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We created an automated coach for solo queue called TryHarder and want you to try it for free

LeagueofLegends8 - We created an automated coach for solo queue called TryHarder and want you to try it for free

Hello Reddit,

We're TryHarder, an artificial intelligence esports coaching platform. Our end goal is to build a place where all gamers can go to get a fair evaluation of their skills, show off accomplishments, and utilize bleeding edge tools to improve and hit their goals. Our first major release is a coach for League of Legends solo queue. Our early users have seen some big improvements in their game. One player who was stuck in bronze for 400+ games last season got to gold promos in under a month using TryHarder. We’re hoping we can make more stories like that happen!

This is a paid product, but we're giving away 500 free one-month TryHarder subscriptions to load-test our server, get feedback to improve our platform, and see how many players we can help climb. Right now we're a team of 4 paying for everything out of our own pockets trying to make it work. We don't want ads on our site infecting your computer with malware and flashing distracting garbage in your face. We are trying to keep the price down at $9.99 USD per month to make it accessible for everyone that wants to get better. All $ collected goes towards paying for the servers, adding new tools, and growing the platform. We’re hoping you like what we're building and want to join our community. You can sign up for your free month here:


(Or use discount code ‘FreeMonthForRedditFriends’)

Here's what we can do right now:

  1. We pull all of your games of solo queue over the past 28 days (rolling to cover 2 patches).

  2. We pull in and analyze all games of solo queue worldwide, and we compare you to literally everyone else playing the same champion and role on your server.

  3. We give you a dashboard showing your stats, and how you stack up against these other players. This lets us show your strengths and weaknesses in an unbiased way.

  4. We analyze all of your stats, identify the areas of gameplay that will have the largest impact on increasing your win rate, and give you personalized advice around how to improve based on how you play.

  5. We have a goals feature where you can set reasonable goals that will also automatically track your progress after every game played. We'll send you an email when you hit those goals to celebrate.

A subscription to our site gives you an ad-free, personalized, and highly effective experience all focused on helping you improve. We hope a few of you like what we're building and join our community when your free month ends. We also have a Discord where high elo coaches are happy to help anyone for free. We've been working pretty hard to build out new tools and features weekly. Your feedback and advice there will shape the future of what we make so we can get better together.

Happy to answer any questions you might have. We'll be checking in periodically to help troubleshoot and see what you think.


-TryHarder team

TryHarder, Be Better


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