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Veigar had 3 different build paths, now he has 0

LeagueofLegends5 - Veigar had 3 different build paths, now he has 0

I know Veigar isn't very popular champion, but it really hurts me seeing my favorite champion get this kind of treatment, meanwhile Katarina gets compensation for removing her core item. At the time of writing this, Veigar is sitting at 46,5% win rate diamond+ (50/53) according to
u - Veigar had 3 different build paths, now he has 0

u.gg and 41,67% win rate (51/51) according to
op - Veigar had 3 different build paths, now he has 0
op.gg. This all happened because of the items rework and overpricing his core items.

Veigar had 3 different build paths:
#1 Glacial – this build is no longer possible since the items rework. Glacial is not viable rune due to GLP removal and this rune should be reworked as well.

#2 GLP + Electrocute – this was by my opinion the best build available. I personally got to Grandmaster 200+ LP with around 60% wr just with this build. The base strategy with this build is rushing GLP and proc electrocute with your GLP + Q + W/R. As your second item, you were either going rabadon ( you get around 600 AP in 20-22 minutes) or defensive depending on the situation. This build is no longer option either, cause of the rework and overpricing both core items. Everfrost is worse variant of GLP with bigger price and Rabadon is 200g more expensive with 5% less ap bonus. It takes you around 28 minutes to get to both items, which in this meta is really late for champion to be finally useful.


#3 Ludens – the final build is pretty much the only remaining build left. Since Ludens is only 200g more expensive now, it may not look as too bad of an option, but the real problem with this build lies in the following items. This was my main build before GLP+Electrocute and second item was almost always Rabadon just for the pure AP it gave you. Rabadon is not viable anymore as I already said, so let's see the other options. The best alternative is Seraph's, it gives you enough ap to be useful in mid-game, but the problem with this item is the lack of scaling and defense. You don't get ap scaling like Rabadon, the mana on the item is unnecessary and you get no defense stat or passive/active on it either. Another option is Horizon Focus (which is really terrible for 3k gold), Banshee / Zhonyas (both only for defense, ap on these items is not worth it) or Void staff ( probably the best scaling option after Rabadon, but almost every time useless as second item).

Conclusion: Veigar is in really bad spot and I don't see him getting out of it in a long time if something won't help him. As I already mentioned, he should get treatment similar to Katarina. His kit should get buffed and I'm not talking about just the stats. If he could get another passive effects on any abilities, it would make him more viable and compensate him for the lack of good items.

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