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Watching LMS so you don’t have to Week 2 Day 1 (plus some)

LeagueofLegends5 - Watching LMS so you don't have to Week 2 Day 1 (plus some)


So life got in the way and stopped me from doing day 3 last week, my bad. So I've pulled double duty and I'm giving you both today!

Week 1 Day 3 Matches


Strong showing from HKA’s botlane in this series. Unified aiming to bring us back to 2015 with LMS ADCs being godlike on Jinx. He’s 3-0 so far and HKA hasn’t won a game without it yet. The sololaners for HKA played pretty well but took turns being the punching bag for GRex so it was rather hard for them to look good. Crash still looks like the weak link, being out done completely in the second game. The series was closer than the score line, GRex in all likelihood should’ve won game 2 after their 5k baron play but a couple of excellent teamfights carried on the back of 3z and Unified gave HKA the win. 3z I had heavy criticism before today but he really showed up in game 2 and game 1 he didn’t have much of a chance being constantly dove with 3 or 4 members so. G Rex still looks like a solid middle team under teams like JT or AHQ but sitting around 4th or 5th with HKA and (if they can recover) Flash Wolves.

JT vs MAD 2-1

Not too much to take away from this match. Games 1 and 2 showed off the strength of MAD’s midgame and JT’s ability to get a lead and snowball. Game 2 you could point to MAD’s tp use being questionable with the solo laners tping to no advantage or after the action had stopped. Game 3 was even until 29 minutes where kongyue made a mistake that gave JT a free baron which put them really far ahead. Turns out Shadow Assassin Kayn with yuumi on top goes really fast. So fast you accidentally walk straight into the enemy team.

Week 2 Day 1 matches

AHQ vs GRX 2-1

This series was very entertaining. AHQ got a strong lead against GRX but were stalled out for ages by the sona comp from GRX only able to win teamfights at the end with a 6 elemental drake stacked second elder drake buff. Game 2 Gemini and Candy’s Gragas Yasuo combo took over the game early and couldn’t be stopped. Aatrox also got through the bans but admittedly wasn’t terribly impactful in the hands of PK. Game 3 a massive fight in the botlane put AHQ ahead with a 3-1 kill line and when Alex gets ahead he keeps AHQ ahead. Alex’s trundle felt closer to a Lee Sin with how much pressure it had early and Wako was the beneficiary of this going 8/0/11 on sivir. A little bit disappointed in AHQ this series as I had hyped them a lot after they smashed Flash wolves and Ahq looked rather average in the first game and quite bad in the second (especially the mid jungle duo of Apex and Alex). But they still look like a shoe in for a top 3 finish. G Rex fought valiantly. They look solid in all roles but only looks excellent in mid jungle. They know how to play the map and team fight they’re a good team but player strength in certain roles is their downfall.


ALF vs MAD 2-0

This was highly unexpected but given the quality of play MAD showed they deserved this loss. Game 1 felt like MAD at 30 minutes went “hang on aren’t we meant to be winning?” and started to not just engage fights after ALF had done what they wanted on the map but Caipi landing a 5 man stun on syndra giving Xiaoemo a quadra kill meant MAD just had to watch their nexus get destroyed from the grey screen. Game 2 was even but both teams made so many mistakes. MAD’s sub top Liang looked disconnected from the team. I don’t know why Rock wasn’t playing (I don’t speak the language so the casters may have mentioned it but I couldn’t tell you) but I have a feeling giving him Aatrox would’ve resulted in a massive lead in game two instead of what Liang could achieve. Not that Liang even looked terrible, he looked like the best player on MAD this series. Kongyue on Trundle and Skarner looked really tame and not at all like what we’ve seen from him before. Uniboy and Breeze continue to bleed too much pressure in lane which is problematic when Caipi and Xiaoemo are performing like they did today. Leaky looked so much better than the last series but that was not a hard task. MAD look worse and worse each series, they should be able to bounce back but they might find themselves at the bottom end of the gauntlet or just out of playoffs if they keep up like this.


Is Yuumi actually even good? She's currently 2-7… Ok obviously yes but teams are not finding wins with her. This isn't unique to the LMS but its shocking how low her win rate is for how good the champion is.

AHQ's ADC Wako is currently sporting a KDA of 15.25 followed by JT Lilv (14.67) and JT FoFo (11.67). Fofo is the highest among mid laners by more than 7 points (AHQ Apex 4.11)

Tomorrow is J Team vs Flash wolves and Alpha vs Hong Kong Attitude. Will ALF keep up their performance from today? (possibly) Will FW find their first win? (Probably not)

We'll see

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