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Urgot, his current state and what can be done to change it.

LeagueofLegends7 - Urgot, his current state and what can be done to change it.

Hello Reddit Community,

I am Nicram, a creator of multiple content for Urgot mains. I'm constantly hovering between Diamond 1 and Challenger. I've over 1,1 Million Mastery Points on new Urgot and 1,83 overall.

Today I would like to talk about Urgot and his current state. Urgot is the only Juggernaut who is unable to build items created mainly for the class he's in, such as Sterak's Gage or Hydra items. He also can't buy Attack Speed items because of the way his W works or make use of ranged items as well as other ranged champions can because of his autoattack range. Why is Urgot with 350 autoattack range balanced the same way as Caitlyn with 650 autoattack range?

Furthermore, Urgot gets hit every time Riot adds a penalty for ranged champions. This happened already with Conqueror that was abused by Cassiopeia, Ryze and some other mages and Marksmen.

Same happened with Doran's Shield change in patch 9.23; "NEW EFFECT: Regeneration is now 66% effective for ranged champions or when triggered by AoE, DoT, or proc effects."

Another hit he received was in patch 10.5; "Turret plates take 17% reduced damage from ranged champions. To ranged readers: The second and third lines even out to you dealing the same damage to plating as you did before. We just didn't want to say "turret plates take increased damage from melee champions". I didn't even mention about Blade of the Ruined King and Hydra items buffed for melee users and this change made it more difficult to play against them.

Currently, on PBE, Death's Dance has changes; Unique passive: Ranged users now take 20% of damage taken as bleed effect. Melee unchanged. This hurts Urgot more than people imagine because Draven or Graves, 2 ranged users of this item, are able to build another lifesteal item such as Blade of Ruined King or Bloodthrister while Urgot doesn't really have that luxury as he usually goes more tanky after buying the Black Cleaver and Death's Dance.

Following this trend, the Black Cleaver should be next, which is another item that has a history of being abused by ranged champions. However, often ranged champions are able to go for a crit build and be as relevant as they would be with the Black Cleaver. Lucian, Gnar, Senna (https://youtu.be/u3bOCR2yRSM?t=279), Kindred, Jayce and Graves are able to build this item but they're completely fine to go for a crit/lethality build instead. Maybe except Gnar.

That's about it for his itemization and runes.

Moving on to another subject, which is his kit. Urgot is a ranged champion but his trade pattern are unique, he wants to close the gap and fight you in melee range because of the way his passive works.

His passive is very strong and unlike what the popular belief is, it's the main source of Urgot's damage. It's not his W. Urgot's W is only a tool that makes Urgot able to activate legs much better and faster. I personally feel that Urgot is so unique that he should be balanced around this ability but not for the cost of making his basic abilities being so weak that they feel bad to use. If there's a need, I propose to nerf Urgot's passive because Urgot players in lower elo don't know the importance of using this passive effectively. This changes in high elo, as people there know that they should avoid getting hit by Urgot's E as it will be followed by his W and the activation of legs that really hurt. Urgot has high winratio in lower elo because I assume that people walk into Urgot in melee range, let him hit them for free and they expect to win the duel, even though it might not be the case.

Urgot's Q is very weak for what it does and costs. 80 mana cost for a small AoE ability that deals realitively low damage. There are many ways to make the ability better. I would say it Riot added a small armor shred or maybe added a short healing debuff to add some niche that would make Urgot picked in lanes that he normally might not be considered to.

Urgot's W is even worse as it has many flaws. Urgot tends to max this ability first. Yes, I am aware that Q max is still possible but with the PTA as his current best keystone, W max is much better. This ability has a modified damage to minions, it deals 50 damage with every hit to minions and maxing it doesn't improve his laning as it only decreases its cooldown and mana cost. It doesn't change its base damage, it only adds 4% damage ratio per rank. What does it mean? Urgot maxes W and his waveclear doesn't improve in early game (until he's able to deal more than 50 damage to minions with each hit), the extra AD benefit that he receives from maxing it is almost worthless and really makes difference only in mid and late game.


