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Watching LMS so you don’t have to Week 3 Day 2

LeagueofLegends7 - Watching LMS so you don't have to Week 3 Day 2

Alpha Esports vs Flash Wolves 0-2 With only one series left in the round robin FW shake things up and bring in jungle sub Enso. While their early game was never really their problem, FW looked very active early in game 1 and were able to keep the snowball going against ALF. They had complete control over objectives and found a 3k gold lead rather quickly. At Baron Flash wolves won a team fight handily with Rather getting a pentakill on Azir and then won another two minutes later at bot tier two and won the game.

Game 2 FW drafted themselves a reasonably weak comp for early game and ALF tried to punish that. However, Enso got a good gank off onto the pushing yuumi Lucian lane and the resulting double kill undid most of the lead ALF was able to gather. The combo of Enso on Sejuani and ShiauC on Nautilus worked together to find picks that kept FW in the game and allowed them to get ahead at times. To break parity ALF start the Baron, but Enso gets the steal and FW come in and sweep the fight. The baron gave FW the gold required to just run through the comp of ALF and end the game.

Individually Enso didn’t look like an amazing upgrade in terms of pathing or mechanics but the team looked much more willing to make engages with him in the roster. I don’t know if that’s the team overall or Enso personally being aggressive and saying “we can get this kill/objective” but it’s working (admittedly against ALF who are a lower middle team). Rather has also stepped up, his azir performance was really good and though his corki didn’t look amazing he wasn’t a liability like he has been in previous games. Hanabi still looked pretty bad overall going even in a matchup he should’ve won and getting blasted as Irelia vs Aatrox.

On ALF’s side it looked like an issue of cohesion and macro over individual players. Leaky looked good against Hanabi, Caipi and Xiaoemo are still good carry players. But some miscommunication or split calls or something just meant a lot of their plays didn’t work as they probably wanted. Flash Wolves finish their first half of the split at 1 – 5. They have the ability to sneak into playoffs, but I wouldn’t be getting any hopes up.

J Team vs G REX 2-1

The first half of Game 1 can be basically summarised as two separate games: the 4v4 in bot and mid and the 1v1 top. The 4v4 was a very even back and forth with JT’s mid jungle advantages vs the bot lane advantages GRX managed to get. The 1v1 however Rest won. Eventually the worlds collided when GREX had to send 4 to kill Rest, upon which the 4v4 started to take some towers in response. After this, JT’s poke comp of Zoe, Ezreal and Lux were able to get control in the 4v4 while Rest maintained his split push, taking towers when PK’s Ornn tried to group. JT went for the baron bait, and in the teamfight Rest gets a quadra kill on Aatrox resulting in a 5 for 0 win for JT who then push down the nexus


The next game JT runs basically the same comp allowing for bans (Gragas instead of Sej and Corki in place of Zoe) and GRex respond with a gnar top control the Aatrox in lane while playing to PK’s teamfighting strength and a pyke yuumi bot lane to sustain through the ezreal lux poke. Yoon continued to show that LMS supports know how to play pyke early setting up and collecting two kills onto the opposing bot lane and having presence all over the map. Yet whenever the teams clashed, JT was finding the victories, though they were small, until 27 minutes where GRX found their first fight win around the Baron and took the objective afterwards. Despite the almost 6 k lead the baron got them G Rex had to wait until eldar dragon to actually win fights decisively but after getting that and the second baron they were able to close out game 2

Game 3 starts with Rest almost dying to a gank but Hana is able to counter gank in time granting him a free double kill and putting Rest (back on Aatrox and this time against Poppy) very far ahead. The Junglers don’t interact with the laners directly until 11 minutes when a fight breaks out, FoFo’s Jayce rotates before Candy’s Corki allowing Hana to secure both the Dragon and a kill onto Gemini’s Xin Zhao. G Rex’s only advantage at this point being a kill botlane for the Ezreal Tahm lane outplaying the Xayah Rakan’s attempts to get a kill. (Koala on Rakan stepping a bit too far forward and taking turret aggro). In the Dragon fight PK also commits the teleport meaning Rest is able to get even more advantages. At 15 minutes the Atrox is up a full tower including plates and first tower bonus, one kill 2 assists and almost 40 cs. With the strength of Rest and Hana, JT had full objective control and were able to use rift herald and a tp to get the final outer towers. Then at 20 minutes the first 5v5 breaks out and JT with Rest leading the charge just runs through GRX getting a clean ace and taking Baron. JT was 6k ahead of GRX before that fight, at the end of it they were 10k ahead.

JT looked about as good as they have all split. Rest was basically going beast mode in games 1 and 3 and in game 2 JT never felt like they were losing until GRX got elder drake. Not much to say about this series on JT’s side other than Hana and Rest popping off.

G Rex meanwhile, looked pretty good. PK looked like their weakest link but outside of game 2 he played disadvantageous matchups into the best top laner in the LMS on one of the strongest toplane picks. And in game 3 he got set behind at level 2 thanks to the counter gank from Hana so he couldn’t really do much. This team overall will probably miss playoffs unless MAD drop the ball butI see them taking 5th unless FW’s resurgence is something to be feared.

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