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[Weibo Reactions] QF day 1 (IG/GRF, FPX/FNC)

LeagueofLegends5 - [Weibo Reactions] QF day 1 (IG/GRF, FPX/FNC)

weibo?q=%23FPX%20FNC%23&page=1 - [Weibo Reactions] QF day 1 (IG/GRF, FPX/FNC)




: Super carry doinb is confirmed Ryze King – the damage was massive and won FPX the series. Who’s going to say doinb only gets carried now?

: Both playing Kayle, are we sure Bwipo and theshy played the same champion… One R flashes 1v4, the other only uses it to delay a few seconds and die anyway…

: (Screenshot of distressed Rekkless when Hyli locks in Alistar in Game 3) I feel so bad for Rekkles, it seems like the Alistar on his team joined the Chinese Communist Party and just picking it again is tilting him.

: Doinb is really good. The Cass player keeps ulting nothing and wasn’t very useful the whole game. The Pyke was pretty clean though. I can’t believe RNG lost to this team?? RNG is truly garbo. Xiaohu should really take coaching lessons from doinb on playing Ryze!

: We won! An early congratulations to LPL for entering Finals! I lost 50 yuan to my husband because of this, but I’m more than happy to lose in this case!

: It’s time for civil war (LPL semifinals). May the better team between IG and FPX win, jiayou (good luck), don’t let huang za (derogatory term for RNG fans) laugh at us.

: FPX is still fucking good, I don’t know why people are orgasming over the Pyke plays.

: I am hoping for FPX v. SKT finals so doinb and Faker can have a final showdown!! I’m really looking forward to it!

: I heard some people say this is the most hopeless year for LPL and that the gap between West v. East is closing. Now there is one LPL team guaranteed in finals. NA/EU why are you so quiet?

: Lol EU thinks they’re good because they made it into top 8, who are they kidding? Do they really think LPL is that easy to defeat? Every single year, the teams that disrespect their enemy gets sent home.


: Poor Rekkles.


: What can I say, LPL is still fucking good! Good luck IG, you were playing scared and not performing in China but you are doing great on the international stage right now.

: Not every Kayle player can R flash 1v4

: Please don’t try to imitate the aggressive playstyle from LPL, EU. You guys don’t have what it takes.

: I can finally go to bed happy. How in the world did FNC win against RNG and SKT.

: (To LEC) Your LPL father is always your father.

: I remember last year during S8 finals, my school vacated the cafeteria to let everyone watch the games. When we finally won, the boys dorm exploded, someone even threw a hot water bottle outside the window from upper floors. Chinese esports really needs a world championship again.

: Please keep the championship title at LPL this year as well.

: So… why didn’t they let Doran play even until the end?

: LCK has run for so many years, and it’s rare to see a team get demolished because of internal drama/corruption. The loss was hard to watch, please don’t let Sword play again. If you don’t have what it takes to stand on the international stage, don’t make you and your team look like clowns.

: Doran may not turn the series around, but not letting him play will lose you the series 100%.

: Now that IG won, WXZ (owner of IG) is going to do a giveaway again right? I’m ready

: (Watching other teams play for 10m): Yep, I think XX is going to win. (Watching IG play for 10m): Welp, I think Top 8 is as far as they're going to get… Hm? Let me see.. wtf? We won?

: This picture sums up all of IG’s games


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