Furthermore, as previously mentioned, this ability deals 50% on-hit damage and can not critically strike, attack speed is set on 3.0 so attack speed items that often have either on-hit damage or crit chance are bad on Urgot. Runaan's Hurricane, Blade of the Ruined King, Guinsoo's Rageblade and Wit's End are bad/not optimal items because of this.

I would say this ability needs most changes as Urgot gets heavily punished for maxing it and the real value of this ability comes online only in mid/late game.

Urgot's E is his strongest basic ability. When well timed it allows him to use it as a tool to move during CC. It has CC, shield and great base damage. There's not much room to change this ability outside of making some number changes. Urgot doesn't need to be able to pass terrain with it and that's perfectly fine. I would propose making the AD ratios better and decrease the health ratio on shield from 15% Bonus Health to 10% Bonus Health as a compensate. Riot's goal afterall is to make him more exciting to watch/play and so that he isn't a full tank after the Black Cleaver and Death's Dance.

Urgot's R while having a lot of counterplay is in a popular's belief a uncounterable ability even though many basic abilities or ultimates or QSS can counter it. Personally I don't see a lot of room to change it, maybe give up the ideas on Q and allow Urgot's R to reveal hidden enemies or add some effect here such as grevious wounds for the duration of the slow of the R (4 seconds).

That's about it for this part of the post. Now it's time for some more ideas how to make Urgot feel better. These won't be all buffs to make Urgot better as I'm not a delusional Urgot main who wants him to be better in every way possible.

There needs to be something done about his current identity. He's the only Juggernaut who can't buy items that every other Juggernaut champion would like to buy or they're weaker. Same for runes. What can be done to change this? People often complain about Urgot's autoattack range and I agree, 350 autoattack range is too much to count as a melee champion.

This means that Urgot needs to have either higher base range and count as a ranged champion . Or if he's a melee champion, decrease his autoattack range to 250-300~ and allow him to have less harsh penalties, or straight up melee items/runes benefits

The other way to do it, is to decrease his base autoattack range to 250-300 and make it so when he uses W, his autoattack range increases to 350-425~ and adjust W to the old version so it's not a toggle anymore.

The third solution to make him feel better is to allow Urgot to build Sterak's Gage but disallow him to buy Hydra items.

If nothing changes, Urgot will be constantly hit by all the Melee/Ranged changes that other champions cause and this type of posts will be made/brought up regularly and it's really worrying. Urgot doesn't need big changes in terms of buffs/nerfs because they might break him. He's by no means a weak champion currently, but he gets hit by every change that is targetted at other champions. This champion deserves more changes than a simple buff or nerf. Please change Urgot and make him more fun to play or better to play as/against.

I have to say that I basically stopped playing Urgot because playing him is not rewarding, every single game is almost the same and there's almost no variety other than Q max sometimes. Yes, it's possible to have a success with this champion because as I mentioned earlier, as he's not a weak champion, he's at worst on a weaker side because of all the changes.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it gave you all a better picture of Urgot's current state and how it can be potentially solved.

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  • Reply
    Cody Kristopher Childers
    Aug 30, 2020 11:40 pm

    urgot is completely fucking broken. this guy does no dmg and routinely has 250-300 dmg of his own, while literally taking no dmg from 4 players hitting him. unreal busted champ that youre abusing

  • Reply
    Sep 13, 2020 2:53 pm

    Urgot doesn’t need buffs any more. I just ate a 32/2 Urgot in normals that couldn’t be killed. I don’t what what could have been going on at the time this guy was writing, but let me explain Urgot today. He builds black cleaver and everyone with armor is dead. His ultimate kills you if you have 25% HP, which on tanks like most top laners is around 1k HP by mid game for that instant death to rip out. Late game he can kill people by looking in their direction, is firing his guns faster than an attack speed built Tristana, and chances are good he’ll hit 18 when the rest of your team is 14-15 because Jungle keeps trying to 1v1 him in river. Oh, and he can charge into the fountain and stand there for a good 4 seconds without dying once he hits full build. Buffs? Changes? Why? Dude’s goddamn unstoppable unless you’re playing an equally stupid stat stick of a champion like Darius.

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