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As a flex role Diamond 4 player, I feel obligated to display my superiority over the other plebeians. I think I am better than most NA Pros, especially Doublelift. ADCs deserved their role to be trashed in my opinion. The role change showed how shit adcs are at the game. Rekkles benched himself because he realizes how fu*king bad he is. GO PLAY FORTNITE! ADC players were inherintly unskillful because they only had to learn one mechanic of the game, spamming right-click. Yeah bro its really hard to just right click champions and then flame in chat because you have no frontline. CONGRATS! You memorized how to do something! You are like the people who use Synthesia to "play" piano. Yeah try playing another song, OH WAIT YOU CANT BECAUSE YOU CANT. BECAUSE YOU LEARNED HOW TO DO ONE THING. You can throw 50 hours into learning fu*king bohemian rhapsody on the piano through Synthesia but its wasted because you didn't actually learn how to play. You learned what buttons to smack your face into like all the shitty masters katarina players. That one kat main that was in TCS was absolute garbage on anything else because the PLAYER IS INHERENTLY BAD AT THE GAME.


Queuing for normal roles is a crutch for bad players because they can just learn how to press the same keys in the same way for one champion. WHIPDEE DOOO FU*KO! Congrats! Queuing for specific roles babies the player base and you all should be thoroughly insulted. Riot Games has the audacity to implement it and lower the skill needed to actually play the game. Being good at one specific champion in one specific role in a game with 142 unique champions and 5 unique roles means nothing. For example, if you are a platinum 4 Lucian one-trick player(top 5% of NA player base somehow), you have (1/142 * 1/5 * .95)= 0.13% OF THE GAME mastered. Therefore, you are not skillful and are incredibly bad.

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In season eight I played 118 different champions in ranked. Doing the math, that means that I have (118/142 * 5/5 * .99)= 82.22% of the game mastered.

Let's take a look at some professional players.

Tyler1=(27/142 * 1/5 * 0.99779)= 3.79% Mastery

Imaqtpie=(73/142 * 1/5 * 0.998833)= 10.26% Mastery

You can trust my mathematics because I am taking Calculus III and Differential Equations.

In conclusion, ADC players are garbage, and I am better than literally any professional player due to this algorithm.

This is satire

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