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What this preseason is teaching me from player comments comments is: Hell is Other People

LeagueofLegends6 - What this preseason is teaching me from player comments comments is: Hell is Other People

I find delightful that everyone is complaining about others, shaking their fists at the Riot gods, screeching to heavens, "woe be me", but also completely disregarding that everyone they complain about is also screeching at them, each champion class completely poisoned in their interrelation to others.

Marksmen complain that their average damage was reduced, fearing that the loss of crit damage and delay on crit buys will cripple their ability to deal with hardier foes. Everyone else complains that marksmen now have much more reliable power sources, their every buy being two damage multipliers stacked together and their options to bypass defenses/multiply damage increased.

Everyone complains that burst casters now can reach even higher damage spikes than before, tanks even claiming they don't even have reasons to buy resistances anymore. Burst casters foam that everyone got hard means to bypass their burst, and not only that: that their instant death builds no longer have readily available large sums of cooldown reduction – meaning that if they fail to force a kill, they actually become sitting ducks for a minute.

Fighters are desperate that their lifesteal stacking builds have been mauled and Conqueror now heals for less, desperate to imagine the horrors of actually building tank items on the side. Everyone else is mad that sustain seems to be skyrocketing, with Eclipse and new Ravenous Hunter turning everyone into sponges.


Tanks are in tears that everyone seems to have means to bypass some of their defenses and their core buys ain't as overspecialized as in the past. Everyone is terrified of the smart dudes who have already figured out that not only Sunfire/Thorn/Deadmans builds are unchanged but how to make shields and resistance buffs explode with Visage and Stoneplate.

It is hilarious to me. It is as if this is a major systemic change aimed to cap excessive strengths in every aspect of the game and highlight clarity, not just a buff party for everyone, don't you think? As if every single class had problematic aspects that, despite being loved by players PRECISELY for being problematic, had to be addressed. So everyone got relative nerfs to things they love and buffs to aspects they don't care but should!!

How dare you, Riot, how dare you make items extremely good in one task but completely reliant of other tools for others. How dare you destroy our builds that in 3 buys, even 2, could do everything!! How dare you force us to consider all aspects of our kits instead of selecting just two, and how dare you to force us to specialize?! How dare you to give us actual weaknesses and heterogeneous strengths!!! Why must others have a single good thing, while i grieve here of exactly one single pain?!!

I love you, Reddit. Never change so i have reasons to laugh in my life.

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