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Upcoming changes for 9.6

LeagueofLegends10 - Upcoming changes for 9.6

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Current state of 9.6:

Buffs: Ornn, Trundle, Urgot, Xayah, Caitlyn, Gnar, Hecarim, Nautilus, Shen

Nerfs: Rek'Sai, Sylas, Jayce, Morgana, Zoe, Leblanc, Overheal, Dematerializer

Changes: Kayle, Ivern, Ghost Poro, Manamune

Notably doing Tear stuff instead of Ezreal.


  • Base Armor :: 35.5 >>> 39

  • Passive per target CD :: 9/8/7/6 >>> 6


  • Mega Gnar W CD :: 15/13/11/9/7 >>> 7


  • W Healing multiplier at low health decreased 200% >>> 175%


  • Q On hit damage :: 5/10/15/20/25/30 >>> 10/16/22/28/34/40 (This is for each of the 3 attacks.)


  • E CD :: 16/15/14/13/12 >>> 20/18.5/17/15.5/14

  • E Slow :: 10/20/30/40/50% >>> 10/15/20/25/30%


  • Q AP ratio :: 0.4 >>> 0.3


Small nerf overall, just meant to bring down power level a tiny bit.

Health Regen down a tiny bit, W damage down a tiny bit


Some small stuff about his brush passive updating more responsively when he enters brush.


Riven is powerful right now, but she really doesn't seem to be near the strongest option in the game.

Frustration over her current state seems to be an especially western phenomenon. When considering power level, we look for trends that are consistent across regions.

Riven 2

Fun fact: NA bans Riven 60% more often than her average ban rate, so it's mostly a regional bias thing that seems to be driving the conversation against her at the moment.


Riven 3

Yes, she could be looked into, and I agree Riven is a strong champion. If her performance improves a little bit from where it is now, she's a likely nerf candidate for 9.7. We have to draw lines somewhere.


His buffs are pretty small. Based on our evaluations, he's like slightly under par for all player segments.


Health and Health Regen nerfs to bring him more in line with ranged champions rather than melee champions (which is what he's currently closer to).


Hecarim is getting a bugfix that should be a decent size buff at the same time. Currently, his Q is supposed to deal 10% more damage per stack of Q that he has, but that part of the spell just isn't working. So we'll be fixing that.

Kayle (Note)

The Kayle stuff that was incorrectly posted in one region this morning didn't happen.

Kayle Changes from August

Kayle adjustments going to PBE:

SIGNIFICANT feel improvements to attacking with E and W.

W is a stronger reactive defense (instant MS = better dodging)

Default adaptive switching to AD is a buff to lane.

Compensating w/nerfs making lategame more item reliant (less AD+AS/lvl)


  • AD per level 3 >>> 2.5

  • AS per level 2 >>> 1.5

  • Default adaptive AP >>> AD

  • Updated recommended items to reflect power of Guinsoo's and BoRK


  • MS %: 26 – 50 (+.1 AP) >>> 26 – 50 (+.08 AP)

  • Haste at end of .25s cast >>> Haste at start of .25s cast

  • No longer has ~1s cancel-able winddown after cast (could be canceled by spamming RMB on your target)


  • Fixed .25s cast time >>> Cast time now scales with AS (like a normal AA reset)


  • Swap it with Flashtraption and reduce its charge count by 1.

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