League of Legends

Visual rework for Skarner (satirical fan concept)

LeagueofLegends4 - Visual rework for Skarner (satirical fan concept)

It is becoming blatantly obvious from rito that creature designed champions do not have a place in League of Legends, as the saying goes "sex sells", that these muscled bodies and twinks are more appealing to League's current demographics than they were when they were a small indie company. Nowadays, every single recent champion has to be humanoid and slender to moderately muscled to appeal to all the younglings watching their anime/kpoop to appeal to their fantasies of being a hot muscle stud, anime edgy edgelord for male champions, or dominatrix to simp for female champions, looking at the current trends of released champions, the last non-bipedal/humanoid champion is, at least within my quick glance at champion history was Yuumi, which was back in 2019.

With Skarner being in the latest champion rework poll. There is one noticeable thing among the rest of the other candidates where Skarner most definitely stands out. That is, he lacks humanoid features, I mean maybe you could argue Nocturne, but I mean you can just give him legs. Anyways, I took the creative liberties(not warranted) in order to thrust Skarner into appealable to rito's current demographics.

Introducing skarner's visual update (concept):


b-bbu-but /u/TheCPPLewdArtist, that just appeals to only a portion of League's demographic, yeah I know and in order to appeal the simps and edgelords let's just rework Skarner's lore to include Seraphine for the simps, and his plot device for the edgelords and lore nerds. Now the beauty of the current events that rito has given us is the green light for lore related events, as with the Ruined King. Knowing the hype that the Ruined King's lore has generated, we can now scrap that event for 2021 and focus on the development of Skarner's lore in Runeterra that unfolds in 2 lore events, effectively making it the Year of Skarner. Here's my hot/high school English level writing take:


Part 1:

Location: Shurima

Skarner woken up from one thousand years of slumber in the Shuriman desert to find that the entire Brackern race has been erased, having no recollection of previous events, Skarner seeks to find out what happened to his race. As Skarner wanders throughout the Shuriman desert, he stumbles into a young Piltian/Zaunian archeologist (you can make him another champion) and that archeologist is fascinated by Skarner and mentions that he would like to help Skarner on his journey, he says that they need to go back to Piltover/Zaun to get her sister, because they could use her fame to gather Piltians/Zaunians to work together to find Skarner's lost race (because convenience).

Part 2:

Location: Piltover/Zaun

Skarner is fascinated by the amount of technology that Piltover/Zaun has, eventually they get to the archeologist's sister, who happens to coincidentally be pop star icon, Seraphine (because we all love some good old fashion champion connections), but she has evil intents, because she was the one responsible for the Brackern genocide to power her The Goblin from Spiderman's hoverboard and to power her speakers.

Yadda yadda yadda, Skarner then discovers that Seraphine was behind the Brackern genocide, then we have a player based event where players cast their vote through playtime, where the more you play the more your vote matters. The event is split whether Seraphine coaxes Skarner to believe that the power of friendship and love will triumph and that despite all the evil she has done to Skarner, and she believes that they can still be lovers, and the other one is where Skarner kills Seraphine by chokeholding her with his visually updated muscles, effectively killing off Seraphine in the lore and therefore disabling her from League like the Gangplank event, but this time forever and then Skarner revives everyone for some reason.

Please hire me rito character design team and thanks for reading.

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