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What people hate about playing league

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I'm someone who genuinely loves playing league, even soloQ as ADC, so it baffles me how many players can be so negative about this game. To help me understand, I've compiled a list of pain points mentioned by friends, randoms from soloQ and people of reddit. TL;DR at the bottom.

People hate…

…playing against:

  • Master Yi, Yuumi, Yasuo, Yone, Akali, Vayne, Ivern, Singed, Teemo and about 140 others
  • ranged toplaners
  • modern, '200 years' champions
  • simple, braindead champions
  • high-mobility champions
  • low-mobility 'stat-check' champions
  • I apparently have to list Yuumi twice here
  • CC
  • burst
  • healing
  • shielding
  • %HP true damage
  • good splitpushers
  • good hard-engage
  • good counter-engage
  • good siege
  • good objective control
  • smurfs and cheaters (alright, this one's fair)
  • skins with bad clarity

…playing with:

  • Master Yi, Yuumi, Yasuo, Yone, Akali, Vayne, Ivern, Singed, Teemo and about 140 others
  • teammates who make mistakes the player wouldn't make themself
  • actually just teammates who make mistakes
  • teammates who are worse than doublelift
  • teammates who have never qualified for worlds
  • teammates who have never gotten out of the worlds group stage
  • teammates who aren't Jesus
  • Jesus, because they're not Christian
  • teammates who actually belong in the elo they're in and have winrates below ~53% (read: "hard-stuck")
  • teammates whose skill is declining, be it for whatever reason. Winrate below ~47%
  • teammates who are having a bad game
  • teammates who are having a good game but it's not enough
  • teammates with passive playstyles (read: "e-grills")
  • teammates with aggressive playstyles (read: "coinflip players")
  • teammates with selfish playstyles
  • I apparently have to list Yuumi twice here as well
  • junglers who focus other lanes
  • tax collectors
  • lack of peeling
  • scaling champions
  • 'sinner' champions that get outscaled
  • toplaners, junglers, midlaners, botlaners or supports who are playing worse than their enemy counterpart
  • teammates with little or no experience on their champion
  • teammates who don't immediately 100% trust the player's shotcalls.

other problems:

  • getting auto-filled
  • going 10/0 as a toplaner and getting out-carried by the 7/0 ADC because toplane is useless
  • going 10/0 as an ADC and getting out-carried by the 7/0 toplaner because ADC is useless
  • going 10/0 as a jungler and getting out-carried by the 0/0/7 roaming support because jungle is useless
  • going 0/0/10 as a support and getting outcarried by literally anyone because support is useless
  • having to blind-pick and getting counter-picked
  • being last-pick and not getting their favorite champ
  • being ADC and having the support abandon them for a stronger teammate…
  • …especially if it's a Yuumi
  • laning against tanks that you can't snowball on. They can carry teamfights even if their laning phase sucked.
  • not getting ganked (well) enough
  • the enemy laner(s) getting ganked too much


Considering that there are so many frustrating things, 99% of all matches contain multiple of them. This should come as no surprise, because LoL's design is inherently flawed: It's a team game. What can Riot do to solve this?

  1. make the game 1v1


  2. make the player think they're playing against humans when they're actually always playing against bots serving as cannon-fodder.


People hate their team, the enemy team and, above all, losing.

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