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Update on The “Director Cho” Incident: JD Gaming releases their perspective on the issue, Korean senator promises support

LeagueofLegends7 - Update on The "Director Cho" Incident: JD Gaming releases their perspective on the issue, Korean senator promises support

As many people know, there has been some airing of dirty dealings regarding LCK team Griffin's sub jungler Jin-hyeok "Kanavi" Seo, currently on loan to LPL's JD Gaming.

Former Griffin head coach CvMax, as part of his whistleblowing on his former organization, brought up Kanavi's contract with JD Gaming and said Griffin's director Cho threatened Kanavi to sign a 5-year contract in order to receive the highest amount of transfer fee possible.

There's been a lot of reddit posts about this issue, and if you have the time, the following post would be very helpful in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

  • "A Summary of the CvMax/Griffin Situation"

Recently, Still8, the owner of team Griffin, issued a press conference, where they claimed that Kanavi was still on loan, while there was no contract between Griffin and JD Gaming about a full transfer, and that Kanavi had commited tampering by traveling to China by himself to negotiate a contract with JDG. A translation of their release is linked.

  • "Still8: "'Kanavi' still on Griffin's Roster …. He's not transferred""

However, CvMax invited Kanavi to his stream and refuted several points in Still8's press release, mainly that a copy of the contract existed in PDF form, Still8's Chinese regional executive accompanied Kanavi and was present in every conference between Griffin, Kanavi, and JDG.

  • " CVmax responds to Still8's claim with Kanavi on his stream "

Still8's press release indicates that Still8 had cleverly used a loophole in Riot's international loan regulations to send multiple players on loan. According to the 2019 LCK official rulebook, Rule 3, Clause 3 states that one player on the team's roster can be loaned to an overseas pro or semi-pro team. Apparently, Still8 found this enough grounds to send their mid laner Hyung-sup "Rather" Shin to LMS Flash Wolves in 2019 Spring, and then drop him from the team roster and then send Kanavi to LPL JD Gaming in 2019 Summer.


One day ago, JD Gaming also released their perspective of the incident, through an email interview with a Korean reporter.

In this report, JD Gaming revealed several facts:

  1. JDG had contacted Griffin about transferring Kanavi before contacting the player himself.
  2. Griffin initiated that Kanavi could only be contracted for 3 years, but JDG held 3-way discussions with Kanavi and Griffin present, and ultimately agreed on a 3-year-contract with 2 additional years as an option. In this process, Griffin argued for a 1.2 million CNY (170k USD) salary for the first 3 years and a 2.4 million CNY (339k USD) salary for the next 2 years. Kanavi said that it didn't matter whether he was contracted for 4 years or 5.
  3. JDG said that all communication was conducted in the process of Still8's Chinese regional executive and Kanavi himself, and they were fully cooperative in this process.
  4. The contract that JDG signed with Kanavi was written in both Chinese and Korean, so no possible misinterpretation was possible.
  5. JDG wants Kanavi to remain as jungler on their roster, regardless of what happens. "We will fully cooperate with Riot's official investigation about Griffin and Kanavi's transfer process. However, as his loan contract is still in effect, we wish for the player to rejoin the team and train with us. We hope that Kanavi can unburden himself from the stress he is under now and join the team. We eagerly wait his return."

Furthermore, Korea National Assembly Senator Tae-kyung Ha of the BareunMirae Party wrote a Facebook post, announcing that he would "provide everything a senator can offer" to resolve this issue and protect youngster like Kanavi from suffering under unfair contracts.

In his facebook post, Senator Ha claimed that he investigated the issue through independent channels and found the reveals "detailed and reliable". If the accusations are true, Director Cho, and by extension Still8, will be found guilty for extortion. Ha also said that mere internal investigations by workers in the same industry has limitations, and he will provide any service he can.

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