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What do players find so difficult about the jungle role that prevents them from even trying?

LeagueofLegends3 - What do players find so difficult about the jungle role that prevents them from even trying?

The most impactful role in the game, logically should not have the lowest play rate in a competitive game. If I queue up in Diamond elo, I get a jungle game within 30 sec. Thats less players. If I queue on a Platinum 4 account, Its less than 10 seconds.

The jungle role in general is so misunderstood by the majority of the player base. Its not a PvE game. You are a moving asset to the team.

The only major reason I could think of, was that Junglers usually get the most toxicity thrown towards them. I myself, have a mental made up of bricks, so no words phase me ever, but I realize that some people are not in the same boat, so I thought I would write up some expectations and logic for people willing to try.

It is not the junglers job to win your lane

If someone pings you more than 5 times, mute their pings and continue on with your game plan. I already know in loading screen where I will be at 3 minutes, I know my path, and I have adapted to my jungle matchup.

Im playing Xin Zhao vs Kayn. You bet your house I am either lvl 2 ganking, or invading him. Whatever my laners say, does not matter. You are in control.

Xin Zhao vs RekSai is a different story. I might say that lvl 1 I will figure out Reksai starting side, and match her clear, and be ready for a counter gank. You know these things from experience after playing.

If the Nasus is spampinging for help vs a Darius, and you see he has no HP, and no mana at lvl 2-3. Ignore him. He has already shown you that he cant play Nasus, he cant play weakside, and that he is a waste of time. You helping him gives you nothing, even if you kill the Darius once. With 1 less lane to worry about, you can focus your attention to the remaining 2.


The biggest trap for junglers is putting too much importance on Dragons. In the big picture, the only 2 dragons that mean anything is the 3rd stack dragon and soul.

If I am facing a Shyvana who usually likes to take dragon at level 4-5, and I take all of her topside camps and I ward up her jungle, who comes out on top? Me.

She has given her team a tiny tiny tiny advantage in combat stats that makes no difference, and I have denied her over 300 gold and XP, and I have removed her need to be topside, which in turn opens up a Herald play for me in 1-2 minutes. Recall, clear botside and head towards the spawning Herald, while I know for sure that Shyvana will be botside, because thats the only place she can safely be for farm.

In short, counter jungling is also an objective.

Jungle is a Hand over Hand game

Remember that thing you did as a child? Where you place your hand over someone else's hand, and then they do the same to you, and you keep going until someone gives up and the hand on top wins? Thats jungle for you.


Udyr: If you do this, I'll do that.

Rengar: Aha, but if you do that, I'll do this.

Udyr: But if you take that, I'll kill your top.

Rengar: While you kill my top, I'll kill dragon.

It just continues on like this, and most of the time, the one that adapt the best is the ones who will win.

3 losing lanes, now what?

Are you on Master Yi or Kindred? Yes, kill steal everything and take every wave you can. The entire map is yours, regardless of pings or afk threats. The game is over, unless you carry it.

Are you not on a late game hyper carry? Surrender.

Your league game is not an Anime Series, where you the protagonist will always rise above the obstacle and be victorious. Dont expect it to be, and dont play for it. It does not work that way, and it needs to be understood. Once in a while, the enemy team will throw the game, but two 23 minute wins are worth more than one long and hard fought 48 minute win.

Lastly, some general guidelines for better chance of winning

  • If your champion is a bruiser, Reksai, Xin Zhao, Olaf etc, then your jungle camps are only yours up until 2 full items, plus tier 2 boots. Anything past that, and the gold is useless on you. You dont scale well and the gold is better somewhere else. You can only keep taking camps, if nobody is taking them or if you are superfed and needs to keep snowballing a lead.

  • Rift Herald is way more important than the first 2 dragons. The first 2 dragons are a setup for late game. The first 2 Rift Heralds with a smart jungler, can end the game at 18-20 minutes, no questions asked.

  • Always try to start with a leash from botlane. Unless you have early invade plans or lvl2 gank planned, starting with your botlane will set you up for a very healthy jungle clear, simply because 2 people are leashing you instead of 1.

  • Dont be afraid of people talking shit. Your silver Garen player who just called you something bad, can live 1000 lifetimes and be low elo in 997 of them. Whatever they say does not matter, their words is just fluff.

  • Keep this to heart. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion, but not everyones opinion matter. Works for jungling, and for life in general.

I understand Ive written a small novel here. Hopefully some people find this helpful, and at least consider trying out jungle without being afraid. The jungle welcomes everyone.

TL;DR: Some jungle tips with guidelines and general thinking. Not worth the read if you are above Diamond 3 and you are a jungle main.

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