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What Has The Item Update Accomplished?

LeagueofLegends2 - What Has The Item Update Accomplished?

I can't think of much and I'd like help with the mental. Going back and looking over the item goals is actually depressing. I found ONE point that they successfully addressed.

This is legit the only point I've read that they even got close to succeeding with.

  • Ability Haste as a choice for Mages- With the rework from Cooldown Reduction to Ability Haste, we can use the stat to create another decision point in mage builds. This allows for some super Haste-focused builds and other powerful builds that give up Haste for other gains.

It does feel like mages have to make the choice which is nice. I'm also someone who enjoys the mana changes but those weren't talked about anywhere in the goals post so I'm assuming it's something that was just overlooked and happened to become a nice positive for me.

But that's the only point of success lmao. And over half of this community sees the new idea behind mana to be a step backward. So they accomplished one, maybe two, things. And the rest of what they said is legitimately just nonsense because they didn't even attempt any of their own points.

The entire tank section is such a joke I'm just going to copy and paste the entire thing.

  • More options to adapt to team strategy – Tanks need to fill a wide variety of functions for their team, so we want to make sure they have build options to support them while getting the necessary defenses to be a meatshield. Do you need to match a split pushing Tryndamere? Hard engage on an Azir? Protect a Kog’Maw carry? All of these directions should be clearly supported by new options.
  • Filled out magic resist options – The current MR options are a bit niche and feel like they don't offer strong options to deal with teams that require effectiveness against multiple AP playstyles at once.
  • Enhance tank utility – Tanks create value for their team by being immovable damage soaks while also providing CC and other utility. We want to create more items to showcase the utility attributes of tanks beyond their baseline defenses.
  • Late-game capstone items – We’ve seen a satisfying type of item across a few other classes that's only efficient when bought late game, but creates a satisfying capstone that feels like it completes your build (like Deathcap). We hope to create one or two of these items for tanks to be excited about in their very late game slots.

None of these points were accomplished and most of them set back even further than they began. This is all of their points I'm not just pasting the ones that look particularly bad. They failed them all.

So help me out guys. Right now I would like for the item update to be reverted. To me it has accomplished basically nothing and added so many more issues to the game. Let me know about anything you think the item update has accomplished. Something that has moved the game forward. Because right now it just feels like wasted effort that could've been used elsewhere to me.

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