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Why did Riot chose Mundo instead of Shyvana for the next Rework/Update?

LeagueofLegends5 - Why did Riot chose Mundo instead of Shyvana for the next Rework/Update?

This is from the voting results

We also saw that there are a lot of players who’d love for us to update Shyvana—she was the 3rd most voted for champion across all regions, and was actually the number one candidate for an update in China. The votes are loud and clear, saying a Shyvana update would be welcome, and we’ll keep that in mind when we choose which champion to update after Volibear and Fiddlesticks.

And here you can see the results of the votes:

These are the global results.

And these are the results from China.

What i don't understand is why they chose Mundo over Shyvana when in both polls Mundo was either last or second to last?

While Shyvana was Third in the global poll and first on the Chinese poll the largest region which by the way makes up 90% of the entire League of Legends player base…

And i have looked at all two Champion Roadmaps and the two Dev updates starting from Dev video in January where REAV3 says:

One last thing on the topic of VGUs, we are planning to do another champion update poll where we let players decide on the champion we will update in 2021.
Keep an eye out for the vote later this year.

Then there's the June Champion Roadmap when the announcement dropped, not a single reason was given as to why they went with Mundo over Shyvana or why they went back on their word about waiting until the poll.


And no reason was given in the Dev update.

And then on the most recent September Champion Roadmap they say this:

One last thing before we go. Earlier this year, we said we were going to hold another poll where you’d get to vote for League’s next VGU. ` We ran into some problems getting the poll up and running on the new website, and we had to get started on the next VGU before we were able to fix them. ` The champion we chose wasn’t on the previous voting poll, but I think it’s one that many players will be excited about when we announce it (which we hope to do in the next Roadmap). We’re still planning on doing another VGU poll, which will happen next year and be for the following champion update.

Not only is Mundo going to be the first rework for 2021 but the one after him won't be from the previous poll?!?

And once again no explanation was given.

As a long time Shyvana main i was eagerly expecting a Shyvana rework for 2021 but now i don't even know if she's going to get one in 2022 since nobody knows what the results of the next polls will be…

TL;DR: All i want to know is why did Shyvana get completely ignored by Riot despite the polling results and why didn't Riot give any explanation?

That's all, thanks for reading and have a nice day ^_^

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