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Weibo reactions after RNG vs FNC

LeagueofLegends9 - Weibo reactions after RNG vs FNC

RNG: All our games in group stage has officially ended. RNG ended groups third place with a 3-3 record, and is unable to advance to Quarterfinals. From regular season to worlds, every step wasn't easy to take. We're very sorry that we couldn't deliver a better ending for you this year. We promise to regroup and fight again next year, as our name says, Royal Never Give Up!

: Today is 20th October 2019, I still remember the pain from losing in the Knockouts at 20th October 2018. Stayed up late for this and feeling uncomfortable, good night.

IG: *cry* *hugs*

: I want to tell Uzi that no matter how it goes, I'm always proud of him. He has a lot of accolades, and also missed a lot of accolades deserved to him. But how he gave his heart and soul for LPL for me is even more worth to cherish.

: Questionable bans and picks, also bad team comp, picking a Lulu without a hard engage, you expect Lee to engage for you? What the hell are they thinking

: The fuck is this ban pick phase?! cOnGrAtUlAtIoNs tO rNg BeInG iN bEsT sIxTeEnTh.

: Mid laner was invisible

: When you lose, everything sounds like you're finding an excuse.

: Every elimination game's ban pick phase you're gonna troll? I'm in awe /s

: Why is everyone blaming Uzi when Xiaohu is the real problem. Why? Why?

: Please go in front of Uzi and say sorry to him. You guys (RNG) owed that to him.


: Xiaohu retire please.

: I'll hate Xiaohu forever.

: Let Uzi go and retire, you guys don't deserve him.

: Opening match, Honorary match, Do or die match, flight tickets next batch

VITALITY: Good luck and see you next year!

: Why Ezreal???

: Don't give me next year, having a player who specializes orb walking to the maximum in Uzi and you picked 3 straight Ezreals for him. Having a great engaging support in Ming and pick Lulu for him, time to go.

: I'm not gonna support RNG anymore. Say sorry to those fans who loved you, say sorry to the fan that has supported you all those years that is me. Galio from 2017, Obama (Lucian) from 2018 and now Ezreal. If the coaching staff doesn't know how to pick and ban they deserved to get out. If all five of the team doesn't want to play anymore please fucking retire. Treating fans like this is really meaningless. Don't give me any excuses, you don't deserve to win!

: Be sure to pick Ezreal too next season!


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