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Why does Riot always nerf everything but the main problem a champion has?

LeagueofLegends9 - Why does Riot always nerf everything but the main problem a champion has?

Especially in problematic champions, like Camille, Irelia, Akali, Aatrox, Ryze, I've seen Riot doing this multiple times as for now. There are other problems, like Lissandra getting nerfed (it's a joke of a nerf tho, similar to Irelia's -5 ms) instead of nerfing or changing Aftershock which is the REAL problem.

All of this creates accumulated nerfs that make champions unplayable for no reason.

And now, all of those champions have:

-Meaningful nerfs which made the champion worse but playable

-Gutting nerfs that pushed them out of the meta and, if applied, should be applied without the first one being patched.


-Camille JGL: Until Riot decided to remove the stun to monsters in her E, Camille has had her AS decreased and her W doesn't heal off minions and monsters anymore. Now Camille top is arguably a worse Jax.

-Akali: She's seen multiple nerfs until they touched the REAL PROBLEM she has, her shroud working in turrets. Time when going into invisibility is too high now, it's a joke. Q doesn't heal anymore, she can be poked to death. Her shroud has had its duration decreased and CD increased so she can't rely on it to CS. Her ult has been nerfed too I think but it's not that big of a deal. Akali is trash now because of the accumulated nerfs.

-Aatrox: There were 3 main problems on Aatrox: He could land all of his abilities with 2 E charges, his full combo can 100-0 a squishy and he had a very high sustain in lane. They've nerfed his Q damage a fair amount in the past but now in the same patch they remove his E sustain for minions and his E charging system? What the fuck? At least now that his Qs are really hard to hit without charges, remove his Q damage nerfs.


-Lissandra: Aftershock with her W is the problem. She can nullify every gapclose and make her super tanky while she throws an E back and gets out of danger. There's no point on increasing his Q mana cost BY 8, she gets Ludens or RoA 90% of the games. Just make the god damn aftershock scale with bonus armor and MR. I think sometime ago when the new Lissandra passive came in, Meddler posted on his Quick Gameplay Thoughts that Lissandra was going to be super strong in the future. Did they change it? No.

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-Ryze: Everything in his kit has been nerfed. Sure, he's strong in pro play, but what's the point of creating a really high skill cap champ if players who master him are rewarded with nerfs? I mean, a very good Ryze should be able to beat the average Annie player, if not, why would you play Ryze in the first place? / his ult CD was increased, his mana costs too. His shield. His W root duration. Why didn't the changes from almost 1 year ago go through? We'll never know. Guess it's better to have a champion that only sees the light of day in super high mmr and pro rather than changing him when you literally had the changes in PBE. Hell, they could've implemented them in the preseason so it doesn't affect proplay.

This is not a rage or hate post, don't get me wrong. I just hate Riot's balancing ideas and timings. They could've implemented crit changes and gutting Aatrox and Akali during the preseason or even in 9.1 instead of now.

EDIT: If the new Conqueror goes live as it is on the PBE, some champions will be broken because of the 10% heal and true damage conversion not being reduced in AoE abilities. Katarina's R for example can literally heal her for her entire health bar. And I can see it shipping into live servers then Riot nerfing Katarina.

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