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What if Tahm Kench IS Tahm Kench?

LeagueofLegends9 - What if Tahm Kench IS Tahm Kench?

Confusing title, I know, but this was a little theory of mine.

Riot confirmed Tahm Kench was the name of the gambler from the teaser and the demon himself took on that name, due to the way the legend spread. But what if the demon is actually the man, Tahm Kench, himself?

First, it must be noted that some champions are rumored to exist in the lore. We see them in the game, but in the lore – they're a legend. Braum, for example, was revealed to us through a tale Ashe's grandmother would tell her. But that was nothing more than rumours of the goat herder.

Secondly, notice Tahm, the demon's, clothes. They resemble those of a gambling man. The fancy hat, the golden ring on his "stache", the overall fancy attire.

What I think is that Tahm, the human, wasn't fooled by Tahm, the demon, but by himself. Tahm Kench, the demon, is a metaphor for Tahm Kench, the human's gluttony. The enormous mouth and giant belly suggest he can never have enough of anything.

From now on, we'll treat the demon as the human because they are two sides of the same coin. Tahm the demon's bargain with Tahm, the human was a metaphor for the gambler's wish to get away from his debts and start a new life.


Tahm's gifts, house, and gold were not eaten by a demon, but by himself, metaphorically. He "consumed" everything offered to him, but wasn't satisfied enough.

His wife wasn't eaten by a demon, but was "eaten" by him. (Not that kind of eating). Again, it's a metaphor for how he disposed of her through divorce or gave her up for some quick cash.

After Bilgewater learned of the gambler, they began to describe him as the monster we see today, and what better way to downgrade a man like that when you live in a city by the sea, than by comparing him to a catfish.

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And also, aren't catfish connected to deception of the eye, similar to how you can get catfished online?

EDIT: Interesting point a commenter made. How did Tahm exist for centuries, consuming gambling souls? I think gluttony is the true culprit in the story. Gluttony has existed for centuries, consuming gambling souls. Gluttony has existed ever since the dawn of mankind and gluttony is the progenitor of Tahm Kench.

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