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What happened to”This Champion has mana issues”?

LeagueofLegends10 - What happened to"This Champion has mana issues"?

I remember a couple of years ago when many champion, when you picked them, you usually heard people say that they had mana issues and you had to itemize for mana sustain or take really good care of it.

And it just came back to me a few days ago while thinking, It's been so long since I heard or thought that.

Champions these days have ridiculously low mana costs so they barely even have to care. Or they don't have mana at all, or the mana they need is just in their first item removing all mana problems from them (lost chapter or Catalyst usually). Like what happened?

I remember karthus and anivia having to buy only mana items to sustain their playstyle, and give up on other stats, but now, it is actually the items they want in every stat. Or champions having to sparingly use their mana, like old irelia used to, and that was part of their gameplay. Now it just feels I can only run out of mana if im really fu*king dumb.


The only champions that I think have mana issues are udyr and skarner, and that is easily fixed the jungle item giving mana regen and skarner passive and udyr getting lower and lower mana costs and a higher pool and regen each time.

Shouldn't mana management be part of champion mastery? Or is the current design philosophy okay to make every champion practically manaless?

EDIT: Forgot to mention the blue buff, back then it used to be super important to secure it for your midlaner, even Zed would want it. The blue buff could turn a lane on its own if one laner got it and the enemy didn't. It was part of the process of managing mana, I can clear 2 more waves, and then refill with the blue buff, These days, The jg pings the blue buff and I'm like "I guess some more mana and CDR would be nice".

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