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Why does riot keep making Prestige edition skins?

LeagueofLegends6 - Why does riot keep making Prestige edition skins?

I just noticed the new blood moon skins on the pbe, and they look real good. But i got kinda annoyed when i found out that the Aatrox skin is getting a "prestige edition".

Idk if this is something riot just wanted to do for aatrox or not but since the prestige feature just dropped with the kda skins and then 2 skinline launches later we get a new one… kinda makes it seem riot is planning to do more of these in the future

The skins do look nice and i guess riot found a way to implement some kind of "rare skins" back into the game but idk, in my opinion these kinds of skins feel really bad, they are pretty much just a overpriced chroma that has the "rare" stamp on it

. Edit: i did a bad job getting to the point of what im saying here. What i mean is, making these rare skins is not an issue, im not hating on the fact that KDA Kaisa has a prestige edition. They also now decided to make Akali one aswell for the next event witch also is fine. But as soon as i saw that they are making one for Blood Moon Aatrox, a compleatly diferent skinline, it made it look like this will be a new norm when it comes to skinreleases in the future.

And i feel like thats kinda cheap, If riot were to make a chroma worth more that probably the whole skinline itself every secound skinline or so. I guess i might dislike it more than the general public doe and thats ok. I just dont like how another skinline got this feature, it does feel bad to have these kind of expensive one time offer skins 2 times a month, its alot of cash you have to put into it and it just feels dirty.

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