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We made a fantasy stock exchange for LCS & LEC!

LeagueofLegends1 - We made a fantasy stock exchange for LCS & LEC!

TL;DR We made a fantasy stock exchange for LCS & LEC, come sign up now, start with $10,000 fantasy cash, participate in the IPO and win some prizes. Check us out at:
esx - We made a fantasy stock exchange for LCS & LEC!

Once the IPO ends you will no longer be able to buy shares from the site for $100 each and all buying and selling on the platform will be done between users.

Hey guys, for a long time now we’ve been working on a project that allows us to enjoy the LCS and the LEC more than ever before, and with the competitive season starting back up again it’s finally ready to be shown. We hope you guys enjoy the website as we put a lot of hard work and love into it. You may have already seen us mentioned by Riot Grza on twitter https://twitter.com/IAmGrza/status/1206653093573611520

If you feel like checking it out we are currently in IPO so go buy shares of your favourite teams, bet on the underdogs keep a diversified portfolio or all into one team.

So what is the site and how does it work?

ESX is a fantasy stock exchange for LCS and LEC (more regions coming later), on our site you can buy and sell shares of LCS and LEC teams in order to earn dividends based on their performance. Players start with $10,000 compete to earn the largest portfolio by the end of the split, the players with the largest portfolio will earn prizes for their achievements! Every time a team earns a win they will pay out cash to their shareholders, the amount of money teams will payout increases during playoffs so make sure you make smart investments!


Right now the site is in the IPO mode which means you can purchase shares directly from the site for a set price for a limited amount of time. The LCS & LEC IPO will end 1 hour before the start of the first game in their respective leagues. After the IPO ends the user market will open and all transactions will be between users and users will set the prices they wish to sell for.

Under each team in the IPO, you will see a number called total sold, this number is the total number of shares sold by a team. If a team has a large number of shares sold their dividend payout will be lower as it will be divided by a larger number of shares. This means it is not always best to invest in the very best team as they may have a much larger amount of shareholders which means fewer earnings per share. We encourage you to come up with your own strategy, whether you want to go all-in on a team or diversify into many. Once this IPO is over the buy button will change to “view stock” and you will be able to list your shares for sale or buy other users.

All markers will close 1 hour before game time so no trading can be done while games are on. The markets will open 2 hours after the last game is scheduled to start for each region.

Note: The initial money you receive is used for both regions. They are not split between each region.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask below and we will answer them as fast as possible, we hope you enjoy our new fantasy experience!

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