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Hi ,

I have been thinking about writing this for a while now and finally got the guts to actually post it.

I enjoy playing support , unlike most of the league fan base. People always get this general opinion that playing support is a "girls thing" , but it's bigger than that.

I play support because I generally like to care about others and protect them in anyway possible. Whether I am playing janna , soraka, nami , lulu etc to shields and cc champions to protect the carries , Leona , alistar , galio ,braum, gragas to peel in teamfights and make engagement calls , brand , vel'koz,veigar ,zyra to cc and poke the enemy out of the lane , or thresh, blitz , nauti to pick out the carries of teamfights/laning phase, I feel like I am helping everyone's game experience (except the enemy team's)

Especially the big tanks are no girly champs and require alot of skill and game knowledge. You can't engage in a minion wave cause your adc will die, you can't engage if they have all abilities up cause your adc will probally die, you can't hook a tank into you under tower , etc. It's not easy at all.

Once you nail this , it's just such a satisfying feeling. You help your team and at the same time you murder the enemy team.

Please understand that you can carry games playing support. I am not saying to play mages all the time as support. Even Janna shields can carry a game and blitzcrank hooks , Lulu ults and polymorphs, nami bubbles, Galio ults , alistar combos, nautilus hooks .. etc can all carry the game

It's just a matter of communicating with your team in pings or in chat (if nothing is happening)


I have been dealing with anxiety and depression myself (still dealing with it),which had lead me to thinking that I am useless and that nobody likes me (league toxicity was hard). No matter how much people compliment me it didn't reach me.

However the time came where I found people that started accepting me in league and actually saw the potential of the support. So I started to communicate in voice as well in a positive way. I pointed out everything they did well and that they shouldn't be so harsh on themselves or flame as much.

I listened to many people's stories and gave them the advise they needed or just gave them a heads up, supporting them in anyway possible, which made me feel better the same way as playing support does. (This is currently also my job. I am working in customer service , so you can imagine how many people complain /argue , etc. Yet I am able to handle them)

Mostly they appreciated the fact that I listened to their stories and didn't ask for more.

It changed some of them as well. They started playing league as a relaxing game , rather than a stressful mess.

Of course it doesn't work on all people, because you don't know what they are dealing with and you are not going to ask them to tell their background story as you have to respect people's boundaries.

But don't flame them if they have a bad-game or anything. Just ask them kindly if they could farm under turret or swap lane, depending on where they are playing.

Flaming won't improve anyone's game , support them instead.

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