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**Update** TF Blade Twitch ban

LeagueofLegends3 - **Update** TF Blade Twitch ban

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Hey Ashkan,

Just heard back. I’ve been told that after you submitted your appeal, to be as objective as possible they had numerous people listen to the clip, and unfortunately they all also heard the N word. Even after asking to listen for idiots, they couldn’t hear it. Because of that, they were originally leaning toward leaving the full 30 day suspension. That being said, I relayed your response, and highlighted your history, specifically your lack of previous infractions, and after further review, the appeals team has agreed to reduce your suspension from 30 days down to 7 days.

As I mentioned to you on Twitter, Twitch takes hateful conduct extremely seriously. I believe you when you say you weren’t being hateful, but it’s really hard to argue with the fact that several people on the Partner Conduct team all heard the N word in an objective review of your clip. I don’t believe you’re a hateful person, and I hate seeing my partners get suspended, just as I know you’re really frustrated by this situation. I know this wasn’t the outcome you wanted, but I hope you can agree that this is still a better outcome than the original proposal which was a month long suspension.

Let me know if you have any questions – I promise to help address any you may have to the best of my abilities.

Edit 1: TF Blade's reaction: https://twitter.com/tfblade/status/1120994200131076097


They are literally going to just ruin my reputation on a mistake that is on their side, this is truly unfair. All the sponsors will look at this without the full context and take the wrong point. I am seriously frustrated with this.

Edit 2: Yassuo's reaction: https://twitter.com/YassuoNA/status/1120993856592412679

Edit 3: IWD's reaction: https://twitter.com/LiquidDominate/status/1120994730211446794

Actually such a blatant abuse of power… really ironic the shit that they let pass for streamers in different categories

Edit 4: Riot Blaustoise's earlier reaction: https://twitter.com/RiotBlaustoise/status/1120917943817125892

Regarding @tfblade's ban, I'd hypothesize some degree of priming could have had an effect. Watch the clip after I say "idiots" a bunch. I think you're (1) more likely to hear "idiots" and (2) if you already heard it before, you'll hear it more clearly. @Twitch @TwitchSupport


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