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Why 3AD is too good of a buff for Tryndamere.

LeagueofLegends3 - Why 3AD is too good of a buff for Tryndamere.

I love Tryndamere. I love the idea of him getting a buff. Tryndamere had been overlooked for quite some time and it is wonderful to see him get a look from the balance team especially since the crit changes in pre-season had such a huge effect on him. I hope that this leads to other champions getting a look as well.

Part 1: Buff of 3AD is probably too good

A buff of 3 base AD is actually a very significant buff. This 3AD has the power to completely change outcomes for a champion. There is a reason that 3AD nerfs and buffs have in the past had pretty large effects on other champions. Caitlyn and Vayne come to mind as examples of buffs/nerfs where this base AD buff or nerf completely changed the meta regarding those champions.

Tryndamere is one of those champions that many people love to hate and the reason is that to a certain extent RNG can have an effect on outcomes which can frustrate both the Tryndamere and the opponent. Tryndamere can engage with his fury bar full and get no critical strikes and sometimes he can get one or two more than he should and even though this is not the norm it can happen. This RNG is the cause of many players dislike of the champion.

Tryndamere has the tools to survive the matchups which are very painful for him and 3AD base will probably not change those matchups too much, with exceptions of course. So 3AD may not change the Malphite matchup or the Volibear matchup that much.

In my view a buff of 3AD has the power to change many of the all in outcomes of quite a number of "fair" matchups where Tryndamere is able to win the all in, and because of this buff the number of all in attempts will probably increase. Tryndamere's bread and butter AA + E trades will be doing more damage which will have greater effect on those "fair" matchups.

As such, I predict that this will lead to increased frustration on the part of toplaners with respect to Tryndamere. This is why I oppose the buff even as a Tryndamere lover who believes that Tryndamere could do with some help in other areas.

Part 2: Late Game is where Tryndamere could do with a buff.

I play Tryndamere to do damage and in late game situations I only have 5 seconds to do it.


As a longtime Tryndamere player, I can tell you the two pain points late game of a Tryndamere in this season.

  • Late game we always had 100% critical strike. This means that we have lost 25% of our damage when we do reach our late game due to the changes – which also takes an extra item to get there as well. Many of our items have lost AD as well leading to Tryndamere having a decrease in power in late game.

Solutions: Since we do not level our ultimate till levels 17 & 18 for multiple seasons now.

Solution 1a: Give us a reason to level our ultimate by giving us critical damage back as a passive buff to our ulti. Something like 5%/15%/25% which would restore Tryndameres late game damage output.


Solution 1b: Give us a reason to overcap on crit like yasuo/yone so that we get some AD by having more than 100% critical strike which might actually be a more moderate buff than solution 1a.

  • Another pain point for Tryndamere players is the fact that it takes a very long time to get an armor penetration item. Even vs other fighters like an Aatrox once they walk back to lane with ninja tabis the opponent becomes very difficult to do any significant damage to. Even late game you might not be able to kill a tank in a 1v1 unless you have 6 items, and the tank is way more useful in a teamfight so basically your options are heavily limited in dealing with said tank.

Solution: Give Tryndamere's ultimate an Armor penetration passive so that he has motivation to level the skill. Edit: This is probably an insane buff so tbh I prefer the other two.

TLDR: Given the nature of the game, a 3AD buff in laning phase is likely too good and will lead to increased levels of frustration when facing the champion. Tryndamere has actually lost 25% of his late game damage output and it is here that it is appropriate to buff him.

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