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What if all ADCs skill sounds were translated into text

LeagueofLegends12 - What if all ADCs skill sounds were translated into text

I had a few hours to kill this weekend while I was waiting for a cool league of legends machine learning project to finish training (coming soon). I was exploring my result histogram when I remembered a cool post in this subreddit making skills sound like a machine translation (it looks in some sense the same). So of course, I had to replicate it for the new ADCs 🙂

Enjoy and let me know what you think! If it will be successful I’ll make some for Mid/Jung


Calibrum the sniper rifle

Q: cagaaachabowwwweeeyuu (hit) owoohhh

Q: (active): ggghhhwwhaaachieee


Q: (active): Chikchikchikchik

Gravity (blobs)

Q: (active):(stomp) gabaammmmememememmm


Q: (active): grththththththhthgadeeeeem

Crescendum (boom)

Q: (active): kateeekatasweesh

Moonlight vigil

R: mmmmyaaaaaaahhhwaaaayahhhh (hit) powewwweehhhh


Q: fffftttffeeefffen ting-ting-ting-ting

W: fffffeeenn tttteeennnn wahhhhhhh

E: fllaaweepP (proc'd) kkkkewwwwhhhh tchweww

R: ttteeehhnnnnnnhhhhh (violin) twooh tchk tchk …. (choooooooooooir) twooooh.. tchk tchk…twooh tchk tchk…. twooooooh


Q: teeehh ketchh(hit)Q: (active) twerrkwerrrrch (hit) wovwov

W: waaaaeeeeeeyvvvvv

E: kateeeech

R: tuugtuugtuugtuugtuugtuugtuugtuug


Q: teennnnnhhhhhhhhha.. haaaaaaaaaffffff

W: ehhhhhhhhhhaaaa… (hit) bffft ksh

E: tnahhhhheeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (via obstacle) tennnnnhhh (finish) fahuuuuu

R: tahhhhhhahhhhhhh vishhhhhhhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Q: techeck chkchk

W: ennn chinnnnnnn

E: poohhhhhoowwww

R: thennnnnnnnn chowwwwwww paw.


Q: vennn cheeew

W: veerrrrrrhhh rererererereeee

E: vennnhhhowp

R: wHeeeeahaaaaa zhwerwerererw


Q: tinnn tinnn tinnn (thhhawww) phhoww phhoww phhoww

W: vehhh zzzzzhhhhheeaaaa ezhwp

E: echkkk taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak bahhmm chwmp

R: pecouwwww vouwmhmhmhmhmhmh boooooom


Q: vaaahhhmhhhmmm chhum chummmmm


W: chhheeeemmmmmm chiemmmmooooaaahhhhh

E: vaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm zwah zwah zwah zwah zwah

R: wahwahhhhhhhh vamvamvam


Q: whiii shla shlam!

W: wheeee ahhhhhhh

E: tcha

R: bummmm.. flak!


Q: tlaaa blup

W: whheeeesh blararharg blargh blargh blargh

E: whiithaaa blurblblblp

R: shlaaaa whiii bluuuurb


Q: fefefefefefefefef kawsh foufoufoufou kwash

W: chawwww mwwwwww

E: teechewwww foufoufoufou

R: VamuShhHhh vvvvvefffffffffffffffffff


Q: dweee boom

W: dchwee uum

E: huuui

R: vavavavavavavavavavavavavavavava


Q: tkdo – thunk

W: tk, tk, tk flap!

E: tiio flap!

R: Time Beckons!


Q: sneaky sneaky… heeheehee…. Hi! I was hiding

W: tvuuu splash

E: tsadabush

R: tsada papao papao papao


Q: thet thet thet (proc Q) phtftftft phftft phfttft phftft

W: keewwhftttttt

E: weeeeeeeeefffffffffffffffffffshhhhhhh tahhhhhhhh spwishhhhhhhh (wind chime)

R: ahhhhh tenhhhHekWwwwwww thunk


Q: tslalo… babump babump babump

W: tlbabaooo… boom

E: tslaoooo wip wip wip wip wip wipwipwipiwpwipwipiwpiwp boom

R: tsabooom pow

Miss Fortune

Q: clark pow-pow

W: shiyawooooi

E: talk – paoowawawawawawaw

R: yeeehahaha hahahahahahahash! paupaupaupauapupauapuapupaup


Q: haaaaaaa scheew

W: (no sound)

E: shiiio thumph thumph thumph

R: whaaaa chhewww


Q: trrrr swoosh swoosh

W: fffft swoosh fffft swoosh

E: swoosh

R: swaaaa tu-tu-tu


Q: whaooo wawawawwawawawawawa wawa

W: wawaum… wahoo whimwhimwhimwhimwhimwhim

E: whaooom

R: whooo Ahhhhhh

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