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What is Faker’s Top 3 Champions in his Champion Ocean?

LeagueofLegends6 - What is Faker's Top 3 Champions in his Champion Ocean?

We all know that Faker is the GOAT. With Bjergking's retirement and Faker missing worlds this year, I realized we have to somehow admire the greatness of players while they're still active.

To League Fans out there, What is Faker's Top 3 Champions out of the 70 champions he played as a pro? Here is my personal Top 3:

3. Ryze
Win/loss record: 35-17 (WR: 67.3%)
KDA: 4.94
CS/M: 9.67

Faker is Ryze, Ryze is Faker just watch League's Rise Music Video. Faker with Ryze is definitely one of the most iconic Player-Champion combination in League history. Who can forget Ryze when his ultimate buffs his combat abilities? Faker back then was a literal beast with his combos, flashing and deleting opponents and taking over games in the late game. I honestly believe Riot nerfed and reworked Ryze because of Faker's dominance on the champion. Ohh, you're asking about the Realm Warp Version of Ryze? Well, Faker was still a beast. With his shotcalling no Baron, Inhibitor or Nexus is safe from the Demon King's huge brain. Not to mention his impeccable ganks and escapes with the realm warp.

Man that Faker-Ryze 2015 Worlds Rampage still gives me chills to this day.

2. Azir
Win/loss record: 56-24 (WR: 70%)
KDA: 4.32
CS/M: 9.49

The Emperor of Shurima hasn't always been Faker's best champion. There was a time he was subbed out because he couldn't pilot the emperor. But that's the reason why Faker is the GOAT. Faker mastered Azir out of nowhere that people actually thought that the SKT Azir skin was his. This man proceeded to have Azir as is his most played champion with 80 games, for context his next most played was Orianna with 64. Faker's Azir was known for the miracle plays he makes, the shurima shuffle into 5 people, the survival jukes under tower you name it. His Azir today in my opinion is the safest pocket pick in his arsenal, with its late game scaling and teamfight strength Faker can truly carry or save any game.

The shurima shuffle+flash he did versus CJ Entus that one time was so damn clean I bought (and proceeded to suck) with Azir.


Honorable Mentions:

Lissandra (WR: 84.4%): 2019 Faker with this champion is bonkers. Strong in lane, Punishing in teamfights.
Viktor (WR: 75.9%): People forget Faker's Viktor mainly because people thought SSG Crown was the better pilot. With this champion, Faker clinched his 3rd Summoners Cup.
Syndra (2016 Worlds Skin)
Zed (WR: 91.7%): No one is better than Faker with Zed. In the season where blind picks were still a thing in pro scene, no one can match this mad man. If only zed was meta after 2013 🙁
Galio (28-14): Faker's stats are not the prettiest with this champ but that 2017 Worlds Run is arguably the best carry performance he did in his career despite the finals loss. Galio was his best champion at that time.
Orianna (2nd most played): The best plays of the Demon King are all with Orianna. "Faker Shockwave will find them all!"

1. LeBlanc
Win/loss record: 32-8 (WR:80%)
KDA: 6.29
CS/M: 7.89

Okay, who didn't saw this coming? Faker's LeBlanc was undefeated with a 10-0 record until 2015, 5 years later he's still at 80% winrate. Faker's LeBlanc is to be feared, no carry is safe when he flanks. No lead is too insurmountable, all it takes is one faker assassination to change the flow of the game. When Faker plays LeBlanc, she's not an assassin, she's a carry mage-assassin. Faker would literally damage whole teams with LeBlanc's W-R combo before a teamfight starts or just straight up kill anyone. Have you seen him zone with LeBlanc? Nightmares(for the enemy), am I right? Oh you can't also kill his LeBlanc, better chase your own shadow.

If only LeBlanc didn't enter the Dark Ages with her rework.

That's my Top 3! Thanks for reading!


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