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What is going on with Aurelion Sol Since 9.17

LeagueofLegends8 - What is going on with Aurelion Sol Since 9.17

Riot had a plan when they changed Aurelion Sol in 9.17 (08.28.2019) by taking away/weakening his push and roam playstyle into what we have today. His laning phase is troublesome and new palyers usually drop the champion after they realise how awakward to play him.

And they are not wrong. Aurelion Sol is really in an awakward position in terms of gameplay. I know most ppl only check statistics when it comes to champions and if they do the will see that he has 1% pickrate and his winrate is around 50% so they will think it's good. His winrates usually around 53-54% but since mandate got nerfed his rates fallen back to 50% ish rates.

Making him a must pick or bann champion is not what the goal would be. You know his gameplay feels like 2 developers had 4 different ideas and instead of making sure they are matchingthey just mixed up things and mashed the ideas together to create something that is far from the problem you have been tasked to solve but not a real solution itself. Thus Sol lacks a clear identity as a chapion.

But gameplay wise the champion needs some readjustments. There is a bug on his Q size/stun and I believe it is investigated now so we might see a fix on it in 2 years.

His W gives you movement speed when you cancel the spell. Should I tell you how awakward this interaction feels ? It is good for escapes or fast repositioning but for it you have to cancel the main source of your dmg which in early game is not that much of a damage anyway. If they would change this part that the MS would activate when you activate the spell too it would give some form extra trading possibility. Another option would have been that separate damage done to minions and champions like how Pantheon Q works (70% less dmg to minions and moster if I remember correctly).


Sol is not that much of a bully nowdays since the most popular mid laners have better presence on the lane, can do much better trades while also showing up lane faster than you. Ekko and Galio just to mention 2 picks, while pantheon's minion pushing ability is not that great it's difficult to 1v1 him with well anything basicly from mid.

I know, he is a roaming mage and his dmg should be lowered for that but Pantheon also has the chance to roam with his ult and so as Galio (Sol's E cannot be used in combat and can be interrupted by anything while the other 2 champs roam spell has much higher success. Our Ultimate can't even properly knockback and deals negative damage)

I do not believe he needs serious changes just some powershift here and there and updating his R to make feel like a real Ultimate spell and through these small shifts making him a healthier champion overall.

What most Sol mains want is to prevent Sol from getting Aatroxed because sooner or later it is unavoidable if they do not fix properly his gameplay.

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