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Watching LMS so you don’t have to Week 4 Day 2

LeagueofLegends13 - Watching LMS so you don't have to Week 4 Day 2

Ok first things first…

Where’s day 1?

So youtube lost half the VoDs and my internet and Garena’s website are disagreeing so I wasn’t able to actually see most of the games. Results are as follows


JT 2-1 HKA

This is roughly what I expected for results but yeah, I can’t watch these games at the moment.

AHQ vs ALF 2-0

Both teams drafted comps with slower early games, but ALF picked Jayce mid for Caipi which worked as their pressure point. AHQ’s point of pressure was the Sejuani who got a decent farm lead over Gragas and made plenty of passes mid. Ziv found a roam to get first blood with Alex in midlane because Caipi pushed up to try and get the wave under Apex’s tower while Azir was in base. ALF’s botlane rotates first for herald as the second drake spawns so the trade ends up as bot tier 1 + first turret bonus+ ocean drake for rift herald and top tier 1. At 1 item Leaky was able to bully Ziv in the Camille vs Aatrox matchup and ALF try to play around this threatening a dive to make Ziv give up tower. They shouldn’t have done this as Camille was winning on her own and with this allocation of resources, Azir gets the top tier 1 and half the health bar of the tier 2 tower in exchange and the rest of AHQ almost take the mid outer tower. After a long pause AHQ collect the mid tower. Then a few minutes later ALF try a death brush but AHQ successfully dodge it then re-engage getting a kill onto Jayce. ALF turn around an attempted engage by AHQ killing their botlane, AHQ does manage to stop the follow up Baron but give up a kill onto Ziv. The next attempted engage is by ALF which ends up giving AHQ a kill. Neither team has fantastic engage, both looking for a pick with the junglers ult. AHQ attempts baron and are forced off. This gives up pressure and they lose both turrets mid outside their base. Xiaoemo over commits to kill Wako and Wake+Ysera turn the kill around. With the man advantage AHQ get baron while ALF try and reset. With Baron AHQ’s Azir/Ezreal comp’s siege is really strong and they use the poke to kill WSY and SkuLL (jungle and support) and then push through to win game 1.

Game 2’s draft made me check the patch. Tahm Kench first pick. Karthus and Ryze being picked. Ezreal/Tahm vs Kai’sa/Braum. We’re back to the start of the year. The only sign we’ve progressed being the Gnar and Sejuani picks by AHQ. ALF controlled all 3 lanes early with Karthus getting an expected Jungle farm advantage. Leaky on Irelia managed to control the wave and freeze it getting a good cs lead top. However, Wako and Ysera outplay the 4 man dive giving the rest of AHQ time to collapse and turn it around resulting in 2 kills for AHQ and none for ALF. Rift herald play bot gets the gold back to mostly even but a (counter??) gank bot gets 2 more kills for AHQ onto the jungler and support. Despite not dying to the follow up dive, Caipi (who rotated down) and Xiaoemo are forced to give up the turret. Great use of pressure from AHQ secures them the top turret, they threaten a dive getting the TP from Caipi then back off then, when Caipi is forced to respond to the ryze pushing mid, they simply come back and take the tower uncontested as the bot lane has to give it up. At 23 minutes AHQ engage on ALF and find a clean Ace and pick up the Baron afterwards. With the baron they easily take the remaining turrets outside of ALFs base and Gnar’s range advantage bot allows them to easily push out Irelia and rotate for the bot inhib tower. ALF try and respond but end up giving up pressure to the 1-3-1 meaning AHQ is able to get all three inhibs with little effort. With all 3 inhibs and 11.5k gold down the rest of the game goes about how you expect. AHQ just walk in and win.

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Game 2 went basically how I expected this series to go, AHQ out playing ALF basically across the map. Game 1 ALF looked more in control but still made some mistakes in allocating their players around the map. This is the second-best team first the worst. Not much to say.

