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Upcoming changes for 9.8

LeagueofLegends3 - Upcoming changes for 9.8

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Expect most of this to hit PBE Tuesday


Champions: Singed, Fiora, Gnar, Renekton, Sejuani, Blue Kayn, Ornn, Camille, Trundle, Amumu, Cassiopeia, Jhin, Nautilus

Items/Runes: Stormrazor, Bramble Vest


Champions: Kayle, Morgana, Zed

Items/Runes: Power Shift, Coup De Grace

Main Context

Aatrox 1

We're looking at 9.9 buffs for Aatrox. Didn't want to drop them on the MSI patch.

Aatrox 2

At home, so I don't have access to the full changes, but I believe E is getting its charges back and R is looking to receive new stuff since the Revive is receiving changes.


I believe the team thinks she's pretty soundly out of a position of jungle dominance and can be afforded a bit of a top lane buff.


I think it's something like 30s off R CD.


He's crossed the OP line. No direction determined as of yet.

Coup De Grace

Getting rid of the part that gives temporary adaptive on takedown, and increasing the damage amp a tiny bit to offset.

Q & A


Q: Context on the Zed nerfs?

A: He's crossed the OP line. No direction determined as of yet.

Q: How close are Riven, Vlad, and Vayne on that line?

A: Riven and Vayne are both very close Vlad is somewhat close, but also rising in priority


Q: Why bother reworking kayle if you’re going to nerf her repeatedly in every successive patch. …

A: Really don't want to be giving new or reworked champions privileged win rates. That's what we'd be doing if we didn't nerf Kayle this patch.


Q: Can I ask about Vladimir? No nerfs coming for him?


A: If his ban rate at the very top tier of solo queue picks up, we probably would.


Q: TBH i see those buffs like undirect nerfs to Riven. Do you think it will help lowering her winrate? Champions like Fiora, Singed and Renekton are already very opressive against her.

A: Every little bit of power that is added to her direct competition probably does siphon a bit from her, but I doubt it will be enough to feel substantial immediately.

Q: One last question, if Riven gets to cross the op line, what sort of nerfs would you think she would get?

A: I hope in that case we would do changes to either make her noticeably weaker early game and let her keep scaling, or do the opposite and make her noticeably worse scaling and let her be strong in the early game.


Q: I am sure you guys know how effective bramble is against Fiora's entire identity and playstyle, any word on if thats a situation you want to change rather than simple buffs to her?

A: I think a lot of healing-based champions feel similarly about grievous wounds items. I'd like to resolve that but I don't think it's something that's going to happen immediately, unfortunately.


Q: Is giving Master Yi ghost status in ult still under consideration? Very annoying when Yi ults to chase elise/malzahar/yorick and gets heavily creep-blocked by their spiderlings/voidlings/ghouls.

A: Yeah it seems like the team is mostly in favor of doing it.


Q: Any word on any changes for Lux in the future, she kind of feels forgotten

A: Does she? She got a lot of attention from @RiotAugust last year iirc.


Q: Please give Sylas sth back he‘s in the dumpster

A: I think 9.9 or 9.10 is the soonest he'll see something.

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