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Volibear has less base health than Vayne at lv.18

LeagueofLegends9 - Volibear has less base health than Vayne at lv.18

Been playing a lot of Volibear recently, but kept noticing that no matter how many tank items I got my max health always seemed a bit low. Then, one game where I played AP Voli, I noticed the enemy vayne had more health than me with a randuins than I did with a Liandry's.

According to the wiki Vayne's health (from level 1 to 18) is 515-2028, while Volibear's is now 580-2025.

Now, I figured this was because Volibear obviously has a good deal of inherent surivability, with his heal and shield, but I did a little bit of digging around, and saw that a lot of contemporary tanks outpace Voli for health as well. Garen has 640-2048, Maokai has 565-2180, Zac has 615-2230 and Darius has a whopping 582-2282.

What's very strange to me is that ALL of these champions have a lot more inherent survivability than Volibear does. Garen gains flat bonuses alongside percentile bonuses to MR and Armor, a self shield, and super regen. Zac can sustain off of his blobs indefinitely and scales with HP. Darius can get huge healing from multi-champ Q's. Maokai is the closest to Voli, with an auto based heal (even though voli's w isn't technically an AA), but the big difference is that Voli has a hard set minimum of a four second cd on his heal, and he can ONLY get this heal by W'ing the same champ twice, whereas Maokai's passive can be reset almost instantly in team fights, and can be used on whomever he wants. On top of that, while Voli's E can be great for survivability, you have to wait a much longer amount of time after casting for this shield than pretty much every other shield in the game, whereas someone like Maokai can instantly get out of a situation with his W.

Voli's ult gives him 400 Health instantly, which a lot of these other champions don't have. But, comparing him to champs with similar ults, like Nasus and Renekton, we see that they too get more health than Volibear (2091 and 2054 at level 18 respectively).


That's essentially it. I think Voli is in a decent spot right now, just figured I would call attention to something I've noticed in my games. IMO his base health should go up a little bit. Feels hard to pick up a damage item when a lot of his base stats demand full tank.

Edit: okay for some reason my links aren't working. not really sure why this is, unless they suddenly changed reddit posting formats. I'll link all the wiki's down here instead.

Vayne - Volibear has less base health than Vayne at lv.18


Volibear - Volibear has less base health than Vayne at lv.18



Maokai - Volibear has less base health than Vayne at lv.18






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