After this match the first round-robin is over, and standings are as such:


Team Series score Game Score
J Team 6-0 12-5
AHQ Esports Club 4-1 9-4
Hong Kong Attitude 3-3 8-7
MAD Team 3-3 8-8
G-Rex 2-4 7-9
Flash wolves 1-5 4-10
Alpha Esports 1-5 3-10

Hong Kong Attitude vs G REX 2-0


Game 1 HKA tries a poke comp against a more traditional teamfight comp from GRX. The early game was rather slow due to both junglers keeping track of each other and so the lanes had to develop their leads by themselves. The first clash between teams came at dragon as Mountain went to check and found Crash and the HKA botlane where he promptly got rooted up and killed. GRX wound up getting the dragon though as HKA left it after the kill and GRX got there first on reset. GRX try to alleviate their losing sidelanes and make the swap for rift herald, however the pressure from Ezreal Yuumi means that first turret is taken before GRX get the first charge off. What looked initially like a questionable/suicidal tp turned into a collapse from HKA that managed to completely wipe the fight 4 for 0. I watched that fight like 4 times and I can only imagine the big brains on Unified to make that TP as it looked like suicide. ANYWAY, following that GRX send Azir to top lane to destroy the tier 2 turret while HKA sieges mid. Then GRX tries a tp flank. The resulting fight had HKA beat GRX to death with their wallets. Despite GRX picking the fight, Crash on Lee Sin walks away with the pentakill. After this fight HKA have a 6 and a half thousand gold lead before 20 minutes. HKA took control of topside and kept looking for picks until they had the advantage to take Baron safely. The Baron gets HKA two inhibs with some resistance (a fight at bot inhib that resulted in a 1 for 2 favouring HKA). But the poke comp from HKA was oppressive in the sieges that GRX’s best option was to force fights at a 15k deficit. Game ended shortly after one of these desperate fights.

So, Game 1 G Rex played Yoon as ADC and their support sub Eason. I initially thought this was an emergency sub situation so wasn’t going to mention it until the end of the series, but Bruce came back to play his main role in game 2 with yoon going back to support. I don’t know what the reasoning for Yoon as ADC was, but it didn’t go that badly all things considered. GRX also substituted Gemini in for game 2 in the Jungle position. With their traditional starting roster, (though to be honest its probably mostly a compositional factor) GRX’s early game looked a lot better. They almost blew a dive botlane with the Jarvan ult blocking the Naut hook allowing Kaiwing to snare Jarvan comfortably under turret but in the end they managed to get a kill with no casualties. However at the same time Crashw was able to get a gank mid and even out the kills. Crash had the next gank finding a pick onto Yoon. Rift herald is where the fun begins. Candy’s Zoe goes to assist Gemini but gets collapsed on by M1ssion’s Azir and Crash’s Sejuani. PK gets the roam down first from top lane on Camille and with Candy gets a return kill on M1ssion and almost Crash but 3z makes his way down and kills PK. The only thing that saved Candy was Yoon roaming up from bot lane but this meant Lux Sivir was able to just a large amount of turret plate gold in the 1v2 bot side. Knowing they’ve basically lost bot tower, GRX makes the swap to secure rift herald and push top lane, however they were so far behind HKA get two towers bot and Rift herald dies at the first turret so can’t even get a second charge off. M1ssion almost outplayed a 2v1 but he built ludens on Azir so understandable why he couldn’t pull it off. As GRX try and siege the mid tower, HKA engage a fight, getting a kill and the mid tier 1. GRX manage to find a pick onto Unified but then HKA comes in and wins the 4v5. GRX did a lot to make the game feel closer than the gold lead but HKA kept finding small advantages and growing their lead. At 25 minutes HKA start the Baron, baiting GRX into a fight. HKA win the fight 2 for 0 and take the baron afterwards. Crash is able to stall the 3 man push on the mid turret solo while the rest of the team resets and comes down to assist him, where they get a kill onto Yoon as Crash survives. With the Baron they set up 0-1-4 and break the base bot and cleanly rotate into getting the mid inhib afterwards. During the 5 man siege top, GRX try the engage with a Camille tp flank and though it initially looks like its going well, the gold/item lead proved too much and HKA swept the fight and ended from there.

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HKA looked really solid these games and it wasn’t as if GRX were particularly slouching in map movements. They lost the bot lane in terms of turret pressure both games and were forced to make unfavourable swaps for rift herald, but otherwise they mostly just got outplayed in fights. I wish I knew why Yoon was ADC game 1 but I guess we’ll never know

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