 0.080.360.28/2=
LLA0.60.52/2= 0.260.521.38
LJL0.20.84/2= 0.420.240.86
OPL0.20.44/2= 0.220.440.86

Updated to Play-in Day 4


GPL splitted into SEA and VCS. Points GPL had has been awarded to both Regions

CLS and LLN became LLA. LLA inherited LLN points (CLS was at 0)

Points here are rounded to the second decimal only for reading convenience. For the calculations they are still rounded to the fifth decimail

The rules I used are:

  • Each REGION that has at least 1 team attending to an MSI or a Worlds gains automatically 1/5 (1/10 for MSI since the halve of the points) of the points (here are called COEFF) that its Region obtained during the previous Worlds for that event(2014WRD makes COEFF2015 for 2015MSI and 2015WRLD, 2015WRLD makes COEFF2016 for 2016MSI and 2016WRLD, etc.etc.); COEFF2014 is 0 for all the Regions.
  • Only the last 6 international tournaments Riot-organized (so far, 3 MSI and 3 Worlds, Rift Rivals are excluded because not all Regions can "fight" against) are taken into account;
  • MSIs gives half of the points of Worlds;
  • Each team that attends at a Groups stage gains 2 points;
  • Each Match won during the Groups stages grants 1 point. Tie-breaker matches are not taken into account;
  • Qualifying to a Knockout stage grants 3 point;


  • Each Series won during the Knockout stages grants 2 points;
  • Each turn passed during the Knockout stages grants 1 additional point (alongside the ones gained winning Matches during the Knockout);


  • Each Game won during the Knockout stages grants 1 point; If the series is won 3-0, 1 bonus point is granted;
  • If a Region has more than 1 team partecipant to the tournament, it gains the mean of the points of its teams;
  • Regions points are rounded to the fifth decimal;


  • Each Game won during the Play-in stage by a not qualified to Groups Stage team grants 0.2 points. These points are only granted if the team DOESN'T qualifify to Groups Stage, in which case it will be rewarded with only the usual 2 points for qualifying

These are the COEFFs calculated on the base of Worlds results


Feel free to comment and give more opinions and correction. I'm aware the ranking is far from being perfect, but I'm here to make it better. Please be polite and argument your opinions, or I won't be able to use them.

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